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You cannot multiply wealth by dividing it."
Dr. Adrian Rogers 1931-2005

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Refresh Your Page UJ!

Otherwise titled Saturday Snapshots!!

Note the chicks in the pen...can you see how misshapen the cage is and how the feed is all over?

Reason #1...

Reason #2
Enough Said!

By the way for those who are concerned about the chicks, here is what happens when everyone grows up! Jericho(the cat) is dining with Tim(the rooster) and a few of Tim's wives.

This is Deep Freeze, as you can see we have a pretty big task ahead of us to get her out of shape for the freezer! Deep Freeze has better horns than Beef Stew did, and I cannot wait to, well~ tan her hide!

Third's birthday was held at north of our house in an amazing rolling~hills area. This is Third in his paintball garb.

If some one was out of paint balls or had been shot, they raised their arm to let everyone know that they were out!

The area that we paintball is remote and has collected debris over time! No problem for the teams, as this old pallet has become a great blockade!

Every *kid* loves a wagon!

Ireland, I am coming home!(or goat haven on Double Nickel, NM)

How do you like the murals on the Double Nickel?

Breathtaking aren't they?

My mountain...amazing and explains why I live where I do...doesn't it?


Felinae said...

Beautiful photos, the sky is amazing with it's colors. I've always thought that the colors in the Southwestern skies were the prettiest.

Hehehe, the cats getting along with the chickens is cute.

Thanks for sharing, Jen. :)


Humble wife said...

Hiya Fel! Yes I agree that the southwestern skies are mega lovely! And you should know about the kitties- and how sweet they are:) Thanks for the visit Fel!

Kymber said...

oh Jen - those pictures leave me breathless and wanting to move to NM - is that place next to yours still for sale?!?!?!?!?

and can you please share with the rest of us how you happen to have the best-looking, fun-loving, intelligent kids on the planet??? like some of us would really like to know your secret madame!!!!

all of our love to you and yours always eh?

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

Ah now I so did enjoy that visit with all it's wonderful pictures.

Humble wife said...

Hey Kymber long time heya! Place is STILL EMPTY and needs good peeps in it!

Thanks for the kind words about my goofs, I sure am attached to them:)
Same to you and your cutie pie!!!

Michelle I am so glad that you visited as it has made my day!

CV said...

The sky is just amazing out your way!

Love to see what you are all up to out there on the Double Nickel!

Humble wife said...

CV- yes I agree about the sky! Thank you for stopping by!

Ina said...

What gorgeous pictures!

I love the cat and the chickens dining together! And am glad the baby chicks are safe!

Thanks for sharing.

Humble wife said...

Ina- thank you for stopping by! Yes the baby chicks are safe regardless of cat 1 and cat 2 desire! Have a great week!

Homestead State of Mind said...

Wow, great photos all! I love the cat and the chickens eating together :-)