"You cannot legislate the poor into freedom by legislating the wealthy out of freedom. What one person receives without working for, another person must work for without receiving. The government cannot give to anybody anything that the government does not first take from somebody else. When half of the people get the idea that they do not have to work because the other half is going to take care of them, and when the other half gets the idea that it does no good to work because somebody else is going to get what they work for, that my dear friend, is about the end of any nation.

You cannot multiply wealth by dividing it."
Dr. Adrian Rogers 1931-2005

Monday, January 2, 2012

2012 Tally Page

This is a tally page to help remind me of what I projects I have completed this year.

  1. 6 pillowcases 1-2-12
  2. crochet hat 1-2-12
  3. Tortilla Warmer 1-3-12
  4. 3 dish scrubbies 1-3-12
  5. 12 granny squares 1-5-12
  6. 5 quarts vegetable soup 1-6-12
  7. 7 pints oranges 1-7-12
  8. 1 pint orange extract 1-6-12
  9. 1 quart dried orange peel for potpourri 1-6-12
  10. 7 quarts tomato vegetable juice 1-10-12
  11. 5 quarts vegetable stock 1-10-12
  12. 5 pints navy beans 1-12-12
  13. 7 quarts pinto beans 1-12-12
  14. 7 quarts kidney beans 1-12-12
  15. 2 pints black-eyed peas 1-12-12
  16. Painted canister lids for old pickle jars to repurpose 1-3-12
  17. made liquid laundry soap with Borax, washing powder, and fels naptha 1-5-12(this fills the bucket that kid/lamb formula comes in-not sure of the measurement-a few gallons or so)
  18. 7 granny squares 1-17-12
  19. clothesline area rocked 1-17-12
  20. 12 granny squares 1-19-12
  21. 3 dish scrubbies 1-19-12
  22. 5 granny squares 1-19-12
  23. 5 granny squares 1-21-12
  24. 5 crocheted dish scrubbies 1-22-12
  25. 1/2 coop painted 1-23-12
  26. subfloor of dining room replaced 1-23-12
  27. Sewed old time pajama nightshirt for myself-decided against flannel as most of year it is too hot. Will be making matching pajama pants for my sweetie ever so soon! 1-28-12
  28. 10 granny squares 1-30-12
  29. 1 dish scrubby 1-30-12
  30. 17 granny squares 2-1 and 2-2-12
  31. 1/4 pint peppermint extract 2-3-12
  32. 1/2 pint cinnamon extract 2-3-12
  33. 1/2 pint vanilla extract 2-3-12
  34. 1/4 pint anise extract 2-3-12
  35. 1/2 pint lavender extract 2-3-12
  36. 68 granny squares from 2-4-12 to 2-19-12
  37. 8 dish scrubbies 2-4 -12
  38. 1 pint dried cilantro 2-17-12
  39. clothesline repaired February 12
  40. Dining room floor shored up, tiled, grouted(and looks amazing) February1-24!
  41. 18 beeswax lip balm sticks 2-28
  42. 2 1/2 oz tins beeswax lip balm 2-28
  43. 5 pints kidney beans canned3-1-12
  44. mediocre batch of horehound candy3-1-12(I didn't burn the house down, but the acrid smell of burntness is permeating the house. Sorry to my family and their cutie petutie noses)
  45. Roof Finished!! yay
  46. Laura and Lizzie's tails docked-3-1-12
  47. 5 pints of roasted chili salsa...would have been six but a jar broke. As I buy the jars used, this happens rarely. 3-3-12
  48. 16 tires painted for garden...184 to go 3-6-12
  49. 10 more tires painted -3-6-12
  50. 15 granny squares 3-3-12 thru 3-9-12
  51. Dining room and Kitchen tile complete!!! Yay 3-19-12
  52. Granny Quilt finished 3-20-12
  53. Laundry room/front entrance way tile complete!! yay 3-26-12
  54. hooks made for shutter in dining room for kitchen gadgets. 3-26-12
  55. 7 half pints of salsa 4-2-12
  56. 6 pints of tomato juice 4-2-12
  57. 20 granny squares April  12
  58. Quilted project for fair-to be named later April 12 
  59. 10 granny squares
  60. front hall floor finished
  61. family room floor finished
  62. school room floor finished
  63. bath hall finished
  64. all blue strips cut for braided rug
  65. all green strips cut for braided rug
  66. 3 pints pickled red cabbage
  67. 20 granny squares
  68. fair project out of gourd
  69. pattern for apron made from old feed sack apron May 24
  70. Apron made from old feed sack apron. may 24
  71. Apron cut out needs to be sewn from above pattern May 24
  72.  3 shirts made for me
  73. 3 shirts cut out from pattern to sew
  74. 4 1/2 pints of garlic
  75. 3 pints of Mexican seasoned tomatoes
  76. 6 pints of tomatoes
  77. 3 pints of pickled peppers
  78. have two sons in their twenties...not really anything to tally but something that wow, I am that old to have!
  79. 6 pints pineapple canned June 25
  80. 6 pints pickled hot peppers June 26
  81. 10 Granny Squares June 26
  82. Paining of almost yet not Col Sanders the first rooster...early June
  83.  6 pints pineapple canned June 27
  84. Made 60 granny squares July 7-13
  85. Lighting now affixed above stove July 14
  86. 2 new outlets added in kitchen
  87.  Finished and painted east wall in kitchen. July 22 
  88. Painted east side of Dominique coop July 23
  89.  3 Dish scrubbies July 23
  90. Jen you are not recording everything. You will regret this at the end of the year~as you wanted to see what you accomplished. Sigh. Let me just cheer you up right now: Good job! You work hard and the Jen of August 12th is so amazed at your efforts! Keep up the good work. ps Today is the oldest I have ever been!  Oh psss...I love you Bill... 
  91. 12 quarts of roasted Hatch green chilis frozen
  92. 5 quarts of mixed squash frozen 
  93. oh and darn if I wasn't the oldest I had ever been on August 12, that is until today September 4. Sigh, this doesn't seem to be funny anymore~~lol 
  94. Finished painting the garden shed.
  95. Froze 25 cups of squash medley. 
  96. Froze 38 cups of squash/ squash medley Sept. 22, 2012. Dear Jen...instead of older I am thinking you are getting closer to the day you may perhaps become, you know, that really neat word, oh boy oh boy...the one that comes from the sweetest of wee ones...Grammie. With this name in my future time passing is not a concern, a this is a name I look forward too. ps...record more of the stuff, you wanted to keep an accurate count and now it has become a place to leave yourself notes. Sigh, maybe you really are a goof. See ya on 97!! 
  97. Okay so my tally page is kind of failing in recording everything, such is life I suppose.  I will add that I have approximately 50 more granny squares crocheted, as I am working on one quilt for each child. Two complete and one closing in on halfway prepped for connecting.
  98. Dejunked book shelf and donated books to the thrift store. 
  99. Started planning in earnest our 25th anniversary.  We need to plan as the budget is once again low cost~no cost.  I know it will be pretty amazing and cannot believe how fast time flies. Next tally is 100, so I need to accomplish something incredible for such a number.  Hmm, not sure yet, but I am thinking as I type!
  100. Okay Jennifer~now really you have not been keeping up. So 100 in order to be amazing shall be this.  I am married to the kindest, sweetest man.  I am the mom of 4 amazing, but normal young people. I am content in my life and look forward to each and every day I am granted!
  101. Crochet center piece for Hanukkah. I will add photo soon!!Foto Frenzy-a photo of the center piece is here.
  102. Dried turnips, pumpkin, and beets for stews.
  103. created in door laundry lines thanks to handsome man that is my taller half! 
  104. 11 crochet dish scrubbies. These will be in a holiday bundle...


Susan said...


Humble wife said...

Thanks Susan- I decided I would like to see the work I do each year as often one forgets how very much one does...and minimizes their efforts!

Maria said...

You've ceratinly been busy Jennifer :-)

Humble wife said...

Maria-such is life :)

Gayle said...

You are always so busy! I bet making something would make me feel better. I'll have to add that to my to-do list!! LOL

Humble wife said...

Gayle-I think making something would make you feel better as it does me. I decided to have this page because by the end of the year I often wonder what I have completed. This way, I will know!

JenniferK said...

Once again you encourage me! I got to make a page like this!

Humble wife said...

Oh Jennifer- I feel like you have a page like this. Seems like you keep tallies which inspire me.

Lani Laskowski said...

Just wow