"You cannot legislate the poor into freedom by legislating the wealthy out of freedom. What one person receives without working for, another person must work for without receiving. The government cannot give to anybody anything that the government does not first take from somebody else. When half of the people get the idea that they do not have to work because the other half is going to take care of them, and when the other half gets the idea that it does no good to work because somebody else is going to get what they work for, that my dear friend, is about the end of any nation.

You cannot multiply wealth by dividing it."
Dr. Adrian Rogers 1931-2005

Thursday, January 12, 2012

How I really feel about the 2012 election cycle

I had to go into town yesterday and realized that many were wondering how I feel about this candidate or that candidate. As I take you through my day, I will share my thoughts.

Elections in the US have become like sporting events. The masses are divided into two opposing groups and are riled up with slogans, speeches, and mud.

I think often about how easy it is to get the common man divided and fightin'. It is as easy as a hen jumping in the farm truck. This is Rose. I opened my door and then walked around to gather something from the other side. I cannot reach the other side so I must walk around. Rose hopped in. She is the friendliest bird we have had in a while. She will jump up on the porch and peek in the windows and even tried to come in the house once.

We common folks are busy. We have bills to pay, children to raise, and jobs that take us from home at least 40 hours a week without considering drive time. So our elected officials(I see them as the political class-or America's royalty), have to work hard to make us mad at each other, otherwise we will note something very important about them. You see if we do not work and supply money for them via taxes, they cannot live the lives they have become accustomed to. Our elected officials have many perks and they lead us much like these rams that I had to wait for while heading in town.
These rams are armed-in case you missed it, with horns. Our elected officials are armed with our money and fear. They say things that are horrible: Children will starve, racism will increase, the elderly will die-and then blame the other party.

Then they have the masses do their work ensuring that we loose touch with real concerns that our government should be involved in~and voila they are elected. This is Fourth opening the front gate. The basket is for FED EX...as they do not come onto the farm, but leave the package at the gate. Unlike the infamous tossing of a package our delivery guys set the box down and beep if it is large.

As I head off my property I drive on this county road. Note the lack of pavement. This is fine with me. We bought the farm knowing that it was remote. No occupiers here protesting the 1%'ers and paved roads of gold that go directly to their ginormous houses.

Our politicians are wasteful of our money, our time, and of our services. This is the first paved road I hit off the farm. Note the yellow line down the center. We have very little traffic on this road, I used to count the cars and came up with a grand total of 10 cars per day! Yes ensuring that this road has a yellow marker down it, right off an unpaved road...is, well interesting.

In town around 4 pm the traffic became almost unbearable. So many cars going through the intersection! All kidding aside, the presidential campaigns are unbearable. We were not allowed to use President Obama's middle name, mention his attendance in a radical church or any of his friends(that helped launch his political career) because they were linked to terrorism. Oh and we were never allowed to see one college paper, one transcript or any military service he did(because he did not serve). All the while, we are to question whether a Mormon can be president, question the intelligence of the governor from Texas, and read some thoughts by Paul that have some radical things in them. It is unbearable. Oh and what Clinton did with women was his personal matter, but we have to go over and over Newt's marriages and divorces.

I do feel like they are the ones out of touch with the people. Floating in their luncheons, dinners, and fundraisers trying to tell me about how things are for me. Things are fine with me, if all the politicians respect the Constitution. It is not a living document, but I do believe it can be amended. I wish to express that I do not believe any of the politicians will give up any money, or work to remove bills that are already on the books. Yet we the people bicker over Democrat and Republican like we are on a football team...all the while, in plain site our elected officials spend, waste and spend some more. Oh and they do not spend their money. They spend ours. They make sure their money is protected whereas ours is not even guaranteed to go to our children when we die.

Some folks have taken to blogs, Facebook, or Twitter giving shout outs to their guy, and belittling the rest of the folks that do not share the same letter~Democrat or Republican. We need to forget the roaring for one side or other and think very seriously about what we expect of our politicians.

I am one that lives very conservatively and love the code of the old west. Life really is that simple. When others start thinking about how they can spend your money things get muddled up.

Moral character is as important to me in a politician as their political beliefs. But as a nation we have put aside this trait. We have ignored behaviors of our politicians that are bordering on criminal if not criminal.

I am sickened by our politicians. This does not mean I do not pray for them and pray for our nation to get back to our roots. I find every single candidate lacking more than in simple things to become a president. I believe that our nation has stopped promoting good morals and standards and as a result~everything goes.

It is time to be serious. Stop the political nonsense and figure out that most of what our government is doing is wrong. States should decide what goes on in their states. Local communities should decide what local schools teach. Lowering the standards has only produced candidates that are not as much worried about America, as much as they are worried about themselves. I am not interested in this anymore. If the Tea Party is serious then we need to get back to basics...
By the way, on my adventure to town, I found a cute Pyrex bowl. I really love Pyrex and enjoy collecting a piece here and a piece there-but always within my budget. Unlike politicians, here on the farm, I know that when the money runs out I cannot spend any more. So I collect Pyrex-at thrift stores and yard sales. It is wonderful to find a new piece for less than a dollar.

It used to be our citizens understood egg money, putting things up and planning long term. We have disconnected ourselves from our roots and go for flash...or someone that can speak very well, even if using a teleprompter. I think I would like to see a callous or two on the candidates hands. I would like to know if they know how to change a tire. I would like to know if they instilled in their children the hope that America had for so many years. I would like to see if they or their children served this nation. I would like to see the rolls of their families and how they supported their communities- not in uprising and occupying, but by showing up after a crises and helping their neighbors. After Hurricane Katrina, I would like to know how many politicians rolled up their sleeves and helped out their fellow citizens?
Not many, although a large number went to Louisiana to oversee the damage and then come back and blame then President Bush. I think it is time to stop blaming anyone but ourselves. We allowed this to progress to the point where we are electing pain in the fanny~ narcissistic people who want to spend the sweat of my earnings for their programs.

Enough already.
To clear things up~I am sickened by our political system. I say NO MORE. It is time for real hope and real change~unless it is already too late.



musemater said...

Keep on keeping on, Jennifer, that's about all we can do, but that's enough with trust in God to "Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil." for our Heavenly Father cares and, "Will not, will not, will not ever let go of us".

Ma said...

I love the bowl:) I have some Pyrex here that was my hubby's grandmother's, I use it every day.

I agree about the right/left thing. It's all the same mess..sigh. I'll be glad when the election is over.

Susan said...

"I think it is time to stop blaming anyone but ourselves." Take control of our lives and what we do, and keep commandments #1 & #2. Says it ALL!!!

Sharon said...

You are speaking my language. Thank you!

Humble wife said...

Thanks Muse- I think of John 10:29 with your comment!

Ma- we use the Pyrex every day too. I have collected several pieces and did away with the frumpy new stuff that breaks so easy. And me too on the election cycle!


Sharon-kind of a lot of us thinking this...I believe!

Shannon said...

Amen! Huge sigh...so tired of it ALL. I am reassured that God is in control. He sees all, He knows all...and He is in control. That is where I find my comfort.

You have put into words what I have been feeling...however I haven't been able to put it as clearly or as straight at you did! Thank-you!

Anonymous said...

I second that (third, fourth and FIFTH that!). Well said!

I have that same bowl here-- from way back when. When I was looking at 'new bowls' lately, I think, if I remember correctly, Anchor Hocking and Pyrex are still made in the USA. On the bowl shelf, I noticed they were a bit more expensive than those 'Made in China' and I don't understand how something being made/shipped from so far away could be cheaper, but........... I try to buy USA when possible.

Again, appreciate your today's posting.

Carrie Elmore said...

Stopped by to get some Jenny love! I have been missing you! ♥ Carrie

~~Deby said...

amen...amen....lies lies lies..
no integrity...none..no one..

yep...just having to turn it all off...

this is part of the the PLAN, the LORD knows the end....and when....and I am not ignorant of current events..I can't overdose on it...

I just want to pray and trust the Lord, I think America will get what they deserve.

We are making our own mess, Sadly...

Humble wife said...

Shannon- so perfectly true...we can rest assured that He is in control.

Anonymous- believe it or not that is one of the main reasons I began collecting the pyrex dishes(as well as anchor hocking). and thank you!

Aww Carrie <3 You make me smile. Amazing from Ohio to Oklahoma and New Mexico...boy have we come a long way!

Deby- yes this is true...pray pray pray.

Maria said...

I do love your new bowl! Politics? hmmm we have 2 elections coming up in my state and all that's happening is one lot sniping at the other group; nothing about 'the common good'. Don't know about your politicians, but ours get 'perks' like office staff and free air travel for the rest of their lives if they have served 2 terms plus big superannuation payments.Costs taxpayers a fortune :-(

Humble wife said...

Maria-yep sounds like your politicians end up like ours all at taxpayer expense. Too many perks for sure.