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You cannot multiply wealth by dividing it."
Dr. Adrian Rogers 1931-2005

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Saturday on the Farm

It has been awhile since I updated what is going on here on the farm. So here is a day on the farm:
Newly planted Mcintosh Apple Tree becomes public bath for the birds! Three trees...should be the new name of the farm as we now have three trees and a zillion mesquite bushes. The chickens thought that they were in heaven with the upturned dirt and coolness left by a slow watering(of the tree) as they were taking dusting baths. No they are not dead although the one in the front looks a bit like she is.

Cats under the truck cover resting on some drywall that will become an archway and wall between the dining room and the family room. Cats names- Jethro on the left and Jericho on the right(each of the kids kept a kitten from the two litters born on the farm...Second picked and named Jethro(NCIS) and First picked and named Jericho.
Freckles is broody and has about 8 eggs under her. I cannot wait to see if we have any ducklings this year on the farm.(ps I love freckled animals!!!)

This is Colonel Sanders and a few of his harem enjoying a dusting bath. He keeps watch over his mini flock!
This is Miss Scarlet. She no longer lays any eggs, but some birds have been granted amnesty and have become part of the farm and will die a natural death!

My arch nemesis Krut...(yes he and I have had many episodes, and I remind him how I cannot wait to boil off those lovely feathers and prepare him for a fantastic Thanksgiving dinner. We have an amazing young Tom ready to take over so his days are numbered)

My best friend George...

Playground for goats Lottie on the tire and Roey in front(Roey is one month old).

Another photo of the playground...the "kids" love it!

This is Tim...as Tim our friend gave him to us so we can breed Ameraucana's.

Petra almost 2 months old

Newest twins almost a week old

Obed the ram is 1 today!! Woohoo Happy Birthday Obed! (beside Obed is Martha)
What's in your dishrack?

Tom fight the gray cat is a stray taking on Jericho...boy the squeals we heard!

That is it for today. Have a wonderful Saturday~



Donna said...

Pictures that present a slice of life on your homestead.

Mrs.Rabe said...

That is a lot of eggs!

Humble wife said...

Donna yes, a most simple slice, for sure!

Donna- no kidding, and that is for two days!!

Felinae said...

Thanks for sharing your pics, HW. I truly enjoy seeing life on your farm. Those little twins are sure cute. :)


Memories for a Lifetime said...

Wish I lived near---I would LOVE to visit you!!!

Thanks for the peek into your life!!

Please email me and let me know if your kids or you have facebook.

Humble wife said...

Fel- thankyou for stopping by, and oh yes the twins are adorable! We are thinking that they will be Jacob and Esau-and although we will be selling them, I needed to name them.

Pat- I would so love you to visit! Thank you for stopping by and yes the kids and I are on FB...I will let you know our identities there!

Glenn B said...

Spting is certainly on its way.

What kind of a duck is freckles, never saw one that looked anything close for the coloration/pattern.

Someday you will have to have me over for an omelette.

All the best,

Humble wife said...

Yes Glenn it is! Freckles is a mix of who knows what because the broody momma may not have been the one that laid the egg. She is part Rouen and ??? lol

As to an omelet- how about home grown steak and eggs? Our someday plans seem to be leaning towards a bed and breakfast or something of the sort...as the farm has allowed us to dream again! So don't think small, think of an incredible homemade meal of all Double Nickel Farm foods!