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You cannot multiply wealth by dividing it."
Dr. Adrian Rogers 1931-2005

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Wilds of New Mexico

We have experienced a good deal of life since we have moved to the farm. Moving to land that we are taming (so to speak) has been a monumental challenge. Moving to a land that has many inhabitants that consider this their home has been an eye opener.

We have dealt with coyotes, rattlesnakes and javelina's . Now we have a new little friend. Here is Bob the Cat. I did not take his photo because (s)he is so fast and of course I am too busy checking critters. She has taken out 16 birds in as many days. We believe it is a female because she is coming even though the dogs are here, so she must have young to feed.
photo Robert Shantz Audubon New Mexico

Second has a co-worker that has spotted several in our area and we believe that she is very happy to be on the grub line of the farm. Colonel Sanders, our first critter on the farm is no more, thanks to Bob. Silly I suppose to be sad over a bird, but they do get inside you and are part of every single day.

Bob most likely will not get any more of our birds as the rest are in a different enclosure that we built this year. They do not free range to the west of the barns instead they free range on the east side which is where I am all day with the sheep and the gardens. Bob has many other little ranches and farms to work on and I hope she decides not to come back, as her life will end as she is a threat to the stability of our self sufficiency.

So little bobcat please stay away. Farmer is not willing to allow your chaos to continue.


HossBoss said...

It's not silly to be sad for a bird. Our seven hens all have distinct personalities and their antics make us smile daily. How can you not miss something that makes you smile daily? Bobcats are beautiful as are most of the wildlife that surrounds us ...and she/he is only doing what comes natural, trying to survive and raise young. But if Farmer has to eliminate the threat to his survival and his young, he is only doing what's natural too.

Denise said...

So sorry to hear about your losses, but I'll keep my fingers crossed that "Bob" will head back into the mountains or elsewhere so its life isn't threatened.
I was talking to my Mom the other day and she was telling me that there's been a cougar sighted around where she lives in Veguita. She hasn't seen it, but someone called her neighbor and he told her about it.
It's scary when wildlife starts moving into populated areas because I know they're mostly looking for food.

visiting from Down To Earth

Humble wife said...

HB-thanks for understanding about Colonel:) I hope the bobcat goes away, because Bill will do what is necessary. Sigh.

Denise-absolutely worrisome and the food seems to be our livelihood. Thanks for the visit!

Rocky Mountain Homemaker said...

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. NM has certainly suffered from the fires this summer. My hometown of Los Alamos really had a battle for awhile.
My daughter worked at a Bible college in the mountains nearby. One winter a wildcat killed the director's dog on their deck. The next day hunters brought hounds and treed it (with the game wardens' permission). Its pelt is hanging in the dininghall. A cat who was that aggressive needed to be eliminated. I'm so sorry to read of your losses.........Denise

Humble wife said...

Rocky Mountain Homemaker-so you know about NM wildfires. Yes up north truly had a terrible season. As to the pelt, I am kind of hoping we get this one...and yes, she would be displayed.

Susan said...

Oh my!!!!

Humble wife said...

Susan- no kidding!