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You cannot multiply wealth by dividing it."
Dr. Adrian Rogers 1931-2005

Saturday, September 17, 2011

A Glimpse

The internet has afforded the world an opportunity to see places most of us will never see. Before we have had to rely on things such as the National Geographic and television programs and to be honest although interesting, is only a teeny peek. Blogging allows everyone to share things that are perhaps unique to their region, in a simple post!

Where I live in southern New Mexico near both the Texas and Mexican border, we have tarantulas and they migrate twice a year. In fact, I consider it a season as we do not have real seasons like most folks do...so to add flavor I have added Tarantula Season to the list of seasons we have here.Here is a small tarantula making his (her?) way across the front of the property.

Another working through the fencing of the garden area.

And Samson age 6.5 months trying to figure out what this critter is. The chickens crack me up as they rush to peck at this movement, the tarantula raises up and the chickens squawk off!

Funny how a glimpse into another region makes you say..."Well what do you know!"

I thank all of the bloggers out there worldwide that afford me many opportunities to say that! Even what is mundane to us is amazing to another~so keep on writing, as we are sharing the world~one post at a time!

Other seasons in southern New Mexico include but are not exclusive:
Pot Holder Season-this is the season where the steering wheel is so ferociously hot that you need to wear potholders for the first twenty minutes of the drive so you don't burn your hands.

Surface of the Sun Season-pretty much self explanatory

Flash Flood Season-rare and based upon if and when it decides to rain in this desert region

Winter-coldest 36 hours EvEr!!(kidding-maybe a tad longer and we do have the rare snowfall)

Rattlesnake Season-cripples this blog author into action then when the Season ends she is able to breathe again. Now we are in the end of the season, the rattlers are fat and sassy and are not interested in scaring the heck out of me.

Missing the Sun Season-this is rare too, but I thought I better make sure those that don't live here appreciate that we have some bad seasons too. This season seems to be only 3 to 4 days. The sun shines lovely and bright the rest of the year.

Oh and of course I need to say that I would not live anywhere else in the world~ southern New Mexico is so lovely and the sky is so vast that I smile when folks say the planet is overcrowded. If you ever have a chance and you travel to this neck of the woods, a simple day of taking in the sunrise and sunset will change you forever, I promise!


Glenn B said...

I hear some types of tarantulas can be roasted and are delicious but I don't think either you or I would try them.

All the best,

Peggy said...

I love reading about your seasons but will enjoy them from afar. LOL Have no desire to experience your rattlesnake season nor the several super hot seasons you mentioned. But I really am glad to learn more about your corner of the world!

Ma said...

I like your take on the seasons! Those tarantulas are a big scary.

Humble wife said...

Glenn-yep you are correct...no way I would try tarantula(unless hunger set in)!

Peggy- Perhaps my seasons are not as bad as they seem! Thank you for your visit!!

Ma-the first year the taratulas were scary. Then I realized that they do not harm anything on the farm and go through rather quickly...unlike the rattlesnakes!!

Anonymous said...

Tarantulas...EEK!! I can't help but think of the black and white 1950s horror movie with a huge tarantula in it! EEEK!!

kymber said...

teehee...you can keep those tarantulas and rattlesnakes - thank goodness we don't have any of either of those here!

and i really appreciate your sentiment about bloggers being able to share their ordinary and mundane things that other people are amazed by - i have never been to NM but i feel that i have a "sense" of it's beauty due to all of the pics you share! it really is nice to be able to see other parts of the world, and not from a "professional-national-geographic" sense but from ordinary people who share their part of the world on their blogs.

i have never seen a tarantula in person and i can't believe that you are out there taking pictures of them - ughghgh-blickey-yuck-ick-ick-ick!

but thanks so much for sharing....i think.

all of my warmest thoughts, wishes and prayers sent to you daily, my dear friend!