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You cannot multiply wealth by dividing it."
Dr. Adrian Rogers 1931-2005

Monday, April 19, 2010

Dear Mom, Letters from Afghanistan

Dear Mom,

To answer some of the questions you asked, here goes: yes Nick* and I are in the same tent, as are a few others that both you and dad met when you visited NY. Pretty much everyone in the tent is "high speed" so all is great!

About the box...LOVED IT! Everyone did in fact! The limon packets were good so definitely send more of those please. Oh and the flavor things that you sent to add to a water bottle- super as all we have to drink is water in the bottles. Hi- C was the best:) What would I like in a box? pens a few, razors, and let's see....a pillow!!! repeat....a pillow!

I love Tom Clancy and anything that will keep my mind busy...but we have limited space so slow and steady as I can read what you send then pass it on.


We call the Afghanistan people local nationals. Their housing is basic. From what I have seen they build their houses out of whatever materials they can find, clay, sheet metal, leftover plywood, and I even saw old ruins that some were living in. To me it looks like old time from the movies...even hundreds of years old time.

I see many Afghan men when they work at our camp working jobs that are supervised... but have not seen one Afghan woman, yet that is to be expected. It is a way different culture in regards to women here. There are lots of kids around the gates and they are like the children we saw every time we crossed the border(in the border towns of Mexico) as they are asking for handouts. "Misser, misser, let me get you a botta of wata," they call to us. If we give eye contact then the only word said is "Candy!" These kids try and trade anything and everything. Pretty ambitious even though it is a bit frustrating. By the way they are all little boys, no little girls.

later again--

I was able to met a German general on base the other day. Pretty amazing is all I can say, and will share more later.

I have not tried any local foods yet, but I am going to try some soon at the local bazaar. Our mess hall(Defac) is open 24 hours so that is a plus(I guess) but the foods are the same old same old, so thanks for the misc fun snacks you sent.

I love you all and can't wait for you know the PILLOW:0)

On Bill's Facebook wall April 8 2010:
SOOOOOO........not even two weeks and I'm dark and amazingly sexy, even more sexy then before. I call it Mr Bill 2.0

Dear Bill,

First off, love the Facebook wall note! I am so grateful that you maintain a positive outlook on life! We are so glad that you do!

Thank you for answering all the questions and filling us in on what is going on. Love to hear that all is well and that you have a wonderful group of bunk mates.

We are all doing well here, missing the Bill 2.0 version to no end but know that every time we write a note we are one week closer to your return home. For Blogland I am going to share something about you that many may not know:

Bill began taking part time jobs since he was 12 years old. First he bagged ice for a local grocery store, then he took a job as a busboy and moved up from there. His mom and dad kind of helped him save his money and allowed him to spend 10% and give 10% to church. He was able to buy his first car in 2007, just around the time he turned 18 years old.
Here is Bill, pleased as can be with his Sunfire. Kind of a sporty cool looking first car isn't it? Bill is and always been a hard working young man that makes his dad and I very proud. As his mom, I wanted to share with you that behind the uniform our troops have real stories, real lives. That is why I really wanted to begin this feature on my blog to share Bill with blog world. He is not too far removed from being a teenager but stands tall for our nation.

Thank you all for stopping by dear readers, and my dear sweetie William the Great, we love you!
Dad, Mom Second Third and Fourth

ps pillow should be there as I type.
pps...since I now have your old cell phone number and forgot to change the ring tone, Grammie Dee wants me to tell you thank you for allowing her" to please enjoy the music why your party is reached(the song is a hip hop song-lol)


Jackie said...

Keep those letters coming! I enjoy hearing from your son! What a joy he must be to you.

Humble wife said...

Jackie- thanks, he is! This is a bit of therapy for me to be able to share him, takes my mind off other things.