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You cannot multiply wealth by dividing it."
Dr. Adrian Rogers 1931-2005

Monday, August 1, 2011

White Sands and Wildfire

We went to White Sands last night for a simple picnic. There were storms coming in and we eventually saw a fire that was caused by a lightning strike, on the mountains east of Alamogordo, New Mexico.

I have written about White Sands before and love going there because the local children have an opportunity to sled which is really not possible in the winter as we have little to no snow. At the White Sands sledding is year round and very fun!

Of course sledding clothing is usually shorts and tee shirts, but otherwise it is almost like sledding in the snow! Well aside from the fact that you aren't cold, and you need to drink lots of fluids so you won't suffer from heat stroke!

I love the sands because I love to doodle...

We brought our small grill although the park has many covered picnic tables with grills.

On the menu:
beef slices marinated with jalapenos, limes and garlic
to make beef wraps in tortillas with tomatoes, lettuce and salsa
fresh veggies
shish kabobs with yellow and scallop squash

The White Sands are so wonderful! Miles of sand dunes to enjoy.

Up on the dune looking down to the truck and Bill

My Fourth up on the dune the above photo is taken from

As evening approached we noted a fire on the mountain. Lightning had been striking to the east of us, and we saw a fairly large wildfire.

This is a photo from the park seeing the fire. The camera is not the best in dark but you can see the glow of the fire in the center.

As we drove to town to pick up one of the teens from an activity we took a few more photos.

To the left of the golden arches sign you can see the fire on the mountain.

Photo credit J Holmes

Dinner and company at The White Sands was lovely. The fire on the mountain is a reminder that in an instant things can change and we must be prepared.

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JenT said...

*sigh* We really miss NM.