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You cannot multiply wealth by dividing it."
Dr. Adrian Rogers 1931-2005

Monday, November 28, 2011

Monday Morning on the farm

It has been a bit chilly here in the early mornings. So I think I will share some photos of things I saw this morning as mentally prepare myself for the day and the week ahead.
It has been a bit chilly here in the desert southwest.

My second son breaks the ice in all the water troughs each morning. The black spider looking thing is a turkey feather~trust me, I actually had to go check, wondering if a tarantula had an unfortunate accident!(and yes we do have tarantula's here-should not now because of chill but sometimes we have had stragglers leftover from the spring or fall migrations).

Thankfully we on the farm have a lovely woodstove that keeps us snuggly warm during the winter.

We even have a firepit that cast off wood and mesquite branches are tossed in for weeks that is a great place for family to sit and toast marshmallows on chilly evenings. Our days are usually brisk but sunny which I love, so a fire in the firepit in the evening is very nice.

As I walked around Ham the Ram decided that he would join me. He is a bit frightening to me at times because he is free ranging and comes up to the house and well everywhere, but he also wags his tail when I pet his cheeks. Isn't Ham a great looking sheep? He is named Ham after Noah's son, in case you are wondering.

As I walked around to the west side I saw a cat on the tin roof!! Kitty was watching me on the roof of one of the sheds. White Sands Missile Range is just west of us.

Coming inside I have my seed preservation ongoing. The middle seeds are from a gourd that I tossed to the hens. I am keeping the mini pumpkins on the plates so I am able to remember which is which!

My thoughts seem more clear after a refreshing overview of the farm inside and out and I am able to plan my week. It is amazing what a quiet morning can do for the energy! Have a wonderful week~


Ma said...

It was cold!

I love Ham the Ram:)

kymber said...

thanks for the walk around the farm. we do the same thing here at the Manor - we always go for our morning walk! we don't have any animals (besides the birds) to feed, and there is nothing growing in our raised beds anymore - but we still walk around. it really helps clear the head and put you into a good mood for the day.

more goats? oh yes please! (i have been reading about farmers having to sell off their animals from not being able to afford to feed them over the winter...that is so sad).

Glenn B said...

It hit the low to mid 60s here today, rained on and off most of the day and when it was not raining there was a nice damp breeze. I say nice damp breeze because it is the end of November and we should be a lot colder and my bones do not like cold any more. They promised though that this will be our last warm day, those darned weathermen.

All the best,

Humble wife said...

Ma-I always laugh in my mind on Ham- results not ready yet whether he is butchered. He is growing on Farmer and I, considering he was treated so poorly in his previous ranch. He has come a long way, and that is why I wish to keep him- I understand the circle of life and butchering-BUT every animal on our farm is treated with the utmost respect and care while here. Even if we butcher them. It makes me so sad to see how animals are treated when it does not need to be this way. Ham does free range which translates to he is not aggressively attacking us, which is how he was the first month of his time here. I am kind of a momma hen and spoiled him and his rage with soothing chats and lots of crookneck squash...the way to Ham's heart-is lined with squash!

Oh and I love that he wags his tail-makes me smile!!

Kymber you are so correct on how it clears the head to walk about in the morning! As to animals being sold off, we are seeing a good deal-starting with the luxury ones~horses first. It is an eye opener because selling off goats when they are able to produce milk and meat is kind of shocking.

Glenn, too bad you aren't in AZ this cold dreary winter!! I pray for warm sunny days for you!!

Gayle said...

Ham looks like Royalty. Very handsome fellow.

Humble wife said...

Gayle- He is and far more personality than I expected!