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You cannot multiply wealth by dividing it."
Dr. Adrian Rogers 1931-2005

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Day Trip

Yesterday Fourth and I enjoyed a day trip in Otero county New Mexico. We drove all the way to the northern part of the county and then went up to Cloudcroft, New Mexico in the afternoon.

We stopped at places that usually only tourist stop at, and really looked at our home from a visitor's eyes. We were very pleased with what we saw! This photo was taken on the west side of the tunnel to Cloudcroft looking west. See the White Sands in the background?

Here is one of the streets in Cloudcroft. It is a town that relies on tourism, but maintains the simple ways. The people are friendly and the community is lovely. Fourth and I limited ourselves to three stores this trip, as one could go crazy buying so much!

The photos are a bit out of order but enjoy the sights we saw. This is the Cloud Climbing rail line. It is on the state historical site.

Where do you buy groceries? For me the charm of this grocery is delightful!

Of course some homes up in the mountain seem to be built over air! We have tried for several years to take some good photos of these homes, but the road has no shoulder and is over a steep edge. So imagine these homes!! Fourth said to me, I don' t think that they are kid-friendly homes! If I remember correctly these homes have views of New Mexico, Texas and Mexico! So the perks of living in the clouds is pretty awesome!

This is a building in Tularosa, New Mexico. It is built with adobe brick, and you can see the new on the right side and the old on the left!

This is St. Joseph's Apache Mission in Mescalero, New Mexico. It was under repairs but we were able to appreciate this incredible mission in the mountains.

Along highway 70 on the Mescalero Apache Indian Reservation are beautiful murals painted by the Mescalero's that connect the past with the present and beyond.

Here is Tularosa shopping central!

As the photos jump around, here is the Cloudcroft tunnel!

Fourth is overlooking the Tularosa Basin...no photo can capture the incredible expanse that one feels while up in the mountains!

My day trip with Fourth was a super time for mom and daughter to create lasting memories and we were able to really appreciate our neck of the woods. Many times we desire to travel far and away, or go on a cruise to vacation-and we forget that the peace and tranquility that we seek is only a drive away. Look around your neighborhood and see what makes tourists visit...and become a tourist for a day, I promise you will be glad that you did!


Felinae said...

Beautiful scenery!

The pictures you took of Cloudcroft, they are almost the same as the pictures that I found online when we were looking at the area as a possible place to relocate to. :D Your photo of the grocery store is a better shot. :D

Thanks for sharing your area with us. It really is a beautiful state. I'm glad you and Fourth had a good Mother/Daughter day.

Humble wife said...

Aw Fel thanks. My camera is not the best(well perhaps it is the human) and the shots do an injustice to the sheer beauty. I promise the sights were even more magnificent!

ps.. I would love you all near here:)