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You cannot multiply wealth by dividing it."
Dr. Adrian Rogers 1931-2005

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Food Find

Third went up to the mountains yesterday to work at the apple orchard we worked at last year. While up there his boss told him that the asparagus grows wild and that Third should take home some for the family!
I am very excited as I found a recipe here to try. Third goes back up the mountain tomorrow and I am hoping he will be able to bring home some more asparagus for me to can! I shared before a recipe using asparagus with ham here. Asparagus is a wonderful food to use and quite tasty too.

Make something delicious with asparagus today!

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Anonymous said...

Love, love, love asparagus. Weirdly, I just discovered it this past year. Now I can sit and eat 20 stalks at a time, easy.

I wanted to thank your for your comment and your kind offer of info (on my blog)!

Actually we do already live in New Mexico, in Albuquerque on the West Side. We're working with a realtor in Los Cruces on that parcel of land we want and are hoping we can get it this year, early '11 at the latest. We're hoping the one we tried for last year hasn't sold yet. Hope, hope.

I'm so happy to see another New Mexican in the Homestead blogs! My Mom was born and raised in NM and has a lot of land in the Dora area. I'm going to go through your whole blog this week and enjoy all of your posts. Nice to meet you!

Humble wife said...

Katie- well woohoo, another New Mexican!! I am glad to hear that you will be in the area in a year or so!

Funny about asparagus, as I was the same way, for me, I never tried it until recently- as it just "looked" nasty-lol:)

Well I am glad you "found" me and vise versa as homestead we are!

sharon said...

Asparagus is wonderful. I dont even "DO" anything to it. I steam it and add just a touch of butter when I take it out or a very little lemon juice. Its even good when young and tender just raw. My kids and I eat it straight out of the fridge when left over steamed too for a snack. I would LOVE to go out and find it on the ditch banks wild again.

Humble wife said...

Sharon- I hope Third brings some more down to share with my friends!!

Anonymous said...

We like to blanch it, then cut into 1" pieces and stir fry them with a little bit of onion and halved grape or cherry tomatoes. I bet it tastes great grown wild like that!

Humble wife said...

Superjen- what a great idea...I am going to try that next! thanks:)