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You cannot multiply wealth by dividing it."
Dr. Adrian Rogers 1931-2005

Monday, October 17, 2011

A bit more than a foot...

I would like to share a story. 16 years ago on October 9th I delivered my precious Fourth. She was due on December 21...so not only were we prepared to expect the worst, it seemed like nearly every thing that could go wrong, did.

After months of problems and being life flighted to Loma Linda Medical Center in California labor could not be stopped. Ten weeks before she was due, she was on her way. Technology was a bit off back then as I was told she was a boy. And this added to our silly worries-I suppose focusing on non important things and worrying about them helped during a very frightening pregnancy.

The reason I worried was because each of my pregnancies were horrific. I was told I could not have any more children after my third son so I wanted to name the third baby something that shared my gratitude of being blessed with him. I have not shared my children's names but this time I will (somewhat) to explain~you see I named my third son- Third Blessing (in Spanish-of course). When we were told that the fourth baby was a boy, I was thinking wow, I think I may have to name him Fourth which is cuatro in Spanish. Third in Spanish is tres which works nicely with the nickname Trey, but how on earth would cuatro ever work? But I decided I had committed myself on this path so I was going to deliver a Cuatro.

Anyway...delivery was horrific. Problems arose. The staff began to put IV's in...while I was awake...one in my neck. Bill was pulled out of the room and the last thing I remember was my little tiny teeny preemie cried-LOUD.

Baby spent a long time in NICU.
Baby was diagnosed with terminal illness.
Baby was given a year.
Then after a year it was adjusted to age5.

Look at my preemie now! Doing well and outliving what doctors predicted.
Funny how a baby that was just a touch longer than a ruler(13 inches) and weighed about 2.5 cans of beans is not only here with her family but she has been an example to us all in how to survive and thrive even when all is lost(medically).

She had several years of specialized care in and out with surgery and have oxygen for a good while...yet all that is visible(if you know where to look) are a few scars.

One for an IV site that is raised scar tissue on an ankle and an incision scar on her back several inches long.

My Cuatro was nameless though.

I mean I had boys.

And only boy names.

And I barely had to come up with names as I was kind of a traditionalist. One named after my husband and one named after my father-in-law.

Third one thanking God for allowing us to be blessed with our sons.

What on earth should we name this precious baby?

Back to traditional but maybe a name from my family. I have several sisters so I made a name up using the first and second letters of my sisters names and I added an A to wrap her name up as she is female and in Spanish a usually on the end of a word is feminine. I am very happy to say that I made her middle name my mother's middle name.

Oh this cutie. She has been prayed about, over and for so often. I am thankful she is part of our lives and learned that sometimes day by day is how you are to live and not further. I worked hard to make every day we had with her special so that her brothers would have happy memories of a sister I thought was terminal. After a few months it became habit. It is far easier to have a happy day by making each day the best day.

I can say without a doubt EVERY day with my baby as well as all my children and husband has been a blessing. Not perfect...but blessings that I thank my Father in heaven that I have had.

As I seem to have rambled a good deal I seem to have an announcement now that I am changing course~

I have a few photos to share of my cutie, my baby, my sweet precious Fourth and her day.

I made her cake. Now you all are for sure that I am not Martha Stewart posing, but I did enjoy this creation. The petals are flattened green tootsie rolls~ easy smeesy!!

Cell phone photo of Fourth and dinner on the table. She opted for hotdogs, mac and cheese and pickles and baked potatoes...ps I think the look is because she comes from a family that is NOT musically talented and at this very moment she was being shouted (sang to) Happy Birthday!

It is sometimes hard to see beyond today when you are living in a crisis, believe me, I know. The challenge is then this...don't try to. Focus on one day at a time.

And my dear Fourth thanks for pink. After years of blue and rough and tough you softened the home in a way that has made all the difference.


HossBoss said...

What a sweet sweet story, what a sweet post! Every time you share a story about your family, I see through the story what a blessing each of you are to the others. I think that's what makes you guys so phenomenal as a family ...each of you have such a giving spirit.

kymber said...

oh Happy Birthday dear, sweet Fourth!

Jennifer - you had told me some of this story but oh my heart breaks thinking of what you and Bill must have gone through! and then when i look back through your previous posts and see such a beautiful, healthy, thriving girl romping around with her brothers i can only imagine the joy that fills your heart!

your children are all gorgeous - like really gorgeous - but she is just so beautiful (like her Mom)!

i hope that she had had a fantastic BD - that cake looks divine!

wow. just wow. good job Jennifer. and yes - i learned what you said about living each day. i learned. thank you for sharing this with us and for teaching us.

your friend,

Mamma Bear said...

Happy Sweet 16 Fourth! You are a true blessing to your family!

Anonymous said...

Belated Happy Birthday to Fourth! Thank you for sharing!

...& the cake looks awesome, too! :) ...


Mrs. Mobunny said...

What a nice post!

Humble wife said...

HB- Thank you for your kind words <3

Kymber- you are a sweetie. We all go through things that are challenging. It is just ever so important in how we deal with things that makes a difference...<3

Mama Bear- she sure is!

Liz- thank you so much! And the cake was delish!

Mrs Mobunny...thank you!