"You cannot legislate the poor into freedom by legislating the wealthy out of freedom. What one person receives without working for, another person must work for without receiving. The government cannot give to anybody anything that the government does not first take from somebody else. When half of the people get the idea that they do not have to work because the other half is going to take care of them, and when the other half gets the idea that it does no good to work because somebody else is going to get what they work for, that my dear friend, is about the end of any nation.

You cannot multiply wealth by dividing it."
Dr. Adrian Rogers 1931-2005

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

My Cousin Vicki

This is a photo of my cousin Vicki and her precious family.
She fought a horrific battle with cancer and lost...it has been a decade since she died.
I miss her. Especially now seeing her girls growing up.
Especially when I read about Noah in the Bible. Vicki and I were Noah's Ark collectors.
I have stopped collecting them and the last one I bought was a month after she died.
She lived with us when I was a senior in high school and she was attending the local college and she and I became quite close.

Cancer sucks.
I am sorry to say it so bluntly or crudely. Please forgive me.
I was reading one of my favorite bloggers and he wrote a post titled Cancer Sucks.
Yep, he is right.
And he said something that made me smile as I am a fighter by nature.
He said that the cancer of cancer is life.

May we all live knowing that others have cancer.
May we take each day as a gift.
May we cherish those around us as if today is our last day.

On the Table

I am a self taught crocheter. I can make tons of straight lined crochet items that look lovely and work well for my home. As of late, I have been playing around with new ways to crochet. So on my table is what I have been working on. I have figured out some things that I will do different next time, but I will continue with this to give to one of my children.

This is usually how I do things. I learn something, make 4 for my children and so the fourth one gets a pretty perfect item! Good thing for my cuties is that I rotate who gets what first!

As we continue on through the week I wonder...what's on your table?

Tuesday, August 30, 2011


things I would want people to know about me:
  1. I am a Christian.
  2. I am married and as in love with my husband as I could ever be.
  3. I am a mother and I love my children.
  4. I love simple things.
  5. I love to read.
  6. I love to create things.
  7. I love mountains.
  8. That I am as basic and simple as I seem.
  9. I am barefoot far more than I should be.
  10. I pretend I am far stronger emotionally than I am. It is easier for me to hold my emotions in then to release them.
places I would like to go:
  1. Ireland, I cannot describe why I have this feeling because I don't know.
  2. Israel. I would love to see the lands I have read so much about.
  3. Alaska-I think I love solitude, and wonder if I could live in Alaska.
  4. A quiet beach with few people and many shells for me to gather!
  5. Dinosaur National Park.
  6. Virginia, Maryland, Utah, Kansas, Ohio, Louisiana, Nevada, Idaho, Colorado and California.
  7. New York-Fort Drum
  8. barefoot on my property without pain from thorns.
  9. anywhere with my Bill
  10. In and Out- if you have eaten at an In and Out you may understand. For me, this is the only fast food restaurant I like!
things I would like to do before the year is out
  1. complete the front porch.
  2. Redo the kids floor in the bathroom
  3. The project my mom asked me to do on her deathbed. I am a bit emotional on this and it has been a struggle.
  4. finish the curtains in my bedroom.
  5. have the wood cut, stacked and ready to go.
  6. My quilts complete for the kids.
  7. My study on the Feasts in the Bible Finished.
  8. Go and see the Los Lunas Decalogue Stone.
  9. Make 5 different breads that I have never made.
  10. Have Bill's recovery from his surgery be swift and turn back time on some of his issues.
collections of books or books I could read again and again:
  1. The Bible
  2. The Complete Short Stories of Mark Twain (my copy is this version*)
  3. The Children Who Stayed Alone Bonnie Bess Warner
  4. Pilgrims Progress John Bunyan
  5. The Complete Little House on the Prairie Series Laura Ingalls Wilder
  6. The Complete Great Brain Series John D. Fitzgerald
  7. The Sackets series Louis Lamour
  8. Swiss Family Robinson Johann Wyss
  9. Poetry of Robert Frost
  10. My 1963 Betty Crocker Cookbook (yardsale find!)

Housing on the Farm

Here is the newest coop for the farm. A ventilation screen and a fence around the base is all that needs to be done to complete the coop.

The coop has a full side(not shown) that lifts for simple cleaning and has three perches and three nesting boxes. It is for our 2011 chicks. They will live with the ewes as this coop is inside the main sheep pen.

Everything from the pen is salvage. After living in the desert and having a few years experience under our belts, my gang built this pen as a raised pen-about 2 feet off the ground as flash flooding is rare but possible in the desert.

One project [almost] finished...one zillion to go!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Tire Garden on the Farm

On the farm we utilize raised beds for our gardening. Because we work on a low-cost, no-cost agenda we made our raised beds out of old tires. A local tire shop gave us all of our tires. The first year we planted in one tire high planters. It was pretty nice as the tire contains the water which makes water rationing in the desert easy. This year we stacked the tires three high. No need to bend so low and it makes for easy weeding, harvesting and maintaining. Slowly but surely I have been painting the tires, adding a bit of color to the desert. A few years ago we went to farm in Las Cruces which became my inspiration.

We have a smaller garden than we have had in years past but here are a few photos of the garden over the season.

Gourd for making bird feeders, dippers etc.


First pumpkin

Six yellow squash from one vine!

Left yellow squash next tire tomatoes pumpkin on ground


Yellow Squash on left watermelon on right.

I seem to like simple decor in my garden. Bill brought me this heart log down from the mountains a few months ago. I love it! Of course it matches the theme of the heart shape he made for my garden gate. Maybe the garden is developing a theme!

Small as my garden is~it still is a wonderful and peaceful place!
Have a lovely week!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

I wonder

if the terrorists succeeded on 9-11?

What I mean is this: America is not united on the upcoming memorial of 9/11. A mosque is acceptable to show our tolerance but any other faith is unacceptable. We call American's terrorist but ignore real terrorist.

Maybe, just maybe the intent of the terrorists attacks of 9-11 was more delayed than any of us realized?

We permit members of Congress to damn a grass roots movement to hell.

All of our politicians flip flop to get our votes.

and what I wrote in 2009 is even more real today. So on my 23rd anniversary I am reposting this, because in the days before 9-11 memorial , I am more threatening to my nation than someone that did real harm to the nation.

Domestic Terrorist
  1. I am a Christian
  2. I am a stay home wife
  3. I am the mother of 4 children and we would continue to have children if we were so blessed.
  4. I have home schooled the children all of their lives
  5. I bake cookies, cakes, pies, make my own bread, tortillas, and homemade cheeses.
  6. I grow much of our foods and then preserve it for our use.
  7. I am a farm wife and we raise animals and poultry to feed us.
  8. I make many of the items we use in the home, such as clothing, aprons, towels, curtains, rugs.
  9. I study the Bible with the family each morning, and we pray as a family before meals, and whenever we need to.
  10. I am a conservator in all items in my home, not because they are expensive or that I am in the *green crowd*, but because I appreciate the money that was spent to acquire the item.
  11. I am pro military. As the wife, mother, sister and daughter of one that has and is wearing the uniform, I understand that a strong military protects our way of life.
  12. I am against abortion in all cases. The life is a life. When we began to trade one's rights for another we began to slide on a slope that cannot ever be climbed again.
  13. I am for being personally responsible for my actions. If I break the law, hold me accountable.
  14. I am against making another pay for me or me pay for another.
  15. I am for being charitable. Life on my farm has permitted us to have an excess in items that we are able to give to several families that are on restricted incomes. I am for helping the sick, the elderly, the widowed. This is my choice. I do not want to have my money diverted to the chosen needy(as this is subjective and most often abused.)
  16. I am against same sex marriage. If two people wish to have a gay relationship my stand is NOT stopping them. I am not against a civil union between the two. It is a legal contract the gay couples wish for to cover each other in life insurance and custody which the law should cover-they are not man and wife as one party would physically be missing. In a civil union they can be man and man or vise versa.
  17. I am against the discrimination held by the Left. As a minority household we are not recognized by the Left because we do not act as victims or hold our hand up. We are the silent Condi Rice's(she was attacked often for not taking the preconceived idea of what a black woman should hold as her ideology -by the Left...even being called a house nigg*r) This is the most obvious of racists views that is never picked up by the MSM. We are all unique and do not think or vote in blocks like the Left so wishes. Remove the bribes and see how quickly you will lose those who blindly check D in every election. You are not for the equality of races, but believe that without you they would be completely dysfunctional. Welfare, food stamps, quotas and the likes do nothing but hamper the people that you then say you are helping.
  18. I am against this lie of global cooling, then global warming, and now climate change. Didn't any of you listen in science? If the belief that the earth is billions of years old, then the past 15,000 years of scientific data on cooling and warming trends is not enough to make any correlation to any climate change. There is just too little information on hand. How pompous to believe in both the age of the earth and then the impending destruction based on such minuscule of data. Quit buying in to this Al Gore junk. He is lining his pockets on your blind faith. Be wise and reflect long and hard on what I wrote. The data that the climate change crowd is like you basing your viability on the very first microsecond of your life. How can you make a scientific observation off of this first spliced piece of data? You can't just like with the data we have now.
  19. I am against groups like PETA. This group can only thrive in a wealthy narcissistic society. I think that those in the group should move to an impoverished region of the world where around every corner isn't an eco friendly organic grocer and food is for sustenance and not times in the day where one breaks. Animals provide food and clothing and labor all around the globe. Your group is a double standard.
  20. I am against groups like NOW as they really are a bi*t*ching group instead of a group seeking real rights for women. If you were for the rights of women you would embrace the design of a woman and its ability to produce another living being. If you were for the rights of women you would press our leaders to cease the abuse against fellow sisters around the globe...and combat female circumcision, honor killings, child brides to men in their fifties and killing women for not covering or killing a woman for speaking to a man.
  21. I am against dumping more money in public schools. I am for the immediate change in the system and have the schools held accountable. I am for vouchers and the option of the parent and student making the decision as to where they choose to be educated. If a school is not producing students who can read, then the school should be held accountable immediately.
  22. I am against the weak stand on border security.
  23. I am for limiting our elected to two terms for any in Congress...we have created a Political Class and they are unwilling to relinquish their position in society. We can and should give control back to the people. We did this to the office of the president and we should do this for all other elected persons.
  24. I am for drilling in ANWR. For those who are for the environment or the animals please reread #'s 18 and 19. I also think that we need to build nuclear power plants all over. If France, with the spineless image we have of them, utilizes nuclear power plants then what is our problem?
  25. And finally I am against calling terrorism anything other than terrorism. Call a spade a spade. No more mamsy pansy pc junk suggesting that 9-11 was a man made disaster. A man made disaster is the boo*b job. Women look like freaks with the augmentations that occur to them. Terrorism is 9-11, as the population was terrorized by the actions of terrorists who had but one intent- to wreak havoc. Once again a man made disaster does not bring me to my knees with grief for the loss, the fear and the pain felt...
And because of this list...I am a Domestic Terrorist. Me, the woman who missed out on having a dad her entire childhood, because he wore the uniform of this nation. Me, who stands and really sounds a voice for one who has few champions while they reside in the womb. Me, who wishes to solve my own problems before asking the government to step up. Me, who prays to a Divine Creator and lives my life in such a way. Me, who believes that our nation is an incredible place in the world. Me, who believes that charity begins at home. Me, who loves the institution of marriage and places my spouse and family to a level of importance. Me, who thinks that the color of ones skin should not make a difference and has taught my children to view others by their works and not their color. Me, who believes that there are people who do wish to cause our nation genuine harm and stands against them...

is a domestic terrorist.

May we all understand that the times we live in are unlike no other time, and America is at the crossroad. What happens next is uncertain. But I can say with absolute certainty that if I am the threat it may be too late.


Today in history

A young woman married a young man.

Follow-up Post on the Marinated Squash

I wrote about marinating squash for three days before grilling them here Pattypan-to pattycake-to pattygrill and I promised to share the results.

The results were:
taste-half liked the marinade half did not

So I may make this again but not as much. I think for grilling squash I will stick with the simple farm recipe of marinating the veggies in olive oil with crushed pepper, New Mexico chili powder and salt.

Oh and for the record the T-bone steaks? Well they were delish! Beef raised about 100 feet from where we grilled it-I suppose it can't get better than that! Actually the entire meal was gathered within feet of our front door. So 50% may not have loved this marinade, but 50% did...and that is a great way to close this post!

Friday, August 26, 2011

In case you are wondering

about transportation on the farm, I thought I would show you how some of our chicks get around. I suppose I am a tad thrifty and conserving in everything and it seems to have rubbed off just a bit, because the newest wave of chicks seem to have figured out a system of saving their energy!

What kind of transportation should chicks have?? A truck? SUV? A car? A motorcycle? Well our chickidoodles seem to have found their own "ride!"

Introducing Cud Cars...on the Double Nickel they come in a variety of colors and sizes...brown, white, black, gray, or a combination~ come one, come all! Fare? Well eating things out of the wool, should pay the price!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Wilds of New Mexico

We have experienced a good deal of life since we have moved to the farm. Moving to land that we are taming (so to speak) has been a monumental challenge. Moving to a land that has many inhabitants that consider this their home has been an eye opener.

We have dealt with coyotes, rattlesnakes and javelina's . Now we have a new little friend. Here is Bob the Cat. I did not take his photo because (s)he is so fast and of course I am too busy checking critters. She has taken out 16 birds in as many days. We believe it is a female because she is coming even though the dogs are here, so she must have young to feed.
photo Robert Shantz Audubon New Mexico

Second has a co-worker that has spotted several in our area and we believe that she is very happy to be on the grub line of the farm. Colonel Sanders, our first critter on the farm is no more, thanks to Bob. Silly I suppose to be sad over a bird, but they do get inside you and are part of every single day.

Bob most likely will not get any more of our birds as the rest are in a different enclosure that we built this year. They do not free range to the west of the barns instead they free range on the east side which is where I am all day with the sheep and the gardens. Bob has many other little ranches and farms to work on and I hope she decides not to come back, as her life will end as she is a threat to the stability of our self sufficiency.

So little bobcat please stay away. Farmer is not willing to allow your chaos to continue.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A Glimpse

Hanging on my wall

Three baskets.
Each one bought by my husband at a different time.
Each one bought for me because he knows I love them.

Three baskets that give a glimpse to the heart of a man that loves his wife.
Three baskets that are so simple yet speak the eloquent words of the finest poet.
Three baskets that are more aromatic than the most expensive bouquet of flowers.

Oftentimes we miss out on life because we expect something and then are blinded by our expectations. Perhaps it is time to look around once more.

I am sharing this with the 'on my mind' theme hosted by Rhonda Jean of Down To Earth.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Surprise~Surprise~ Another Squash Recipe!

Why so many squash recipes? Well for those that have grown any squash you know that one squash plant produces up to three squash per day! No kidding! With numbers like that, this frugal farm wife can't go wrong.

Not only do we make squash for us, we also give some to a recovery house in town, as well as feeding the animals. I have two ewes and one ram that cannot get enough of the yellow squash. When they see me near the plants they bleat and bleat!

Today I made stuffed pattypan squash.

Lots of photos ahead. My daughter let me use her camera, which I do not know how to use very well so I practiced!

First start with several pattypan squash. I ended up only using 4 as it is a new recipe and you never know if it will be a hit or a miss.

Scoop out the insides.

Dice up the insides very small. I decided to add a small yellow squash to the mix...

As I am frugal I thought I would show you that nothing goes to waste here. The seeds will be reserved for next year and the rest to the chickens. One pattypan was bigger and so it had seeds. The pattypan taste best smaller as does all summer squash.

Boil the scooped out pattypan squash until almost completely soft.

Then take a can of tomato soup
salt/pepper to taste
diced up squash
a hand full of crushed bread crumbs(best if it is your homemade bread)
and a few tsp. of butter.
Take scooped pattypan out of water, fill with above mix and bake in oven at 350F for 20-30 minutes.

Here the pattypan is going into the oven.
And here is the pattypan on the table!
This is another recipe WIN! So easy to make and so delicious. I like the individual serving like a stuffed bell pepper!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Pattypan to Pattycake to Pattygrill!

My garden is finally giving us a few other items aside from yellow squash and for that we on the farm are happy! The important challenge on desert gardening and harvesting is to use the foods in ways that don't drive the family crazy...say a gumbo over and over, may not be what keeps the gang happy!!

To keep things new I have been working on more recipes. I can only say that 2011 has become the year of Squash!

This is a Tuscan style recipe I found on Cooks dot com but I modified it a bit.

Tuscan Grilled Veggies
Cut up your squash in 2 inch lengths. I used zucchini, Mexican squash, pattypan squash, and crookneck or yellow squash. (the recipe called for eggplant, red onion, and tomato...which I do not have).

The marinade:
1/3 cup red wine vinegar
1/3 cup olive oil
2 cloves garlic minced
1/4 cup sage leaves minced
1/4 cup rosemary
1 TBSP peppercorns
(recipe added orange rind grated which I omitted and I added New Mexico chili powder)

Then leave in fridge to marinade for three days. So I will update in three days when I toss this on the grill!!

Patty Cake
I found this recipe also on Cooks dot com

3/4 cup sugar
1 egg
1/2 cup flour
1 tsp baking powder
1/4 cups walnut
1 cup patty pan squash grated
1 tsp vanilla

Beat eggs and sugar. Mix well. Add dry ingredients plus squash, nuts, and vanilla. Pour into greased pie pan. Bake at 300F for about 45 min. The recipe says it freezes well.
But I doubt we will have any leftover. THIS IS THE BEST recipe for squash I have tried this month!! I love this recipe and the pattypan squash makes this so amazing!

I will continue my journey of squishing and squashing recipes as our garden is a delight and a blessing to our family. We have frozen, canned, and dried a variety of squash and have squash every meal. I pray we appreciate this as we will not have farm fresh squash in December or January(well at least not summer squash)!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

County Fair~Part 3 Arts and Crafts

The County Fair has closed its gates on the 2011 year! It was a wonderful fair and it did not rain one time this year. Since we have moved to New Mexico the fair seems to always have one night that a torrential downpour occurs~until 2011!

As we continue on our journey of heading towards simplicity and of self sufficiency we have crafted things that our family has never crafted before. This year I had the theme of thrift and economy as I worked on my craft items. I love that a penny saved really is more than a penny earned. For every dollar you save you have one hundred pennies, for every dollar you earn, you have to deduct what the government takes out-perhaps 30 cents or so.

With that in mind I crafted display boards(out of simple boxes) to present how one can slowly create a good deal of savings for the home.

Everything I entered was made in the past 12 months and for baked or canned items I entered items that I had never made before, or items that I worked on to improve(if I had not received a ribbon in the past). I hope that my sharing my assortment of ribbon awards does not make you think I am a braggart, but one that is sharing that homemakers can be noted for their simple efforts. In addition, by sharing items crafted others can see that perhaps they are not alone on their path to simplicity.

Division 1 Baked Goods

Section A Yeast Bread: Italian Braided Bread
First Place

Section B Quick Bread: Biscuits
Third Place

Section D Unleavened Bread: Flour Tortillas
First Place

Division 2 Food Preservation
Top row- yellow squash, cherry jam
Bottom row-dried oranges, dried yellow squash, carrots
Total ribbons 4 ~three third, one second(oranges). Canned yellow squash did not receive any ribbons.

Division 3 Sewing
Kitchen and Household
Cloth Napkins
First Place Ribbon

Division 3 Sewing Recycled
Potholder made from two pair of jeans, two shirts and an old quilt
Third Place Ribbon

Division 3 Sewing Miscellaneous
Rediscovering the Art of Homemaking
First Place Ribbon

Division 7 Knit and Crochet A 4 a
crochet dish scrubby and washcloth
Second Place Ribbon

Division 8 Handwork
Recycled Tin Cans
First Place Ribbon

Division 9 Handcrafts
Recycled Rice Bag into store tote
Third Place

Friday, August 19, 2011

County Fair ~Part 2 Farm Products

I confess that this has been a slow garden year on the farm. The snow and freeze that southern New Mexico had in February really impacted the growing season. Usually we have a good part of the garden in by late February. I planted this year in late May due to the long cold season we had.

On a good note our squash did fairly well...

We entered the zucchini, yellow squash and patty pan squash. The zucchini is 16 inches long, so you get an idea about how large the patty pan squash is.

There was also an abundance of twinning of garden items, which we entered...because they have the cuteness factor going for them!

Here is the patty pan from the first picture next to a standard patty pan squash.


This is another view of the two patty pan squash! I love this squash and the large one for growing in the desert with water rationing, water preservation and the likes~well, makes me very happy.

We went last night to the Fair last night and in the Farm products division we did very well. Sadly our rose bush- which we have entered a rose from every year, barely survived the freeze. So we did not enter a rose this year... In fact, the flower division was dismal and very telling of how New Mexican plants can't handle the cold very well!

More coming on the Home Ec Division, the Photography Division, and of course sites and sounds of a small Fair on the southern border.

*we entered a beautiful Mexican squash too-guess I forgot to take a photo of that one!

County Fair~Part 1

The Color Guard leading the parade opening the county fair.
Less and less people stand as they pass.

Monday, August 8, 2011

So Simple

Mini van in the southwestern desert converts mid-day to large dehydrator. I would never have guessed how simple it is to use, or how quickly it works...or how it is so cheap to run!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Fifty isn't So Bad

My older sister and her husband are crossing over.
It happens to anyone that continues to breathe.
So I made a packet of party favors for my sister and her husband as they both turned 50 this week( August 1 and August 5).

Some things that are also 50
Made out of felt..
Left to right-
* US 50 crosses the nation from Ocean City, Maryland to West Sacramento, California.
*Fifty cent piece 1961.
*Fifty factorized, Roman numeral, and divisors.
*The Fiftieth state-Hawaii.
*Tin that has the atomic number of 50.

I also sent a packet of game ideas.

One game was for all those over 50 to sit on the floor. Then ask the players to get up. The one that gets up unassisted wins!! I had a memory lane one where you listed things that happened that you remember-whether bad, good, or in between.

My sister and her husband are having a pretty big get together to celebrate their 50th tonight. Times like today make me wish I lived closer to share in the fun and laughter. No gift, whether silly or serious could convey how much I love my sister and her sweetie. The older I get the more I realize how blessed I have been to have Cathy as my sister. Thanks for not killing me for being such a pain in the back end little sister. Huggles!

Happy Birthday Scott and Cathy...
Love the New Mexico Family

Friday, August 5, 2011

Out my Window

I am enchanted with lovely views. I have the mountains all around as well as the White Sands to the West. I enjoy incredible sunrises and sunsets and a wee bit of incredible temps over the summer.

While I was at my mom's this past February I took many photos of her little home. I especially took photos of her Canada geese. She shared a good deal about what she saw outside her window as she was confined for the last few years so the views outside her window enchanted her life.

This pond in the summer had boys fishing and mom would tell me how it was always busy out her window. As I reflect upon things, I realize that my perspective on life must come in part from my mom, as she lived imprisoned in a failing body but saw beyond her circumstances out her window.

Life is filled with an incredible amount of everything. What we see then becomes the issue. Do we dwell on the hell on earth that surrounds us, or do we look past that to something more? I am not always a Pollyanna but I try to be as much as possible because we get one chance at life.

I love life.
I am a far from perfect. I was not the best daughter I could have been, nor am I the best wife I should be, and I am not always the mom I want to be...

But I take a breath and look out my windowand I smile and thank God that I can look upon His Creation and have hope that I can be more because.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

County Fair andThoughts

The county fair has been a delight for this farm wife. Each year on the farm has been a learning curve with many tests and a good deal of failures. But a failure is not considered something negative here. No, it is a guide to what not to do next time. Over the year I create items or projects for the home that I either have never made before, or I have tweaked and made work for the home. The county fair allows for me to share my efforts and actually is for me likened to a pat on the back.

I am a 21st century American learning the ways of those of a few generations ago. I often am told by others that they do not have time to craft, or can foods, or sew. I didn't either a few years ago. I have been a full-time housewife all of my marriage, but until a few years ago, filled my time with the going to and fro and not really focusing on my home. I am grateful that I have this opportunity to really appreciate the life I have and the skills I can learn, if only I am willing.

This year for the county fair I am entering items with a theme in mind. My theme is economical. In an economy such as this one my projects afford a life with savings by reducing cost or re-purposing items.

In addition we will be entering a few items we have grown in the garden, as well as some items native to New Mexico and the southwest.

What I like about the county fair is that anyone that goes to the craft areas is exposed to possibility by the items on display. In the economic times we live in, where our government is spending more than we bring in, I believe that learning skills of old are not only sound ideas, but most likely things many will have to do soon, in order to get by.

As I think about the county fair, I think about how many times I have said on this blog that I suggest that people should have a food storage as well as learn skills to help one get through a crises. I urge all readers to truly consider this advice. I urge readers to have food and water set aside as well as preparatory items for not only a national disaster, but potentially and economic crisis that our nation has never seen before.


Tuesday, August 2, 2011

I wonder

I wonder what my blog says about me? I wonder if those that read this blog know what guides me in my life? I am afraid sometimes at what the answer may be.

I pray that my blog directs my readers to Him. I know that often I share of my family and of the farm but through my day to day writings I pray that I point my entirety on Jesus Christ as He is the reason I have hope in my day to day activities.

I worry sometimes as I feel inadequate as a writer of anything, let alone this blog. I worry sometimes that I am inadequate in my faith as I am not the perfect wife, and far from even close to being the perfect mother.

Life is a struggle. It is not always easy nor pleasant. I try to share the reality of my life and I try not to censor the bad as the bad allows me to see the good and the days that are not so bad.

As I wonder these simple thoughts, I want to close with this scripture to any that read this post: I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me. Philippians 4:13~

These words comfort me. In a world that promotes me, myself and I, I am glad that I was courageous enough to realize I did not know God, let alone His Son and moved towards Him to appreciate that I am nothing without Him.

It's That Time of Year Again

The Otero County Fair is this month and I love the Fair!

Baked goods, handcrafted items, repurposed items, canned foods, dried foods, and some garden produce will all it make it to the fair from the farm~

Monday, August 1, 2011

Monday Five

Here are five photos that give a glimpse into my life.
Living so close to the southern border we have two US Border Patrol checkpoints near our home as well as Border Patrol station. If I go into town I pass this station.

We seem to be in Fossil Central. Nearly everywhere we go I find hundreds of fossils. I am a rock hound so this is a good place for me to live.

This cottonwood is in a canyon near my home.

Yes one of our local gas stations is named Howdy's (as seen from the teen vantage point of the backseat of the truck).

And finally we have the mountains within minutes of our home. We drive to the mountains for wood, which is why you see the flatbed trailer alongside our truck as well as for excursions away from the lowlands here at about 4,300 ft elevation. Sometimes we feel the need to climb a bit so off to the mountains we go. Oh and yes in the desert we take plenty of water as water is key in the desert southwest.

That is a simple glimpse into the things I see~