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You cannot multiply wealth by dividing it."
Dr. Adrian Rogers 1931-2005

Monday, May 9, 2011

Home Made Dog Food ~The Results!

I made homemade dog food on Saturday. We have the two new pups that are important for the security and safety of the farm and I want to feed them as inexpensively and as nutritionally sound as possible. They love the new food!

I looked around on line and found some varieties of recipes that I blended to come up with what I made. I also factored the price up with this so I could see how much actually costs.

2 lbs pork diced up into small pieces (farm raised about $1.50)
1 cup lentils ($.33)
1 cup pasta ($.33)
1 cup veggies( I used carrots, celery and tossed in some cut up cabbage after the fact)($.50)
2 cups rice ($.15)
(Chicken stock) ($1.00)

Total- $3.81 for 22 cups

I serve the pups 1 cup in the morning and one in the evening. So 2 cups a day times 2 dogs equals about $21.00 a month. As the dogs grow, this price most likely will be around $80.00 a month. I am shocked at how inexpensive this is.

I froze the servings 1 cup per bag and dated the bags. In the morning I take out enough for the next day.

***I must put a disclaimer that I am not a vet. My recipe is something I catered for my dogs that eliminates ingredients that I cannot pronounce let alone identify. I love that it is something I can make for pennies a day.

I spend about $20.00 a month on cat food and I am researching the how to's on making food for them too. Cats seem to require a bit more research to ensure that they receive all they need nutritionally...so I will write about this after I have completed my study on what is needed and then my testing with the cats.


mama4x said...

We used to make our dog food also. It was kale, broccoli, carrots, cottage cheese, plain yogurt, and raw eggs. We (weekly) chopped the veggies in the food processor and added the wet ingredients and kept the mix in the fridge. Each day we'd serve their portion and the eggs fresh on top. Chicken thigh and quarter (depending on dog size) if you wanted. When our dog had allergies we gave him rice and eggs.
All of our dogs loved it. Later we heard broccoli is supposed to give them gas but we never had a problem. Google "dog "BARF" diet" and you'll learn alot.

SeaMaiden said...

Gorgeous puppies! Have you looked into raw feeding? I raw feed my two. They don't get grains, fruits or vegs as part of their meal. Sometimes they get them as treats (not grains - the boy can't handle any grain).

It might be more expensive than what you are doing there depending on how much you pay for meat, but it has very little prep time. Defrost the hunk of meat and hand it to the dog. Done. Well it's a little more complicated than that since you need to make sure you get the right amounts of bone, organs and meat.

What you are feeding them now is already 10 times better than a bag of dog food.

Humble wife said...

Mamax4- thank you...Yes I have learned of the BARF method, and have a friend in town that feeds her dogs raw meat. For me, it is not something I plan on doing, although the meat costs is very low as we raise all our own meats. I confess my friend began this to reduce the poo on her small lot which it did. For us we want the smell of the dogs for the coyotes:)

Sea Maiden- yes I looked into the raw feeding but opted not too. In addition to requiring the scents of the dogs, I do not want the dogs to enjoy the raw food since w have so many almost walking raw foods for their eyes!! We want the dogs not to see the animals as food but as their job to protect.

I agree with you on the health factor, as store bought foods are like processed foods for people!!

Anonymous said...

I make my own dog food, too. Similar to yours (but no lentils). One of my dogs is allergic to wheat, so no pasta, either. I've also used beef, venison and bison as the meat base.

That said, I did two things. Initially, I bought the square plastic sandwich containers and put 13 ounces in each one, and froze them. However, they took up room in my freezer, and if the power went out...well.

So, I started canning it, instead. Since its meat based, 90 minutes at 11 pounds pressure in the pressure canner. It gets mushy, and when you open it, it has that funny dogfood smell, but they love it canned.

I usually process a dozen every Monday, with the goal of having a year's supply on hand. One jar (about 13 ounces) feeds two 50 pound dogs. It mushes down in the jar, looking like only half full, but trust me, its enough.

This year at hunting season, we plan to kill a deer and process the venison for dog food, to make it even cheaper.

Humble wife said...

Excellent tip...I like the idea of canning it and think later this year I will!

Laineyisat said...

Awesome! I can't wait for the cat food recipe... I've looked around a bit, but haven't found a homemade recipe for cats! And I love the canning idea!!! Thanks so much!!!