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You cannot multiply wealth by dividing it."
Dr. Adrian Rogers 1931-2005

Friday, May 6, 2011

Mother's Day Gift from my Mom

Mom passed away in February and last week I was able to pick up some things that she had saved over the years from me. I could not really go through the box in February, but I did last week and it was so wonderful. Early in my marriage, when Bill and I were having the children, we were a young enlisted family, so finances were not top of the line. I created simple presents for mom for her birthday, Mother's Day and other holidays. My surprise was that she had kept my gifts!

I recall having index cards on the island in the kitchen while putting this one together. I was making this for her and wanted to remind her of all the reasons that made me love her...and so I added cards for a few weeks. I then folded the index cards up in a piece of paper and shipped it off to her.Here is the folded page~not so neatly folded and seems to have been read a bit.

A quick sneak peek to the contents...a 'Jenny' I love you!

The cards written in pen, with red marker simple embellishments.

The cards:
I confess at the time I felt sad I could not send something store bought, and worried about my notes...believe me as I have become an older mom and perhaps a bit more aware of things, my attitude towards this~well breaks me down into tears.

The notes are simple and I thought you may like to hear what a young Jennifer(in her late 20's) had to share with her mom. Each card is a thought about why I loved my mom.

~You overlooked me sliding down the railing.
~You let me eat many peanut butter and jelly sandwiches when I did not like dinner.
~I always got to sit next to you in the car.
~You made me a flannel pin up board.
~You let me play on a boys baseball team.
~After I ate shampoo, thinking it was honey, you cut an apple for me and wiped away my tears.*
~You made so many cookies year after year for me to decorate.
~You took me to Put-in-Bay.
~You bought me my little brown bear coat.
~You made me feel like I was the greatest person in the world.
~You let me be a "tomboy."
~You bought me all my baseball cards.
~You let me sit/lay/sleep/sail in your boat.**
~You gave me sugar(as in kisses).
~You bought me ice skates so I could be Hans Brinker on the road.
~You let me run around the backyard with sprinklers on the 4th of July.
~You overlooked me sliding down the laundry chute.
~The thumping day after day of a tennis ball hitting the shop did not drive you crazy.
~You made me pumpkin pie with cool whip (in June) for my birthday cake!
~You didn't kill me during my teenage years.
~You bought me Revco skis!
~You gave me life.
~You took me past the glass window to the stairs nearly every night, so I could get to bed safely(scary to see outside and have to walk past it all alone!)
~You watched Seven Brides for Seven Brothers with me for the very first time. It is now my all time favorite show.
~You waded through miles of laundry to keep me clothed.
~You saved our Pepper(a little Cocker Spaniel Mix from someone who tossed her in a ditch).
~You let me climb into bed with you.
~You were my strength through 4 difficult pregnancies.
~By watching you I've become a wonderful mother.
~and a billion more things you have done to create the person I am. My foundation was solid and always will I remember you and your sacrifices to me.

Thank you mom for keeping this...I am really thankful that in my life I took the moment to make this. Seems like often, especially as I blog, I am hesitant to share something not picture perfect...and these notes make me wonder, why should I not? The truth is this-life is a simple note jotted down, a trip across the country in chaotic weather, a silly evening with an older sibling making Ipad voice-overs and playing Scrabble in your pajamas, with the family at 4pm on a Sunday. Life is not in the movie image of a family...nor is life this perfect religious family, where all are pious, perfectly groomed and say all the appropriate things.

Life is about capturing then sharing each moment. Being loved and sharing that love is far greater than a price tag. And for the record, these cards mom saved have been a burst of energy into my soul. They have made all the difference in my life, and here I thought I was sending them to mom. How amazing that the true gift of the cards has become clear nearly 15 years later.

I love you Mom.

*my older sisters had put some Breck shampoo into a cereal bowl(not sure why) in the girls powder room. As I walked in to brush my teeth, I thought honey, yum, and dipped my finger in and took a giant taste! Ugh it was horrible, and to this day I am not a big fan of honey!
**My mom would lay on the couch on her side, and her knees pulled up a bit would create a space she called her boat. When we would watch TV, she would let me sit in her boat. I have passed this tradition on to my kiddles.


Karen R. said...

Wow, I am trying hard to not bawl my eyes out here. That is so sweet and wonderful on so many levels! You know I was feeling sad I couldn't afford to buy my mother something this year and this is such a wonderful idea, thank you!

Felinae said...

(((Jen))) Beautiful post, it made me teary eyed. Your Mom sounds like she was an amazing woman & a wonderful Mom. From what you post of her and how you share yourself with all of us, I can see a lot of her in you; she has passed on some wonderful qualities.

Hugs and Love, my friend,

Jackie said...

What precious thoughts, Jennifer, and what a beautiful daughter you were! Happy Mother's Day!

Humble wife said...

Karen- you are welcome! Thank you!

Fel- thank you so much!!((hugs)) to you too.

Jackie- aww thank you!!

Mrs.Rabe said...

Beautiful! That is what all mothers would love to receive from their child!

How special that she left it for you! Of course she had kept it all those years...

Humble wife said...

Mrs. Rabe- Thank you so much, and I know, of course she did, and I am ever so glad!

Anonymous said...

Jen - I am tearing here - love what you wrote about Mom. It was amazing how much she kept for all of us. Love you and Happy Mother's Day! Your lil' sis, Anna

p.s., I am surprised that "giving me the best, cutest, and smartest little sister in the world" didn't make your list! lol

Humble wife said...

Awww Anna Banana- I had so many cards...so for you I will share two more cards. One said You gave me Cathy, Dave, Liz, John, Peter, Caroline and Anna.

Then other one which-well sums up how I really felt about you- You gave me Anna. I loved you the moment you were born. Being so wise and mature at 8...well I thought hey my very own baby! I loved you then and duh, of course Mom gave me the best, cutest, smartest little sister in the world...it was mom we are talking about!! Love you too...