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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Early Start on the Farm: Updated

Introducing the first birth on the farm for 2010! It is a female and she was born around 2:30am!
This wee one is the third birth on the farm this year and the second live kid. From 6:45 am until around 8:15 Paint(the mama) struggled with number two. Nervously switching hats, I assisted turning the kid...it was stillborn. But the moment #2 was out the next one delivered beautifully!

Paint cleaning the third one up, and see the cutie in the background? If you note the plywood- this pen is the birthing pen but we were not done yet, and the little one was going through the fencing so the teens put up the plywood at o'dawn thirty to keep the kids in the pen. We have been slowly but surely overhauling all the pens and building new. All we need to remedy the fence issue(as it is field fence) is to buy smaller hole fencing to keep the kids in the birthing pen. But this is all a learning curve for sure, and I did think many times this morning-boy I am in way over my head!

Paint has been a wonderful goat-she is a pygmy LaMancha mix and she did fantastic this morn. For me, I can honestly say that I was praying Bill would not have gone to work, but Second was an incredible moral support for me(I am pretty creeped out by blood etc) and I was able to turn the second kid so it would deliver. As I post the pictures I am pleased that things are ok even though we lost one of the three.

By the way the first born I think we are going to name Petra! It just so happens that my brother Pete was born on this day 45 years ago-what other name could I pick?

Happy Birthday Pete!

Here's some more photos of the new kids on the farm!

Paint and Petra

Paint and little guy

The kids actually romping around!

Cute aren't they?


Jamie @ Woodside Gardens said...

My husband is not happy that I read this post, because he knows that I want goats also, and pictures like this just make it that much worse!

Felinae said...

Congratulations, Jen!

They are adorable.


WomanWhoRunsWithHorses said...

Adorable! Congratulations on the new additions. You're off to a good start this year!

Joanne said...

Yes, baby goats are SO CUTE! Our friends have several goats and a lot of kids ... I could spend hours watching them play. (if I had hours to spare!)

In Christ,

Adirondackcountrygal said...

Ahhhhh, so cute!

Vickie said...

Extremely cute!!! look like little dominoes!