"You cannot legislate the poor into freedom by legislating the wealthy out of freedom. What one person receives without working for, another person must work for without receiving. The government cannot give to anybody anything that the government does not first take from somebody else. When half of the people get the idea that they do not have to work because the other half is going to take care of them, and when the other half gets the idea that it does no good to work because somebody else is going to get what they work for, that my dear friend, is about the end of any nation.

You cannot multiply wealth by dividing it."
Dr. Adrian Rogers 1931-2005

Friday, January 27, 2012

Friday Five

Friday randomness would be a better title! I love reading as I have shared, and recently I began reading about Gees Bend. Have you ever heard about Gees Bend? It is most famous for the quilts made by the local women. Sometimes I tug at a string of information and see where it unravels. Look at this amazing quilt!! I love the quilts of Gees Bend, as they create how I live. I found this quilt as a result of a Google search for images of the quilts. You see the false images of advertising have convinced us to seek perfection in our homes, our bodies, and our families.

I hope that when folks read my blog, they understand this. I refuse to accept the standards set by the world. Our homes are to be lived in, comfortable and safe. Our bodies are to be as we were designed, and not chiseled into some unisex creature without an ounce of softness or beauty. Oh and our bodies should not become the newest billboard~we are wonderful in our uniqueness already. I also see our families as gifts. We should enjoy the time we have with them, as not everyone is fortunate to have a mother, father, or children. I grew up without a father and I truly understand. Who says is my rule. Who says that a couple married 23 plus years can no longer hold hands? Because here~in my world, I hold my Bill's hand when we go somewhere. I hug him often much to the embarrassment of the children. We enjoy each others company and time and the hatred the media presents towards family and men does not impact us at all. I value my spouse. I do not see him as the village idiot, for goodness sakes, and I love knowing my role at home has been appreciated. Sigh~I could go on you know. I love how men and women can absolutely complement each other.

Next photo, when traveling for days on end and the vehicle looks like a mini dumpster-it is best to be incognito!
I found this photo from my trip last year to Indiana, then NY with two of the kids. This person is the mystery traveler!! Mystery or not, we enjoyed this traveler and I am so happy I found this photo to share!!

As this Friday Five continues~my Second has continued the pattern that we set. He bought his first vehicle Thursday after much searching. He knew what he wanted and patiently(well kind of) waited.
Like his other brothers, he saved until he had enough cash. We have worked very hard to teach the kids to pay cash for as much as you can, as the credit option is not a winning option for anyone but the banks. I know we have sold this big time to America~but on the farm we prefer to live by paying cash for everything we own. Keeps us current in case, heaven forbid something bad would happen~such as what happened to Bill. Remember the quilt above~homes do not need to be mausoleums for love, happiness and joy to exist. In fact, the burden of debt and the pressure of keeping up with the Jones' seems to help our nation slip into this current economic state.

Love technology photo~While waiting for our oldest the other day, Bill was texting the others to make sure everything was going smoothly at home. He then texted the oldest too.
It sure is funny how easy we have crossed over to an entirely new way to communicate. I do love technology for this instant connection! I know my kids and Bill are laughing now as my texting abilities are well...not so fast. And I sometimes send when I mean to put a space, so they will receive a half text~and not question me, as it is me!!!

Now~about the advertising that I mention many times on this blog. The media is not a truth machine...sorry.
I found this photo on Weasel Zippers. Do you see the lie? Let's see if I can help you. The Roe V. Wade decision took place in 1973. We have had Nixon(1 yr.), Ford(3 yrs.), Reagan(8 yrs.), Bush(4 yrs), G.W Bush( 8 yrs), all Republicans-for a total of 24 years of Republican presidents. Now lets add up the years for Democrats-Carter(4 yrs), Clinton( 8yrs), and Obama so far 3 years-for a total of 15 years. Sorry folks this is a LIE. Seems like Roe V. Wade is supported by both parties. The media divides to get us riled up....oh my the Republicans are waging war on women! And we have forgotten ever so nicely, the aborted baby-and the war waged on babies in the womb. Please remember this: like our tax code-which is over twenty thousand pages, the abortion issue is what it is~because our government leaders want it to be this way. Sorry. This is the truth. Same with taxes. If taxes were less complicated-they couldn't shift our hard earned money into program after program.

By the way-we do have a war going on since 1973, and it is horrific-I wonder if we will ever have a campaign or tee-shirts for that?

I wish to close today reminding everyone that the Double Nickel Farm gives bibles away. We have plenty of them and order more all the time. Please feel free to link to the giveaway page here or, if you would like leave a message requesting a Bible today.


Sassy said...

We share the same thoughts and views with you. Love your post. BTW, I love my husband, I treasure my gift from God and hate the portrayal of men in the media.

Patti said...

I am in awe!
I have been spending less and less time on fb, as I am so sick of the politics. I usually delete comments off my wall about them. They just make me so crazy. I guess part of the problem is I usually don't agree with what is being spouted by people. Right now in WI there is a group of people trying to recall our governor. Honestly, I'm not sure why, other than the fact that he is doing just what he said he was going to do before he took office. While, I am not naive enough that he is perfect. I know that he is human. And the thing that so many are angry about is the fact that they are now paying more for their health care. Many of such are teachers and state jobs. What I don't understand is why they think they are the only ones that shouldn't have to cut back or pay a little more to get benefits. There are many people in WI with no benefits, or deductibles so high that they have very little coverage with their insurance. I see a lot of these people out and about because of where we live it is a big tourist area, they have their recall Walker bumper stickers. They seem to be carrying on with their lives as usual. I also lots of people in the area...who have resided here for years, struggling to stay afloat. Choosing between buying food, or making payments on their house. Wishing the idea of everyone having insurance was more than just a concept. They don't want a hand out...they just want to be able to survive.
Sorry, just a bit of ranting...It's nice to see someone that doesn't believe that no matter what side of the media you're listening to doesn't make it real/true. And truly who are all the politicians out there for...besides the interest groups supporting them.?
Just a thought blessings Patti

Andrea said...

Nice post! I cannot imagine why anyone would think abortion is not murder. What is wrong with these people that they fight to keep this awful law?! It is just crazy. There is no love in this group. Good point about the years of each party in office! And the prior post...yes it is so much fun to visit/go places with our children! Like we are reaping what we sowed. (Your kids are so cute!) love,andrea

Humble wife said...

Sassy-I love reading that! You see loving our husbands is a pretty amazing thing that allows for our lives to be very special!!

Patti-your rant was perfect. You are correct that the politicians are in it for themselves. Rant away!! I wish more of us would get this way!!

Andrea-yes I agree too! Thank you about my kiddos, I have invested in them their entire lives, not financially as much as emotionally and I pray my efforts will continue.

Patti said...

Jen- I just read your comment to Andrea. I love that. I see myself just that way. Not to say I wouldn't have spent more money on them if I would have had it. I would love to be able to take them on trips and such. BUT I know that what they value in our time spent together is just that. Time. Time listening, playing, talking and just being. You are such an amazing mom!

Humble wife said...

Patti-I pray so. And I think you are too my friend. Funny, how many years have passed since we were last together, but we have lived lives that are very similar. I look forward to our friendship continuing and someday when I am ready to brave the brr once again I will head north and visit! If not-maybe we will see each~other at the 30th!! Okay-let's instead plan a central location we can take the husbands and have a mini vacation to boot!!:)

Mrs. Mac said...

I kept my 'throw away' baby ~ my youngest son has Down syndrome. At 37 years of age I told the doctor I would not have any prenatal testing done because I didn't want him to offer me an abortion. I'll take what I get. Well, I got the biggest blessing in my life. Hubby and I have three other grown children that have grown up being very sensitive to people with special needs. People that are for abortion have already been born .. lucky for them.

Humble wife said...

Mrs. Mac-this is somewhat personal for me as well. WHen I was pregnant with my fourth I was advised to have an abortion. Then because I said no, and we were a military family, I had to wait for my husband to be phoned and leave his work to come to the military clinic to allow for him to tell me the same thing. I think the doctor-an officer had felt it better to use his military background and talk to the soldier. My husband looked to the doctor and said ABSOLUTELY NOT, and then he took my hand and almost pulled me free of the office.

As to throwaway children-by whose standards always is my question. In our weakness He is made Strong! Kind of levels the field doesnt it. Blessings to you and yours.

Patti said...

This is amazing. I have to admit, that I had my oldest as a single mom. I was far from a perfect person but do not regret any of my children. I was in the Army when I got pregnant. In fact, I was at basic training when I found out I was pregnant. My Drill Sargent told me "I had a cake in the oven." I was huh?? I had no clue what he meant. Then he told me again. He was really a great person, very helpful. Concerned if I had a boyfriend, family...etc. I did have a long time boyfriend... we never married. I also had a somewhat supportive family. But anyway the point to my story...First I was accused of intentionally getting pregnant by the Doctor. He was an officer. Apparently, he assumed that was my plan to get out of the Army, which I had joined to help pay for college. Then he tried to pressure me into an abortion. I was like are you crazy??
I kept my baby, raised her mostly alone, and I am so happy I did. It was never very easy. But she is amazing! She is incredibly bright and talented. We talk almost every day, I am so blessed to have her. She is a college graduate, married and has a good career started and is getting ready to go back for her masters! Such a gift!
Jen meeting up sometime with our hubbies sounds awesome! Nate and I have often spoke of heading west and doing a camping/fishing thing sometime. I love my husband and spending time with my best friend...Why else would we marry them???. I am hoping to make it to the 30 though.

Anonymous said...

from matermusearts.wordpress.com

WOW! Jen, That is one high five post!

First I love the way the mystery traveler in the back seat looks as if she's never bored.

Second that quilt is ART for sure and certain.

Third a paid-in-full pick-up couldn't be more stylish in sun reflecting white.

Fourth tech does come in handy.

Fifth about 15 years ago we had lots of T-shirts against abortion, today you could get arrested if you wore one to the wrong place. And 24 years is my count too, and I've ranted on that more than once! Your life-saving solution is the best one I've ever seen, giving bibles, what a good idea.

(aka, the old matermuse.blogspot.com)

Humble wife said...

Patti-Sounds like you were blessed many times over with your first born. Praise God for you not being perfect as you would not need a Savior!! :)

Let's plan the 30th as time goes by so fast...I am certain we will have a great time meeting eachothers spouses and reminiscing about good old Ohio...and how we are ever so far from where we began!

Mater-why thank you. Sadly you are correct about how the shirts would be seen as criminal or discriminatory to women or something blah blah. I really love your comment!you make me smile with your visits!I will be off to check out your new digs!