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You cannot multiply wealth by dividing it."
Dr. Adrian Rogers 1931-2005

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Simply Life...

So many titles for one person. Of course any title with mom is a pretty great one~

Project 875,321 on the Farm: Here is a before photo of the front hall. I have to add the trim as well as a few minor things, then I will share an after photo.

Dishes await while I post. I made turkey yesterday for dinner as well as for individual freezing packs (ended up with enough for four more meals and leftovers for today in lunch as well as turkey stew). Then I boiled the bones not for broth for us, but for the dog food. This was amazing because I ended up with enough meat and stuff we don't eat for 4 large batches of homemade dog food. As a result, more dishes await...full circle and all!

My three sons.

I call my biscuits Tin Can biscuits, because the best biscuit cutter I found is the tin from tomato sauce can.
The lone post. This post is the part of an old pen that we have not removed. I kind of like how it is alone on the farm. I have a feeling it will find a new purpose!

This photo was edited with the brightness and color augmentation suggestions by Third and Fourth. Ignoring the color and how the butter is whited out, don't you love having breakfast for dinner? The other night we had bacon, scrambled eggs, homemade chunky apples, homemade waffles, and country potatoes~yum!

This concludes what I call Simply Life on the farm for today~ have a lovely day.


HossBoss said...

Lovely photos, Jenn! We have a lone post in the middle of our roundpen where we school the horses. We call it the Thinkin' Tree. When the horses are learning something new, like how to willingly take a rider, they get a lesson and then they get parked on the Thinkin' Tree to mull things over ...sort of digest everything they've just learned. It's a very important part of the process.

Have a lovely day, my friend!

: )

Vickie said...

Simple is best, in my book. It's homey and comforting and usually much less stressful! We have breakfast for supper alot - matter of fact - that's a good idea for this evening as everyone's sick of turkey! It's all going into the freezer to save for another meal!

Sassy said...

Can't wait to see the hall when you're done with it. Your boys are handsom & love the biscuit cutter. I'll have to save the next can I open. Breakfast at dinner is awesome! and yours looks & sounds scrumptious.

Mrs.Rabe said...

I love to see posts about folks everyday life...

Yours' is a good one!


kymber said...

Jen - love your biscuit cutter. i normally use a glass but will have to try a tin! your boys are sooo handsome, you lucky Mom!

as for breakfast for dinner - we love doing that too! and your breakfast-dinner looks deelish! yummeh!

to Bill - oh you poor darlin having to put up with freezing toes on your legs - bahahahah!

your friend,

Melodie said...

I agree,anything with Mom in it is the best!

Anonymous said...

Hey Humble Wife - I was laughing at your Tin Can Biscuits. Apparently it runs in our family as for years I've used the same cutter! When I make donuts I use the plastic lid from something (not that we use these but a bottle of water or a 2 liter of soda) of that size to cut the holes - it is the best I know of.

Love the pics of the breakfast!


Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

Your dinner looks amazing! I'd go for those potatoes first I think :-)

Humble wife said...

HB- I love the Thinkin Tree! What a clever name. I posted what I had in mind for our post, let me know what you think!

Vickie-I think for me, breakfast for dinner is my fast food. It is easy, simple, and filled with yummys we all love...so I hope you had breakfast for dinner last night!

Sassy-thank you about the boys. They look like their dad, so I have no claim at all! You are so kind, thanks so much once again for your visit.

Deanna-thank you so much. I love how inspiring and sweet you are. You always make my day!!

Kymber-you make me smile!! The boys are handsome---so I suppose the ones that are most lucky are the young women! :) And yep, poor Bill, it is a major sacrifice as my toes are little ice cubes...that I swear could sink the Titanic!

Melodie-yep...that is my favorite part of this post. Thanks for visiting and being so kind and sweet!!

My dear VA sis...funny how we all can spread around the world, yet we are all eerily the same. Yep, I said eerily...as that seems to match us all! and the donut hole punch~I use an olive jar, but love the idea of a soda lid. Thanks for the idea!

Lisa- it is a hard call. I ended up kind of mixing everything and pouring syrup all over. But true to me-I am a country potato morning person nearly every day!

Gayle said...

AND you make your own dog food...is there anything you don't do? :)

Humble wife said...

Lol Gayle-necessity is the mother of invention or innovation.I have a post on it, if you want I will find the link. It is super easy....and very inexpensive and very healthy.

DeanO said...

Now - I had to comment on this meal....awesome! Free Bibles - how wonderful is this ministry of yours. You will only know when you stand before God how much good this ministry has done. Thanks for stopping by.

Humble wife said...

Dean-thankyou but it is His ministry and of course we are but man-so we are far from perfect in our actions. Have a lovely day!