"You cannot legislate the poor into freedom by legislating the wealthy out of freedom. What one person receives without working for, another person must work for without receiving. The government cannot give to anybody anything that the government does not first take from somebody else. When half of the people get the idea that they do not have to work because the other half is going to take care of them, and when the other half gets the idea that it does no good to work because somebody else is going to get what they work for, that my dear friend, is about the end of any nation.

You cannot multiply wealth by dividing it."
Dr. Adrian Rogers 1931-2005

Saturday, December 10, 2011

My Resume

As I made breakfast this morning, I thought of a few things that I would like to share. I am a stay at home wife and mother and have been blessed to be so for 23 years. I never imagined doing anything else in life perhaps to the absolute horror of some people in more liberal circles.

farm fresh eggs with a side of onion potatoes and beef sausage all to be rolled up in a burrito!

I love my role. I can't believe one can see it as unimportant. As I homeschooled the children, I have made 3 meals a day, every day for probably 95% or more of the days. That means I have cooked over 23,000 meals, yet I have never been trained in the culinary arts.

I have been a triage medic for 22 years dealing with the simple bumped head, to broken bones, to one of my boys~age 6 walking from the back fields to the house with a board stuck to his shoe(2 nails), yet never spent a day reading a first aid manual.

I became a N.I.C.U. nurse in 1995 because I had a baby born 10 weeks early . I could do assessments, perform breathing treatments, change tubes, and care for a child that was as small as a ruler. I never sat for any test, yet my training guaranteed I could take this precious wee one home, and if I failed in my training-well, never mind as she is 16 now. Oh I also was very skilled in the apnea/heart monitor and the maintenance of oxygen and proper saturation levels...once again I was not licensed or trained on these.

I have read the works of Shakespeare, Twain, Dickens, Poe, Austin, Frost, and many more without ever stepping beyond my doors, and without critiquing the prose but instead enlightening and sharing with the next generation. Our library consist of a few thousand books and it is filled with many well loved, well read books. Every day books are restacked after I clean, from the couches, the tables and the place in our home that is referred to as the library.
Although I am not a librarian I play one every day.

I have never made a wage cleaning a hotel room, changing the linens, fluffing pillows and freshening up the room, but I perform this every day, over 8,500 days so far.

I organized travel for six people all over the United States, packing absolutely everything and sometimes the kitchen sink, yet never sat in a training seminar to become a travel agent. I have traveled with the same crowd all over Mexico and minus the baby(now 16, all over Europe) and pretty much did so based on critical financial finagling, yet I never sat in a business course.

I have conversed with people in German, French, American Sign Language, and Spanish, without sitting in a course or spending money on Rosetta Stone.

I have met with County Commissioners and secured $40,000 in funding for a youth program without ever being trained as a director of anything. I ran this program until moving to New Mexico not for money but for children living in a county larger than 6 US states and were spread out among four small towns 80 miles apart. The county population was 4,500 people.

I assisted the local sheriffs office during a wildfire that nearly consumed the town we lived near. The massive wildfire was the result of high winds and powerlines. Never being trained to field police/emergency calls, I did so anyhow for nearly 15 hours while my children played and watched television in the courtroom next to the dispatch office.

Without any fundraising background I raised several thousand dollars for the local sheriff's office and was permitted access to the closed Silver State Classic and not only met John Schneider of Dukes of Hazzard fame, but had him donate as well. No I am not a Hollywood insider either.

I not only met Chris Cannon US Representative of Utah, who was part of the committee seeking to impeach President Bill Clinton, but was showered with praise on my children and how absolutely well behaved they were as I took them to a meeting Representative Cannon had in our community. I homeschooled and I took the children ages 2,4,5 and 8. We were the only family and I had the children sit in the front row and although they may not have understand what was happening, they sat as if they were watching the most incredible show ever. Representative Cannon came over to the shock of many and spent time with us. Imagine that, and without any lobby behind me.

Former Governor Mike Leavitt(also former head of EPA, and Secretary of Health and Human Services under George W. Bush), requested that the local newspaper photograph him with the children at another townhall the same year Chris Cannon came to town. He was stunned that his coming had been announced months ahead yet only one group of students came to hear him speak (my group of 4). He was pleased that the education of the children was raised to a bar that did not minimize what a child could learn or participate in, and upon his second visit to the community once again asked for a photo. Both made it to the newspapers. I am not a politician, I sit on no committees regulating the content of textbooks, and have no abilities to influence what if anything is taught in our public schools.

I have painted 4 houses, and far too many rooms to note, yet never been on a construction or team that does these things. I have patched holes in walls, removed popcorn ceiling, built walls, taken down walls, laid flooring, painted floors, built doors, replaced windows, added lighting, replaced water heaters all without a contractors license. I staged one home without any 'staging' training and the first person that came in to the home bought it.

I have organized themed parties whether it be for a birthday, holiday or gathering for upwards of 40 plus people all without any training.

I catered a meal for a volunteer fire department for nearly 80 people and set up, made the decorations as well as planned the menu and cooked everything. I have never been licensed to cater meals.

I have Occupied the family room of most of my homes building far better tent cities than those that are seriously protesting the 1%er's. I have built encampments with the agility and aptitude of the finest field training of our armed forces, using Momgyver methods of clothespins, sheets, and cardboard in ways never imagined. All without attending Basic Training or angst towards anyone.

I organized a Youth Olympics in our town in New Mexico with over 100 participants gathering thirty plus volunteers, garnering donations to purchase ribbons designed by me, as well as 100 cases of water to quench the thirst of the youngsters, and even ensuring we had an ambulance team on standby at the event, even though I have never attended an Olympics.

I have driven a truck that almost requires a footstool for me, towing a trailer as well as a fifth wheel, without any special training and without any incidents...once for a trip of 2200 miles.

I have wrangled snakes in a skirt, because the livelihood of the farm animals as well as my children depended upon this, and I have never been trained on reptile management and dispersal.

I have sewn cloth diapers, bedding, skirts, aprons, pants, shorts, placemats, rugs, pillows, curtains, tablecloths, cloth napkins, mop pads and much more without one course in sewing and design.

I have delivered goats, lambs and well probably everything. I can trim hooves, sheer sheep, care for wounds in my sleep and I have never been to veterinary school.

Without attending any horticultural training courses, I am still able to grow an oasis in the desert. And the yields even surprise me at times.

I am not a scientist in food safety and management but I am able to store foods safely and with ease by water bath canning, pressure canning, dehydrating, pickling or freezing.

I have never worked in a bakery but I am able to make every kind of bread with ease, and sweet confections are whipped out with ease.

I have never attended any negotiation training but I have separated factions far more hostile than those on the world stage-all while telling each side how much I love them, and offer cookies and milk to boot.

I am not an operator but I have fielded calls from everyone and anyone. With ease at times and with children boisterously playing in the background at other times...and for the record, in confidence-I have NEVER bought anything from a phone salesman. It is not a reflection upon their efforts, but more so a reflection on my language abilities and how I can out talk anyone, and I have never been placed in the Guinness Book of World Records for that talent.

Oh and I can unplug a toilet or sink without using a snake faster than one can say RotoRooter, and I have no idea how the plumbing actually works. But what I do understand is that with children these items are far more important than a million dollars.

I have done all these things because I see my role as what it is and refuse to be told it is unimportant and that far greater things await me outside the home, as I am a housewife. I am not bored. I wish I had less to do at times, as I have heard many times how easy being a housewife is. I wish at times I was in a more specialized job, such as a doctor, airline pilot, politician, or banker but I am diversified and I am counting on major returns on my efforts so therefore when one wonders how I am able to accomplish something, or how I can think of something I must respond this way: After 23 years of training and specializing in so many arenas, I confess that it is like breathing for me.

Signed Wife of Bill and mother of First (US soldier), Second(Fireman), Third (Lab Tech-training in med field), and Fourth 16 taking college courses awaiting anything and everything she desires.


kymber said...

crap! the tag line has me bawling!

oh Jen - there is so much that i could write to reply to this, and you know what is in my heart - so i will leave it at this:

if only you had have been a back-up dancer during Madonna's Blonde Ambition tour...well, then you would have lived a full and lovely life.


(i had to say something funny as the gravity of this post hit me in the head like a brick. keep setting the bar ad high as you do, and leading the way - there are those of us following behind that appreciate and admire your leadership!)

your friend,

Humble wife said...

Kymber-if only~LOL-what a goofy image...me on stage with Madonna!!

In this post I wanted to share how much more one can be if they are not boxed into a career~as in being a stay home wife and mom, training never ends, education never ever completed, and life never is boring and I wished to conclude with the fact that I am quite simply a wife and mom.

Thank you for reading my resume...I am hoping someday to add four more words: She became a grandmother.


kymber said...

Jen - you will have grandbabies out the yin-yang - i promise! and i will help out with all of the babysitting duties that will be required of you!

your friend,

Mrs.Rabe said...

That is awesome!


Rocky Mountain Homemaker said...

Jennifer, what an accomplished woman you are. I too, am a NICU nurse of sorts. My son was born nearly 11 years ago at 27 weeks. I could easily relate to your mention of heart monitors and oxygen tanks. Have a great week.........Denise

Ma said...

I loved John Schneider when I was a kid!

I agree that there is NO reason for us housewives to be bored.

debbieo said...

Well dont tell anyone but Madonna is some cousin down the line of my husbands, want us to see what we can do about the lack in your resume?
What I realized while I read this is how little most of us tend to value our skills and even forget what we can do and what we have done. Thank you for the reminder of what a "housewife" really is.
I also know that come what may you will survive and survive well.


Humble wife said...

Kymber-I pray so! Oh and of course you came help...the more the merrier!


Denise-you and I share some times that were most likely the most emotional that a parent can deal with...and here we are. Praise God for technology for our wee ones to have survived.

Ma-me too!!! I really was not into the show but he was a cutie. And for the record, he is very nice. And bored never seems to come in to play does it?

Debbie- First off, thank you for associating with me while you are so connected to FAME :) LOL. I wrote this for me, as I was having a bit of time where I have heard the same old stuff and it does make sit back and reflect. I am perhaps sensitive and I was weepy so I began thinking of things. I know that my co-moms all over resemble this resume and that is important that we sometimes sit back and think about our value.

Friend for Life said...

I am a new reader to your blog and want to tell you how much I enjoy it. You truly are a Proverbs 31 woman and an inspiration to others. May the good Lord continue to bless you and your lovely family.

Merry said...


You forgot to mention you are a spiritual counselor, as well. With God, all things are possible. And with Him, you are using every talent you have.

Swamp Dog said...

You have earned a PHD from the school of hard knocks, so be proud of your accomplishments! Don't worry about what anyone else thinks, I'm sure that rant you just let loose made you feel LOTS better. Keep it up!

Humble wife said...

Friend for Life- what a lovely comment! Thank you so much and welcome to the Farm!

Merry- thank you, I pray I allow the Light to shine but I fail often.

Swamp Dog- I am sad to see this as a rant, as it was a reflection more than a rant. I do not see this as the school of hard knocks what soever but a blessing to be a wife and mom and am sad at times that these roles are seen in sorry light.

Gayle said...

Wonderfully written.

Humble wife said...

Thankyou Gayle!

Anonymous said...

You Rock!*

*in every sense of the word!!

Humble wife said...

Liz-thank you!! <3

musemater said...

Hello Humble wife, it takes one to know one, as they say, so here's thanking you for your wonderful blogging and this post in particular. I found you through Ma's blog following links, just clicking through.

Since I'm an older than you homeschool (since 1990!) mom of 4 and grandmom of 3 so far, aged 58, married to one wonderful man for 40 years last May, I quite understand your need to take stock and make a resume!

I am still having to swallow from time to time disregard and or jealousy from my friends and relatives who happen to be women, men don't seem to care as it doesn't threaten their self-esteem.

It is telling that choosing traditional role of woman is still valid because it grates upon those who haven't been able to follow it for whatever reasons. So gently we live and mostly don't ask for validation from anyone, but occasionally I'm grateful to have all we do written out.

It is life to the full, not a sacrifice Swamp Dog, it's not a rant, just a small indulgence of what the mostly unsung moms who follow the traditional role have to remind themselves of because of the deafening roar of the modern anti-family world we scrape up against when we step foot out into the unisex world that has been constructed in our once family loving country.

It's a bright witness to other women and men of God's plan to make woman to be the completer of man, the help-meet of man, not his competitor, not his slave, but under his arm standing beside him in her own uniqueness.

Lastly, I'll share with you my main reason to be a stay at home and homeschooling mom. I looked at my children and I knew that nobody on this earth would or could ever know them or love them as I did, they are my blessing and I am responsible, what gets imprinted upon them in childhood is too important to leave to anyone else if it's in my power to do the job. Treasures received!

Humble wife said...

Oh Musemater- thankyou for such a wonderful comment. You made me smile and of course eloquently described. I am so grateful for the gifts I have been given and am so thankful that I was able to be the mom I could be for them.

blessings to you!

Family Chatter said...

As a fourth generation family dairy farmer, and wife/mother/grandmother/great-grandmother, etc., and on land that's been in my side of the family since 1872, I say... I love your posting(s), and I can relate. This posting is a BEAUTY, for sure (actually, all of them). Oh, what a wonderful life. You know that, make the best of it and cherish it. May you and your family continue to be blessed greatly. Thanks for sharing so much beauty in thoughts, words and pictures.