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You cannot multiply wealth by dividing it."
Dr. Adrian Rogers 1931-2005

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Double Nickel Farm Test Answers

1. Approximately how many eggs can you expect from a mature hen in 7 days?
One approximately every 24 hours...sunlight is important as well as inclement weather.

2. What is a male goat called? How about the female?
A male is a buck and a female a doe.

3. What is a male sheep called? How about the female?
A ram and ewe.

4. Can you hard boil fresh eggs? Do you find the ease of peeling when they are fresh a bonus?
Yes you can hard boil fresh eggs...BUT I kind of set this question up, as it is very difficult to peel a fresh hard boiled egg. It is best to have the eggs in the fridge for about 2 weeks then to boil. Kind of lets you have an idea about store bought eggs now doesn't it? Although I do not have the link here, I have written before about how old eggs can be in the grocery store. Seems like near 4 months is okay.

5. How do you wash wool sheared from a sheep?
Carefully in cold water and I prefer Dawn dish soap. Do NOT scrunch the wool or it will shrink.

6. Can pumpkins thrive in New Mexico? Is there a secret about the desert and squash?
Yes!!! The Mesquite make a natural barrier and allow the pumpkins or squash to climb up and grow while protecting them from critters. Plant at the base of a Mesquite and water and enjoy! It is an incredible sight to have 20lb pumpkin growing 6 feet high among thorns!

7. What can you make with Mesquite Beans? Or do with Mesquite beans?
A coffee...or dry the bean and grind it and make a flour to make bread or tortillas. In addition the sheep and goats love the dry bean and so you can collect the beans and use to feed. Oh and if you crush the beans you can feed them to the poultry~ amazing what is under our noses.

8. How do you raise a duck in a desert climate?
Carefully!! Kidding, it is very easy to raise a duck in the desert climate. Provide a place for them to swim such as a kiddie pool as they mate best in water. Make sure you pick up as many of the Mesquite thorns are up as they have web feet.

9. What is the diet of a duck?
They love greens, grain, and any slops that come from the house...collect leaves from people in town and watch the ducks have a great day.

10. What is an easy way to identify the sex of a duck?
Look at the tail feathers of the male. The tail feathers make a little loop for a male!

11. What do chickens need to sleep at night? Ducks? Turkeys? Geese?
Chickens do best so I say need a perch at night. A simple home spun ladder works best. Ducks and geese like a ground nest and on the farm rarely sleep in the same place, except the geese during January-March. Turkeys perch high! One of our turkeys likes to sleep on our house roof!

12. Do geese lay eggs year round?
No, only from January through Marchish.

13. How do you milk a goat?
gentle but firm. It is easiest to milk a goat if you start when the doe is young and have her allow you to pet her and have her comfortable with you touching her all over. Then when she has a kid and you wean the kid, you take over and milk twice a day.

14. How do you make a simple cheese from goat milk?
Long and short by using a rennet tablet you can make a cheese that is ready to eat if you start around 8pm, by breakfast. Cheese making is far easier than many realize!

15. What do goats eat?
EVERYTHING! I really was amazed at this, as it can't really be true, right? Well it is true!

16. The care of a hoof of a sheep as well as a goat is critical, how do you care for their hooves?
We learned by googling on line and then watching a few tutorials. It is so important to maintain their hooves and clipping their hooves and keeping them clean is just like people are with nail clippers. It is awkward at first but you learn that the animal does not feel any pain, just like you don't when you clip your fingernails. In case you clip to close- Betadine is a great item in the hoof kit!

17. What do you feed a lamb or kid that has been abandoned by their mother?
Well the feed stores sell over the counter nutritional supplements. But I suggest freezing goat milk and so you can defrost mommas milk for the babes. We crossed goat milk for lambs, and I made a formula out of condensed milk with a touch of dark Karo syrup. All work well.

18. What do you feed a pig?
Lots all day long. We ended up going to the local grocery and buying a box of slops for a dollar a day and feeding him that. He loved all of our table slops but what we did not know at first was to add liquid to his food. The pig snorted all the liquid first then ate the food. Rarely did we see him drink water from his bucket. Oh and for the record uncracked eggs were his treat and he would squeal when he would find one!

19. How do you keep the flies down on the barns, pens and coops of the farm animals?
A clear two liter soda bottle cut the top off about four inches from top, invert and duct tape on. Then add a piece of raw meat and hang near the pen. The bottle opening allows for the flies to get in the bottle but they can't seem to figure out how to get out. Another way is to mist the critter with a vinegar water solution. Be careful though as cows love that smell...

20. Describe how to begin a compost pile and the steps it takes before it ends up in your garden.
Be sure to have an established place first and then start by dumping food waste manure or what ever biodegradable on the pile. Water often and after about a month it is ready to use in a garden....as long as you have been watering and turning with blade.

21. For a fire, could you make a firestarter from a toilet paper roll and lint from the dryer? If so how?
Yes, take a bit of Vasoline and use a butter knife and spread inside an empty tp roll. When finished stuff dryer lint in. This is a wonderful fire starter!

22. Using products in the kitchen can you describe what can be used instead of toothpaste, deodorant, and shampoo?
Baking soda can be used as your shampoo then use vinegar as a rinse. For toothpaste baking soda, and use apple cider vinegar as a rinse...this is powerful and invigorating. For deodorant use coconut oil, baking soda, and cornstarch- fantastic and low cost. Now these are simple and not in detail recipes. I have posted before all three of these.

23. Once again using the kitchen as your base, what can you use as a window cleaner? Or to deodorize the carpets?
I use three main products to clean my home. Vinegar, baking soda and lemon juice. For the windows a solution of water and vinegar is perfect. Baking soda sprinkled on a carpet then vacuumed deodorizes the carpet.

24. Can you make laundry soap that is with three ingredients and costs pennies, but more importantly is safe for you and the environment?
Yep! Baking soda cooked changes it into a what is called washing soda, to which you add a bar of Fels Naphta(or Zote Soap) and Borax. You then use about 2 tablespoons per wash...oh and add 1 cup of vinegar per wash and your fabric softener is taken care of. Fluffy towels and static free are all as a result of vinegar. ps who doesn't want to save all that money that is spent on laundry products?

25. What is gray~water and how can gray~water benefit a farm?
Gray water is the water that is used, say bath water, dish sink water etc. If you use natural cleaning products then your gray water is NOT toxic to plants and you can water plants outside with used or gray water.

26. Do you know how to hand wash a load of laundry? Describe the steps.
Sort, find stained clothes, prescrub. Soak in a five gallon bucket with a hint of homemade laundry soap. Using a plunger work the bucket up and down to agitate. Wring out clothes. Next step put in a five gallon bucket of water to rinse. Agitate again to work out soap. Then use a wringer or a top part of a mop bucket and squeeze water out. Sometimes two people can twist out water. Hang on clothes line!

27. Do you know how much food and water you need to survive one week of an emergency situation? List what you need, then mark the items that you actually have on hand.
This depends on how many people are in your home. I live on a minimum of 1 gallon per person of water a day not counting for bathing, hygiene etc. Food also is dependable. Food to survive and food to comfort in times of crises are far different. I suggest having some snacks and foods that are easy to prepare and comfort as well as food for long term storage. Make a list and work to have a weeks worth at home(believe me, I think you should have a minimum of six months on hand).

28. If you are coming down with a cold do you know what herbs could reduce pain or sickness?
Yes, there are, and I am not a licensed doctor so I recommend that you look into natural healing books...I have written about this one too.

29. Your power is out and you have two freezers full of food...and it seems like power will be out a long while, do you know how to preserve the food so it will not spoil? Describe what needs to be done.You can easily smoke the meat, dry the meats, as well as dry the frozen foods such as veggies etc. Pickling is an option as well as cooking it and making crumbles or canning it.

30. Do you know how to use a water bath canner, pressure canner, dehydrator, solar drying methods, chainsaw, woodstove, firepit and to be honest life with out being connected? If so jot down which ones you know how to use and what you would do if you were not connected to the world for a week? What would fill your time? Yes I know how to use them all and as I have been on this journey I have come to appreciate that home prepared foods are much more nutritious and delicious, and learning how to put up the garden is not only a benefit to us financially as well as for our health.If I had to disconnect from the world, I would fill my time here on the farm maintaining the animals taking care of my family, reading, writing, playing games with the kids and enjoying my mountain views. Take a moment and unplug today...you will be amazed at what is under your nose!

There you go. These are my answers as to what has worked for us. We were not trained as farmers or do we profess to be experts. What we claim is that we have lived this life and our training is based on hands on experience through trial and error. Nothing prepared us for the first chicken we got and we basically dove in without realizing it does take a lot of hard work and more determination to succeed in this life.

I pray that you take the time to set up a prep list on what to do in case of an emergency.

Have a wonderful day!!


Anna said...

Hi Jennifer, thought I would drop by and say HI. You have really handsome sons. I have three boys also, ages 17,14, and 12. Your daughter is a real beauty. I have two girls, ages 25 and 18. I bet the guys are really protective of their sister, right? I know mine are. Wonderful info on your blog. I had a great visit :)

Mrs.Rabe said...

So glad your son is home!

I loved reading this 'test' and am happy to report that I knew the answers to much of it!

Some of it comes from my missionary training many years ago now, but some from understanding the times and preparing myself and my family.

Humble wife said...

Hi Anna- yes the brothers are very protective of their sister!! Neat about your kids...Thank you for your visit and welcome anytime!

Mrs. Rabe- amazing how wonderful missionary training preps you in so many ways.

Shannon said...

Hi! I am new to your blog and am also a "city" girl but would one day love to live on a farm. Therefore, I didn't know the answer to many of the questions. I did, however, learn a thing or two, or three, or...!

I LOVE your quote at the top of your blog. Is the entire quote by Dr. Adrian Rogers?

I am so happy to have discovered your blog and look forward to reading more!

Humble wife said...

Hi Shannon! Yes to the quote...and I really think it is so important and that is why is has been on my blog for a good while. I welcome you and hope you enjoy your visit!