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You cannot multiply wealth by dividing it."
Dr. Adrian Rogers 1931-2005

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Friends and Thorns

don't have much in common but on the farm it makes sense.

We noticed that we had something unusual going on for the past week or so. I was very patient and waited until I had the perfect opportunity to snap several photos. Can you guess what you are seeing?
On the bottom of this post you can see the full photo!

On the farm we have a real problem with thorns. No shoe stops the thorns and believe me we have slowly worked through every kind we can think of...

So I am ordering some similar to the photo below.

Maybe a sole of wood will stop a thorn? I am not sure, but I am really ready to not puncture my feet every time I walk outside!

Oh and the first photo? It seems to be of a 'friendship' or bond that has been forming between bird and dog. No kidding. Red the rooster naps with his buddies the dogs all day long. He burrows up in the dogs necks or snuggles like this photo. If I hadn't seen it myself I am not sure I would believe it. So now you know...


HossBoss said...

We have the mesquite thorns too, HW. The huisache thorns are almost as bad! I wear a pair of crocks when I'm just feeding or wandering around the homestead. I have foot problems anyway so when I kept feeling a jabbing pain in my left heel a few months ago, I figured it was my old issues rising up to bite me ...I just favored that foot and went on about my business. After several months, I happened to step in something in the chicken coop and needed to wash off my crocks. I turned them over and there in the heel of my left crock was big ol' nasty huisache thorn! It was about an inch long and my crock is about an inch and a quarter thick on the heel. So the business end of the thorn was just under the surface when I was wearing my crocks. Ugh!

LOVE the snuggle picture! That rooster is smart. He knows nothing can harm him when he's in the shadow of the Big Guy. All that fluffy white fur makes a nice pillow too!

: )

Glenn B said...

The rooster must have seen the dogs chase off a few foxes or coyotes and he knows a good thing when he sees it. Ghe dogs probably tolerate the rooster because maybe he picks ticks off of them.

Ma said...

They are too cute!

Did you really order wooden shoes?

Anonymous said...

LOL! (If only a dog-friend would mellow my Rooster!)


Denise said...

Best buddies for sure! How cute!
I think you definitely have the right idea about the wooden shoes. I can't see those thorns getting through those!

Sami said...

what an amazing friendship!! How cute xx

Sue xx said...

lol Some-one nice and warm to lean on.
Those thorns are pretty serious aren't they?


Humble wife said...

Yes...I am ordering some wooden shoes. Of course I am ordering them from ebay as used wooden shoes are a tad less pricy than new...and they are to stop thorns not win fashion shows.

I really pray that they work-because oh the thorns really hurt!!!