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Dr. Adrian Rogers 1931-2005

Friday, August 19, 2011

County Fair ~Part 2 Farm Products

I confess that this has been a slow garden year on the farm. The snow and freeze that southern New Mexico had in February really impacted the growing season. Usually we have a good part of the garden in by late February. I planted this year in late May due to the long cold season we had.

On a good note our squash did fairly well...

We entered the zucchini, yellow squash and patty pan squash. The zucchini is 16 inches long, so you get an idea about how large the patty pan squash is.

There was also an abundance of twinning of garden items, which we entered...because they have the cuteness factor going for them!

Here is the patty pan from the first picture next to a standard patty pan squash.


This is another view of the two patty pan squash! I love this squash and the large one for growing in the desert with water rationing, water preservation and the likes~well, makes me very happy.

We went last night to the Fair last night and in the Farm products division we did very well. Sadly our rose bush- which we have entered a rose from every year, barely survived the freeze. So we did not enter a rose this year... In fact, the flower division was dismal and very telling of how New Mexican plants can't handle the cold very well!

More coming on the Home Ec Division, the Photography Division, and of course sites and sounds of a small Fair on the southern border.

*we entered a beautiful Mexican squash too-guess I forgot to take a photo of that one!


Ma said...

We never eat squash..I don't know why.

I love me some spearmint, it looks great;)

Glenn B said...

Nice veggies. I was very surpried to read that your rose bush had a difficuklt time with sub-freezing weather. Roses are usually very cold tolerant plants. They survive the winters up here in NY every year, probably much colder than your area in the winter and for much longer too. Maybe something else got the rose other than the cold.

All the best,

Humble wife said...

Ma- I didnt until the farm!! And love the mint!

Glen- all of the rose bushes in the region took a huge hit due to the common thing-the freeze during February. In fact almost all of the evergreen trees took a hit too. Aside from my fruit trees everything in the desert was shocked. The mesquite which was 8-10 feet high around the property was dead only new growth this year of new mesquite. In the fair we could not believe how much this impacted the region until we began talking to the flower club as well as everyone that usually enters. Last year there were about 100 roses entered. This year 7. We had a total of about 200 flowers. This year about 40. My rose bush is still struggling, and only thriving part is new growth on base. I wonder if these normally cold region plants adapted to the desert and then could not tolerate such extremes. I don't know...