"You cannot legislate the poor into freedom by legislating the wealthy out of freedom. What one person receives without working for, another person must work for without receiving. The government cannot give to anybody anything that the government does not first take from somebody else. When half of the people get the idea that they do not have to work because the other half is going to take care of them, and when the other half gets the idea that it does no good to work because somebody else is going to get what they work for, that my dear friend, is about the end of any nation.

You cannot multiply wealth by dividing it."
Dr. Adrian Rogers 1931-2005

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Sick of Occupiers UPDATED in bold in post

I am sick and tired of the occupiers.
I could care a less that a teeny portion of folks have so much wealth.
It is not the wealth of others that should concern anyone. It is the wealth we ourselves have that should be the issue.
When one proclaims poverty and lives in the United States we must be take a moment and truly assess their poverty.
So here goes:
Images of poverty of the occupiers:

Excuse me, I made a mistake...the above images are not of the poor woebegone Americans occupying cities around the USA. These images are of those that understand true poverty.
Here are the images I meant to post showing the occupiers:

Photo Credit: Jordan Malter

Note the gaunt faces of these poor lads. And the clothing-and the warm leather jacket, oh and the well groomed beard and clean hands...and banner sewn lovely to champion Poverty in the US.

The occupiers have it so bad that it has become a money maker for some filthy capitalist.

Photo Credit Julianne PepitoneOnce again, please note how frail and thin the occupiers are. With no tarps or tents to shelter them. No large plastic bins of surplus items from home that they have to do without...oh and no suitcases, no comfy couches, no well combed hair, no jewelry. Oh these poor~ poor Americans.

Photo Credit: Julianne Pepitone

Look how scrawny and underfed these occupiers are. Thank goodness they have someone to lead them in Tai chi and yoga...most times these poor folks loose weight because they have no food. What a blessing for them to exercise while being so~ so~ so poor. My how sad it is that they all appear in such filthy rags, with unkempt hair. Poor Americans...thank you for allowing the world to see how harsh conditions are for you.

Photo credit: Daniel Fitzsimmons
UPDATE: I removed Daniel Fitzsimmons photograph because he asked me to do so.  If you would like to see the image I had here originally, please click on his name. 

The pain of sharing these images has been horrible. I mean poor in America have so little. How dare the rich treat the poor so bad?!! I mean the poor here in America have only cell phones, Ipods, incredible cameras, sunglasses, backpacks, comfy shoes, shower facilities, food, clothing, bicycles, cars, computers, homes, oh and one extra special little bitty thing. Many of the occupiers have college loans. HOLY SMOKES!! Poor in the USA go to college after attending schools that are free. Oh and the public schools that provide FREE education also transport the children each day and will feed any child breakfast and lunch on USA's dime.

If that is not enough...over 45* million Americans are given food benefits.
And guess what? EVERY Emergency Room in the nation will treat ANYONE-regardless of finances.

Oh and these poor Americans that are moaning and crying about how that darn 1 percent is a problem need to BE QUIET.

Here are some images of Americans we should be thankful for and I am not going to beat around the bush. Many Americans are exactly like my family...
Which is one where the dreams of my father are upon a Memorial Wall in Washington DC
Captain David P. Gibson KIA April 8, 1967

Where my second son is one of the 71% that make up our volunteer fire departments across the nation. Second is on the right.

Oh and the young man on the left? That is my oldest. I chose this image as our soldiers are seen as one, unidentifiable aside from the uniform...yet while sometimes months from being considered a child in the US, the men and women in uniform serve all of us. They do so not because someone is so wealthy or so poor...but because there still are a few that do appreciate that America is an incredible place, but she needs to have her people stand and work for her. She cannot serve them. Through the sweat of every generation we have stood and become the place of hope. People are not trying to flee this land...no they are sneaking in daily. Trust me, I live on the southern border.

So to the occupiers- I say GO HOME. We need not have you pretend to stand for any of us. Most, instead share a legacy similar to my family~here on the farm and thank God for that.

Jennifer not a percentage, not a hyphenated American-
instead quite simply
an American

*edited I had 14 million


Amy said...

Thank you, thank you. So very well said!

Shannon said...


"America is an incredible place, but she needs to have her people stand and work for her. She cannot serve them. Through the sweat of every generation we have stood and become the place of hope. People are not trying to flee this land...no they are sneaking in daily."

Well said.

Angela said...

Nicely done.

kymber said...

thank the dear, sweet Lord that some of you are not a percentage, nor an hyphenated American - thank the Lord that the majority of you would make your ancestors proud.

i say the majority of you because i truly believe it. i have traveled to many US bases and i have met many fine American soldiers - and regardless of anything else they were hard-working, patriotic, loyal Americans. like your Father! and not a one of them would put up with this occupy crap - they are all too busy out there still trying to defend your freedoms.

i am dead tired and hope that i made sense and didn't offend anyone. if so, please delete this comment Jennifer.

but this kind of stuff gets my dander up too - and i am a Canadian for Pete's sake - arghghgh!

thank you for all of your kind msgs of support and concern over the past few days - they really meant a lot to me my dear forever friend!

how is The Big Guy healing up? have you given him a kiss on the cheek for me yet?

your "true, north, strong and free" friend (a refrain from the Canadian national anthem - i love that line!)

forever, no matter the distance,

Mrs.Rabe said...

I agree Jen.

They protest large corporations while using their cell phones, Ipods, cameras, wearing nice clothes....

I want to say, "duh!"


Anonymous said...

Well said. I agree 100%.


Anonymous said...

I love this. You say it well.

jambaloney said...


i applaud you for having the guts to write this. there are absolutely destitute starving people in some parts of the world and they are starving.

and here are a pile of youngsters, many college students, out there protesting to feed their own egos and falsely inflate their own sense of worth.

which is a shame because amongst them are a few people who really believe the protest and what it stands for. they are able to articulate the issues and aren't all "rich vs poor". they are drowned out in the mob, they. always are

a t shirt - imagine, that says it all.

i have been pretty liberal in my day, but it had limits. i remember a reverse scenario when i was walking to work one day years ago and a huge mass of protestors were storming up elgin st in ottawa to demonstrate against the atrocities in east timor...just as i was giving a homeless man ( a real one) a measly dollar as he kept himself warm on a heating grate. it wasn't about the injustice, it was about feeling good protesting.

i don't think this "we are the 99%" holds any water and it insults to the core people like yourself. YOU never asked these people to party on you behalf, you are too busy with a patriotic hard-working, loyal family trying to do the best you can.

never mind serving your country as opposed to the protesters dumping on it, pretending to be "poor", all the while pirating free cable.

kudos to you!

Ina said...

Thank you for saying and showing so eloquently what many of us feel!

Got a chuckle out of this protest in Florence, SC. They called a protest - and nobody came.

Florence 'unoccupied' by Saturday protests

KN said...

Excellent post. Well said.

Humble wife said...

Thank you all for stopping by. I appreciate the comments and will revisit the occupiers at some point in the future because I truly believe that if you want to accomplish something that there is a way to do so...even if I had agreed with the Occupiers, I would never agree to the methods they have used. Seems like historically we have plenty to go on to be effective. Sigh...

DebbieLynne said...

I just found you through Ma's blog, and was delighted by this post. Please see the post I wrote Saturday on the Occupy movement...I believe you'll agree with most of my points. Thanks for this excellent post, which I will share on Facebook and Twitter.

Humble wife said...

DebbieLynne- thank you for stopping by and sharing. It is nice to find like minded readers all over!! <3

Karen Joy said...

Loved this. Just the right amount of spunk and sarcasm... :D With truth, too, of course.

musemater said...

Dear Humble Wife, I understand if you cannot post this comment as it is in reference to a political candidate so this is just to make sure such a wonderful person as yourself sees it. I appreciate your writing, I visited your blog today and have read it backwards up to this posting the past couple of hours, thank you for the pleasant reading and happy new year. I hope it brings good things for all our people on the left and right and brings people to the top/center of life = in other words to the good and balanced US way of life with traditional values of freedom and justice for all.

Occupy put on a protest against Ron Paul in Iowa recently and they demonstrated how ignorant they are about the real villains they should be demonstrating against.

Occupy movement needs educating, very true, and so does the morphed Tea Party (co-opted by the Establishment GOP hierarchy) wanting to keep our children in wars overseas in perpetuity as we ignore unemployment in USA and make it impossible to find enough jobs for returning vets.

There is another way.

And that is constitutional government restoration and Ron Paul 2012. I hope you will visit his videos and give him a listen.

Humble wife said...

My new friend Musemater-what still is amazing about the times we live in is that this is my blog. I have no endorsements of any sponsor that tells me what to say or not say. So this blog is an open forum to share as long as we remain decent moral people all is well.

I am so fed up with the establishment...you must have sensed that by now or I haven't vented in awhile :) I am no longer playing for same old same old. We were promised fundamental change and that is what we got, and I sure hope those with ears hear what each candidate says...as it seems like they need not hide behind the shadows in their corruptness. Oh what times we live in. We absolutely have other ways and please feel free to shout from the rooftops.

Of course Ron Paul is part of the team somewhat~as no one but players are allowed in the arena. Whether one likes Sarah Palin or not, she was totally destroyed not only by the left but the right, for her nerve to speak with honesty that we havent seen in years.

So please continue and I have added you to my anonymous following as I said before this blog is mine and I wish not to point to anywhere but Him and this humble farm we have. So I be kept up with you from now on as I sense a good deal of enjoyment in the future..

Take Care