"You cannot legislate the poor into freedom by legislating the wealthy out of freedom. What one person receives without working for, another person must work for without receiving. The government cannot give to anybody anything that the government does not first take from somebody else. When half of the people get the idea that they do not have to work because the other half is going to take care of them, and when the other half gets the idea that it does no good to work because somebody else is going to get what they work for, that my dear friend, is about the end of any nation.

You cannot multiply wealth by dividing it."
Dr. Adrian Rogers 1931-2005

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Dear TSA,

While you are almost comically usurping Americans constitutional rights...I wonder what the other hand is doing?

Does anyone else wonder? Is something else being slipped by Americans while our attention is drawn away by these radical searches that are happening at our nations airports? Children being patted down. Our seniors being patted down...the disabled being stripped of limbs to prove they are without some terrorists weapon. It is so incredulous that I believe something else is going on...

Dear TSA,

You are idiots. Tact goes a long way, but you are being goaded into this vile behavior by outraged Americans and who?

In my heart, I wish it was just some kindly government agency making sure we Americans were protected, but- remember who this administration considers a treat? Not those who have a track record- but us...us pesky Americans.

ps...please read the Constitution and hone in on the Fourth Amendment.


justdifferent said...

hummm are you suggesting.. the old Bait and Switch? The art of Illusion? watch this hand and not that one? Hummm

Humble wife said...

seems like I am ;)