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Dr. Adrian Rogers 1931-2005

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Farm Life: Eggs

Our chickens are for the most part free range hens. Now we have two main coops and the hens all head to one or the other to perch each night but during the day they are scratching all over. We also have nest boxes in the main coop, and most of the hens lay their eggs in the coop, but we do have a few that lay here, there and pretty much anywhere. It is up to my daughter to locate the stray nests. If she finds a nest she marks the eggs with an X then the next day she collects any egg without an X.
Here is one of the nest, which is in one of the compost tires. It is hard to see but the three eggs on the left do have the X on them. By leaving the eggs once she finds the nest, the hen will continue to lay there so we can gather all the fresh eggs. (oh and life on the farm is fairly honest, and yes you are seeing sheep poo next to the eggs!)

Because we do gather free range eggs and there is not a freshness date on the egg, we check the freshness by what we call the Float Test. Fill the sink with cool water place the eggs in the sink and remove all eggs that float. After the Float Test we wash the eggs with basically cool water and a brush. I save the old toothbrushes for the egg cleaning.

Dry the eggs then place in a carton. I love the egg colors so much. Almost all of my life I expected white eggs from the grocery, not knowing the rainbow of colors that Chickens lay...we have green, blue, all shades of brown, white and speckled. Most important note. I mark the carton with the date. Keeps it easy knowing the date the eggs were gathered and it helps me when I want to hard boil eggs. If you are wanting to hard boil eggs allow them to sit in the refrigerator for 2 weeks so that they will be easy to peel.


WomanWhoRunsWithHorses said...

So which are freshest, the floaters or the ones that don't float? Sorry if that's a dumb question. We only have three hens and pick up all the eggs every day ...so when the carton is fall, all the eggs inside are within 7-10 days old.

Thanks in advance for educatin' me!

: )

Humble wife said...

FLOATERS are bad!! Toss them! :) HB- thank you for being so kind to me!

Ma said...

I just found a source for local eggs and after eating "grocery store" eggs all these years was quite nervous about them, but they were fine of course!

We would love to get some chickens, we still may.

Humble wife said...

Ma-I understand as I am well American. We have been told the store is good, safe and the best for us...I was nervous about the first eggs several years ago but now I am more worried about store bought eggs! By the way, I love having chickens...I think you will enjoy them too!

Anonymous said...

The eggs are awesome, and I've found that chickens are way more entertaining than TV! :)


Humble wife said...

Liz- Me too! I love the antics of the chickens, and watch out when they have a snake...it is like watching football, as every hen, rooster, and turkey will get involved trying to get the snake!!