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Thursday, September 1, 2011

A Glimpse: Updated with Recipe

in my kitchen.

While I was making noodles for beef stroganoff I realized how much of a thinker I am. I decided today while I was mixing the noodles why I am not a gadget person. I think it is because I find the cleanup of a gadget takes me more time than the gadget is worth.

So I do not have a noodle rack...

Nor do I have a bread maker.
Or a handmixer.
Or a blender.
Or an electric can opener.
Or a pasta maker.

I love the connection I have when I mix the foods. I love kneading the dough. I love rolling the tortillas. I love that while I bake I am afforded time for my mind to think upon those I love. Amazing with so much available at so little cost, that I prefer less!

I am sharing a glimpse as part of Rhonda Jean's weekly on my mind series.
*Updated to add this simple recipe

Homemade Noodles
1 beaten egg
1/2 tsp salt
2 TBSP milk
1 cup sifted flour

(I always need a bit of warm water to make it consistent enough.)

I mix dry then add the egg, milk and mix with my hands. I add water from a measuring cup have at the side. I knead it a bit, then divide in a few portions, flour my table and begin rolling out. I cut and hang on the racks as I continue. Each layer of my rack is added as needed. The recipe never yields exactly the same because you may roll the dough thinner one time than another etc.

Once all drying I cover with a hand towel and let sit about 10 minutes more then toss in a pot of boiling water that has a bit of salt in it.

ps...most times I use only water. The above recipe is tweaked from 1963 Betty Crocker cookbook, but we have teens and milk last for short time, and I never feel the need to blend instant milk up for such a small quantity.


purplepear said...

Thanks for coming over to visit with me at my blog, I'm glad you did.I'm with you some of the way with gadgets, but I do have a couple that I use- a mixer, a food processor and a pasta maker. But we do roll our own dough for bread etc and I use the processor to do breadcrumbs and chop up chickpeas for patties and hommus.And our pasta rack is all hands on deck holding wooden spoons- looks quite funny.

Sue xx said...

Necessity is the mother of invention alright...love your idea :D I balance a sweeping brush between 2 chairs and hang my pasta over that...only works when there's no dog in the house though! Once dry the pasta freezes beautifully.
Enjoy your weekend,

Humble wife said...

Purple Pear-perhaps a photo of the wooden spoons!! It could go well with my irregular noodle dryer!

Oh Sue- I never realized that one could freeze it! I love how much one can learn if eyes and ears are kept open!! To be honest though, the noodles are gobbled down quite fast by my sweeties!! Now I need to make some ahead of time for soup! Thank you!

The Professor's Wife said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! What a creative way to dry noodles - I am not a big fan of gadgets either. I have a blender, but none of the other things you listed. It is much more fun to do things by hand!

Humble wife said...

Thank you Professor's Wife:) I am with you on the fun of doing things by hand! Have a lovely weekend!

Scarlet said...

Thanks for stopping by at Beyond the Nook.I love doing things by hand and allowing my mind to wander too.I used to do a lot of walking , and I often used to get where I was going and think wow I'm here already- I had been so busy thinking that I hadn't really noticed the distance passing - doing things by hand is much the same for me.

Chris said...

Well that is just so clever and fancy. I love how you've put simple thinking together with common sense. I plan to copy because I usually lay my pasta all over the table. Not much sense in that. If only I had some common sense. Thanks for visiting today. Hope we can share more Friday's. TFS

HossBoss said...

Ha! Your 'noodle rack' gave me my first chuckle of the day. Thanks, HW!

I have a couple of gadgets. A Cuisinart (circa 1980) with many optional attachments that I rarely use (once in five years lately) ...but it was my mother's and I cherish it for that reason. I have a bread machine that I paid $15 for at the Goodwill store that I use the dough cycle on to make bread. I made bread by hand for years when my kids were small. But I was at home with them for a few of those years. Staying home is not an option for us right now. So when I no longer have to spend 55 hours of week driving to and from a day time job, I will knead my dough by hand again. For the same reason I use the bread machine to make dough, I use my crockpot several times per month ...those 55 hours of commuting/working really take a toll on options to be productive around here.

I made stroganoff last week, HW. Next time, HOMEMADE NOODLES!

: )

Ma said...

Great looking pasta:)

I haven't ventured into pasta making too much..yet. My great-grandmother always made her own noodles.

Mary said...

Don't you love it when you have those little epiphanies about yourself? For me it just validates who I really am and makes me more comfortable with myself.

I admire your patience with food too!

Mrs.Rabe said...

The only one of those gadgets you listed that I have is a blender. It is OLD and my grandma gave it to us years ago since she wasn't using it!

Have a great weekend!


reginascottage said...

wow!!! great noodles!!! i have never made noodles, but i think i will it try. have you a any recipe for me?
have a nice weekend,

Humble wife said...

Scarlet- it does seem to pass the time rather quickly doesn't it if one uses the time in pleasure instead of burdened to *have* to make or do something? Thank you for stopping by!

Well Chris! How neat to realize I may have inspired one!! I too look forward to more Friday visits!!

HB- I love that I gave you a smile!! And of course our lives are different and we each must adapt accordingly. You make me smile so too!! And the noodles homemade for stroganoff are delicious!!

Ma-they are so simple. Eggs flour salt and a hint of milk and water to have a consistency to roll. For years we had doll rod rolling pins for the kids to help me make the noodles or tortillas. It really is quicker than making a mix of something.

Mary!!! You succinctly wrote my post in your comment! Well said and I wish I had said it this way :)

Deanna-Yes, but what a neat connection with the gadget you have! I love ties that bind us, don't you?

Hi Regina- I will add it as soon as I am finished posting this !!

Sami said...

Never made noodles. You wouldn´t be able to enter Masterchef without uniform noodles though LOL. It´s nice that the time you take to make the food you enjoy gives you time to think about your day and the people you love!! All the best xx

Rocky Mountain Homemaker said...

Jennifer, thanks so much for your sweet comment on my blog. Your noodles look fantastic. I will have to make some for my family when I get the kitchen painting all finished. We're close though! Pictures coming soon. Blessings from........Denise

Humble wife said...

Sami- lol, I would not like to enter a contest of mastering anything! I prefer doing ok at a good many things and being perfect in nothing:) thank you for stopping by :)

Denise- I am looking forward to your photos!! I love projects that transform our home as well as our psyche!!

reginascottage said...

hi jennifer,
thank you so much for giving the recipe!!!!
have a nice weekend,
love regina

Cindy said...

Wow - I am so impressed! I've never made pasta, but I think it's going to have to go on my to-DIY list!

Susan said...

I think I might try your noodles one of these days.

Leslie said...

I am glad I knew I was to be looking as pasta or I'd have been I little confused. I think I've only made noodles once. My mom made the best noodles, but she just rolled them real thin and let dry on the bread board and then sliced them up, Loved that chicken noodle soup!

Humble wife said...

Regina- you have a lovely weekend too!!

Cindy making pasta is easy- making pasta look perfect-well not so easy! But tasty-absolutely so have fun!

Susan- you will love them I know!

Leslie- you made me smile! Of course they look off. I am a one of those imperfect homemakers. I am not the perfect chef...but the food taste delicious. I am not the perfect laundress, but clothes are clean and pressed. I am not the perfect cleaner, but the home is inviting to guest and comfortable for family. So when one cannot identify exactly something it reaffirms my imperfection. After 23 years of working fulltime as a housewife I have learned that I will never master all the arenas of the home. But I will have enjoyed practicing the art all the while. :)

debbieo said...

I love your noodle dryer. Now thats using your noodle. He he.
I need to make some noodles to go with the chicken I canned last winter. ITs starting to cool of here in south Texas and the girls asked for chili soon so chicken and noodles will be on the menu soon as well.
Take care.

Dmarie said...

I tried making homemade noodles recently...what a flop! yours are beautiful, and this post makes me want to try again. thanks!

Humble wife said...

Dmarie- definitely try again!! Thank you for saying the noodles are beautiful!! They were most certainly tasty.