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You cannot multiply wealth by dividing it."
Dr. Adrian Rogers 1931-2005

Thursday, September 8, 2011

On My Mind...Prayer

I heard some news this week that made me cry. Sometimes I am that way. I wear my emotions on my sleeve and I always have. Before I get to the news I would like to share some neat things that have happened since I began blogging in 2006.

I met a blogger via blogging. He and I have never met in real life, yet I consider him a close friend. I can mention his blog and my husband will ask me what is going on in this friend's life.

Immediately I connected although at first glance our blogs are of different interest. You see he is in Law enforcement and his stories and his life mirrored the life of my husband and so I could relate.

He is a honorable man.

He is a funny man.

He loves his wife.

He loves his kids.

He is an avid snake and lizard and turtle and well critter man...I always close my eyes and pretend he is talking about chickens or sheep~

He has a pretty neat NY accent.

He paid his home off.

He has a modge-podge of dogs.

He has a story that is frank about why he named his blog the name he did.

He loves America.

He is generous to a core and has for a few years now put together amazing packages for our troops overseas.

Our post content is different as night and day, yet we seem to find the time to respond weekly to each other.

And when my mother died he left this beautiful comment

"So sorry for your loss, I wish there was something I could do to make you feel better. Your mom must have been a pretty amazing woman, I can tell from what I know of you. Tonight, I will do something I do infrequently. I will say my prayers and will include her, you and the rest of your family in them.

My sincere and deepest condolences. "

He made me cry...

This person has become important to me, to my husband and to be honest to my future because I see us 20 years in the future with some more techno gadget than I can imagine laughing about how we blogged in the early years!

He has me crying again. I am a friend of his regardless of us never meeting. Probably we never will. But I am crying because he has shared he has cancer. Dang it of all the things in the world.

But I am not crying as a quitter. I am crying because I know my readers and know that prayer is powerful~and I know that my blog friends will respond~ I know that I can ask you all to pray for my friend Glenn. I know you all have blog friends just like my Glenn.

I believe in prayer. In fact, I know Glenn does too. So today I am asking all my friends in blog world to pray for Glenn. He does not know I am writing this post so I am not linking his page... For Glenn I pray my readers can share this post and ask their friends to come over and leave a comment that you will pray for him too.

Let's unite and leave comments that we stand with Glenn in prayer.

And Glenn-thanks for making a difference in my life. I consider you my friend and love you like family. Corny I know, and I know that you know I am corny...and will take it as it is intended.

Bill and I have added you to our prayers. I give you my favorite scripture for you to contemplate in the days ahead. Philippians 4:13 I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me. I believe that Glenn, with all my soul.

oh and I lifted this photo of Glenn~ when he shared about a fishing trip he took with his son. Glenn~sorry, I actually stole this photo and with you in Law Enforcement-please forgive me. I know the power of images and know everyone will stand with you Glenn. You have my word.

I am sharing this with Down to Earth Readers in the weekly on my mind posting, as well as with EVERY single blogger out there. Please link to this post, for Glenn, for me and for all of us to remember that it is by one small voice that the world can change.


Jen~friend of Glenn


Glenn B said...


Tonight, I got out of the hospital after a sort of unexpected stay. I went in yesterday early in the AM for an out patient procdure to implant a feeding tube in anticipation of radiation therapy. Then, I got admitted yesterday due to some minor complications, mainly pain. I was told at 9:40 tonight - 'okay you are being discharged'. Imagine the surprise of being told tha so late, well it went hand in hand with the other imbecilic things they did while I was there for a day. So, I was all ready to write a blog tonight and vent my frustrations but then I saw your blog and decided to hold off and just mellow (don't think that will last but it is nice at the moment).

And you think I made you cry! I am touched by your kind words, kind thoughts, your kind prayers and your friendship. Folks like you will give me the strength I need to fight this. However it turns out, and I hope it will be good, when I am fighting, I will know that you and yours at my side in spririt helping me fight on.

All the best,
Glenn B

Glenn B said...

I love the way you signed it too!

all the best,'
Glenn friend of Jen

Humble wife said...

((((((Hugs)))))) my friend!!

EllieB said...

Lovely post, HW, and I have posted thoughts on my blog. I will pray all goes well for your friend.

Humble wife said...

Thank you Elle! I am thankful for your thoughts and prayers!

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

What a touching post!

Humble wife said...

Thanks Michelle- blogging brings out so much!!

Tania @ Out Back said...

Now is your time to bless your friend in prayer for all his goodness and kindness.

This is a lovely post. True friends are hard to find, they are there for you in the good and the bad times, and they dont come along very often. You are indeed lucky to find such a friend, and Glen is lucky to have you to to help him through this difficult time.

I wish Glenn all the best with his cancer journey, and may he have victory over it with the power of prayer. I will keep him in my thoughts and prayers too.

God Bless you all.

Humble wife said...

Tania- thank you. Victory over cancer with the power of prayer!! Amen!

Sami said...

Lovely post and wonderful that you have formed a close bond without knowing each other. My thoughts and prayers are with Glenn, may he have the strength to beat this beast xx

Sue xx said...

Go Glenn! You have much support and love behind you to fight a good fight.
Well done Jennifer...I'd want you in my corner too if I was in need,

My kindest wishes
Sue~friend of Jen~friend of Glenn


Maria said...

A beautifully eloquent post Jennifer. I'll also pray for Glenn and his family; that they gain strength and support to see them through this crisis and beyond.

Denise said...

Isn't amazing how people can come into our lives when we need them most? I'm a firm believer that God blesses us with someone because their words can comfort and bring a smile to our faces in a way that maybe no one else can. They bring a strength that we may not have at a particular moment and they let us know that we don't have to walk through something alone.
I call people like Glenn, angels on earth.
Thanks for sharing such a touching post. :)

Humble wife said...

Sami-thank you

Awww Sue-thank you friend of Jen and Glenn <3!

Maria-thank you!!

Denise -thank you!!

Becca said...

Praying for your friend, Glenn, a true friend, a brave & courageous fighter and a man of God.

My two sisters are 6 & 7 years in remission from breast cancer. May Glenn, too, survive this battle and be like Simba in the Lion King who said he "laughs in the face of danger"!

Cape Town
South Africa
(via Rhonda Jean's Down to Earth/On my mind Friday feature; no blog here to link up with you, sorry)

Humble wife said...

Aww Becca-thank you so much! I am sure he is like Simba and will be strong throughout...as he has many to lean upon. Thanks

Felinae said...

A beautiful heartfelt post. I know how strong the bonds of internet friendships can be. I of course will add Glenn to my prayers.

I have two friends one of them a friend since junior high, the other I met last year on facebook through her sister. I follow the sisters blog and she thought that B & I had a lot of similarities so she suggested we friend each other.

Both of these friends were diagnosed with different types of cancer. K was declared cancer free about two months ago and B just on Monday. They both fought hard and so far they have beat it. Your friend sounds like he's a fighter, so I know he can beat this too.

Thoughts, prayers and hugs going out to you, yours, Glenn and his.


Anonymous said...

You can count me in. Sarah

Anonymous said...

Hi Glenn & Jenn -
13 years ago I was diagnosed with a nasty cancer. I was in active medical treatment for the next 18 months. Through the Grace of God and his manifestations in my life (family, gifted doctors, nurses, medical staff, chemotherapies, radiologists, friends,...) I'm here now and cancer free.

Where there is life there is hope. Where there is hope there is God.

I'll be praying.

Humble wife said...

Fel- Praise God!! Stories such as the ones you share are perfect to uplift Glenn. He is a fighter...full of moxie. Thanks for your prayers!!

Sarah- Thank You so much. Prayers are always welcome!! Thanks for joining in!

Liz-Praise God!! And you are another New Yorker...wonderful. Thank you for your prayers...((hugs))

Anonymous said...

I believe in the power of prayer, and as more pray the strength increases stronger than the numbers. My prayers are added to yours and others for your dear friend.

brenda from arkansas

Mrs.Rabe said...

Praying Jen...


Dmarie said...

May Glenn have a most successful journey to recovery...complete recovery. what a beautiful tribute to your friend. thanks for sharing.

Humble wife said...

Brenda-thank you so much as you are so correct!

Deanna- thank you so much!!

Dmarie-friends are friends. Thank you for your wishes.

Becky said...

I wish you all the best Glen! May your trials and tribulations as you go through treatment find you healed at the end. "Blogland" is so hard to describe to people that don't blog... I have family members that get infuriated because I am sharing our lives through our blog. They can not comprehend the "Community" that is HERE or that sharing ones story can help, guide, support and inspire others. I am truly thankful for the "friends" I've met through Blogging and Glen you have found a true treasure in Jen.

Humble wife said...

Thank you Becky, but I am like you and have found a community out there that is as real and wonderful and inspiration as in real life. So sharing about Glenn is as normal as sharing about my life here. He is a concern as he is part of my world also. Funny how small a world becomes when we see it with "My little eye" and spy everything!