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Friday, May 6, 2011

Simple Life: Pickling Eggs

As we have an abundance of eggs it was time for me to implement another method of food storage. So here is the recipe I jotted down- I modified it from a few cookbooks the canning and preserving books and on line bloggers.
And with everything I do, pickling eggs is an example of utilizing everything. We love Claussen pickles and so I saved the pickle juice for this moment. This is another method of pickling in addition to the above recipe I jotted down.
I also save the pickle jars to store leftovers. I am that frugal!

One dozen fresh farm eggs. They are not from this week...so that I can hard boil them and peel them with ease. I actually hard boiled 3 dozen eggs.

Note the jars!! The jar on the left is for the pickled eggs in beet juice and onions with beets, the right jar is for the pickled eggs in the pickle juice which I added onions to.

Pickled Eggs in the pickle juice. I just shook it to mix the spices and onions together with the eggs.

The pickled eggs in beet juice. The smells were incredible and I confess I had to eat a hard boiled egg during the process. So what else before I share the recipe?

Oh the eggshells...

The eggshells can be crushed and dried and tossed to the chicks or chickens.

And once again nothing goes to waste!

Pickled Eggs in Beet Juice
1 can beets (about 15 oz can)
1/4 cup sugar
1/4 cup vinegar
1 onion diced up in thin slices
12 eggs hard boiled and peeled
Juice from beets
beets from can
boil the juice, sugar and vinegar

place layer of onions and beets in jar then add hard boiled eggs cover with boiled juice, cover and store in fridge. Will be fine to eat in 3 or so days, but a bit longer will allow the flavors to blend.

For the pickled eggs in pickle juice
onion slices
pickle juice
bring juice to boil while putting onion slices in jar, add eggs, the boiled pickle juice...the same goes for these eggs as I wrote above for the pickled eggs in beet juice.

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