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You cannot multiply wealth by dividing it."
Dr. Adrian Rogers 1931-2005

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Spanish Translators for Jurors in NM

No kidding. I am on this cycle for petit juror in my county for the next three months. I could not believe what I learned while I attended the seminar explaining how wonderful it was to be a juror and practice my civic duty as an American. Several people were provided with headphones and were part of the new program recently launched in New Mexico, that provides interpreters for members of juries.

These folks are Spanish speakers and NM has decided that it is only fair that the jury can hear the trial in their native language. New Mexico is very careful to make sure that even the jury is politically correct, as they now are:
Providing key juror documents in Spanish and English, including the New
Mexico Jury Orientation Video

In New Mexico, you can not be asked for identification when you register to vote.
Jurors in New Mexico are pooled from voter registration, DMV, and tax records.

Do you think that perhaps, just perhaps, some of these wires were crossed and that some who may not be citizens are emboldened enough to sit on juries?

I have news for you, I find it impossible to believe that in the United States of America the jury is now able to hear a trial in a language other than English.

Arizona is a state we all need to stand with and support...as this is crazy. Oh and I have not been selected yet to sit on a jury...and if I do, I wonder can I really focus on the case with my fellow jurors not able to carry on a conversation in English?


WomanWhoRunsWithHorses said...

What a fine mess we've made of things in this country! I'm all for bi-lingual (Spanish-English being my preference) but emphasis on the 'bi' part! English should be half of the equation no matter what other language is spoken. So if NM provides interpreters for the jurors in the courtroom, it stands to reason that those interpreters are going to have to be in the jury room as well ...which will make the deliberation process considerably longer. Petit jurors in Texas are drawn from the same pools (dmv, voter registraion & tax rolls) but one of the qualifications required is the ability speak and understand English. I agree with you regarding AZ. I hope TX stands with them in whatever comes.

Humble wife said...

HB- Of course I think we should be able to speak more than one language but I absolutely agree that we should be able to speak and understand English to sit on a jury...and Texas will stand with Arizona, but I have no doubt New Mexico will NOT. Sad and troubling times we live in.

Anonymous said...

We must be the laughing stalk of the world. What other country would do this?

Humble wife said...

Anonymous, I could not agree more.

Pam said...

a slippery slope we are going down way too fast. My husband is a LEGAL immigrant and guess what? He thinks it ridiculous how his new country, the USA, is following the path which will take them down to the level of the many countries many of our immigrants chose to leave!

Humble wife said...

Pam-same with my in-laws. Folks did not come here to live like they did in their home countries. Most have come here for the ideals set many many years ago...that we are rapidly chipping away.