"You cannot legislate the poor into freedom by legislating the wealthy out of freedom. What one person receives without working for, another person must work for without receiving. The government cannot give to anybody anything that the government does not first take from somebody else. When half of the people get the idea that they do not have to work because the other half is going to take care of them, and when the other half gets the idea that it does no good to work because somebody else is going to get what they work for, that my dear friend, is about the end of any nation.

You cannot multiply wealth by dividing it."
Dr. Adrian Rogers 1931-2005

Friday, July 31, 2009

Rubbing Shoulders

Little Parker


Just a few family members I have seen thus far on the trip...

A few more to go

Peter~Victoria~ Peter~ Parker

Then off to the farm family

Who made this trip possible... missing you lots

Thursday, July 30, 2009


On my travels I have had a chance to stop by the childhood home my mother lived in and even the childhood home I grew up in!
This is the home my mother lived in nearly 70 years ago! It is absolutely beautiful!

This is the home I grew up in. I opted not to go up the lane and take closeup photos as so much time has passed~ I would never have guessed that the trees would have grown so much!
These trees were planted after the Blizzard of '78 and when I married were up to my waist. It looks like a forest now, and honestly I would have driven by the place had I not had my sister drive me(thanks Cathy:)


Sunday, July 26, 2009

Fort Drum New York

I am here...I traveled to Fort Drum, New York...a wonderful long drive, to visit my oldest son! I have been here since Thursday spending time with my oldest, seeing his new home and world that he now lives in. It has been amazing on so many levels to visit, as he is a man, and is the age his dad was when I married.

Our soldiers that live in the barracks(at least here) are young- under 25, and are so normal. It was like going into my sons rooms at home. The troops have posters up, and TVs, game systems, and well~ guy mess, but the thing that resonates the most with me is the youthfulness. When I went to my son's room his roommate was playing Connect Four(a board game)...and they all were goofy to the fact that Bill's mom came to see him and brought lots of stuff from home. It was like Christmas for everyone around as they helped carry up stuff and then laughed and looked at what I brought. Fourth made brownies for her big brother- which then was shared by all...they loved the home made goodies!

But I was reflective when I left that first day to go to the base hotel. I realized that these young folks are the heart of our land. I was humbled at how they are from every corner of the nation and that they are still crossing over to adulthood although they are men. I met many that had been to Iraq or Afghanistan more than once and I truly have no words. These troops are not harping and moaning because a cop showed up at a professors home(which by the way was the job that the policeman should do)- no these soldiers are wearing the uniform so that we have the rights of law enforcement...and even the right to act like a fanatical nut---and then suggest that your behavior is because of racism...Our troops since the formation of our land have been the paving stones to all of the rights we enjoy so much. Ponder that as you think about the case I just wrote about. No one has executed the professor or for that matter the police officer- other countries citizens are not as fortunate.

I spent last evening at a young couple's home on base. They too seem so young and innocent- yet the weight of our nation sits upon their shoulders . They carry this weight willingly, and for the most part quite happily. I am so impressed with everyone I have met on this trip and have no words except thanks to all of our troops worldwide- I am a very grateful American.

Fort Drum, New York is on the northern border of the United States and for me, a southwestern gal that lives on the southern border of the United States, I have been speechless often. The green here is so vibrant and bright. Although I grew up in Ohio it has been nearly 2 decades since I really have seen such a climate.

The base, to me, is also one incredible nature reserve, as I have seen wild turkeys everywhere, deer even in the daylight-

And yesterday I stopped the vehicle and pulled over and took pictures of a porcupine that had just leisurely crossed the road. I am amazed at the beauty of everything no matter where I am!
This critter was a bit bigger than our cats- and totally made my day!

Oh and I miss these goofs

~And my heart is with this sweetie~

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I Am Here(so far)

Passed this sign earlier today.

Now I am here...can't wait until morn to pass the St. Louis Arch!
My favorite blogger is from here...Gateway Pundit!
Still heading east tomorrow.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Shop Class

Homeschooling elective: Automotive class
Credits: 1
Teacher: Dad
1965 Ford F100
Cost: three sons each putting money in(less than one hundred dollars per son)
Homeschooling: priceless in the binding of knowledge, brothers, and a relationship with dad!!

* more post coming- On way to east coast...

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Saturday on the Farm

We have had fairly great weather since we were flooded so we had been playing clean-up more than projects, until we put up the poles to the gate the other day. Last night the boys 'set' the poles so they are all straight up and down!

Here are Ruth and Obed in a repaired pen. If you remember Obed has the heart on his side(click here to see it- as he would not allow me to get a recent picture). I must confess that I really love the sheep. During the flooding, while the men were helping get the birds taken care of the sheep were very distressed. So I stood in the middle of the flooding(16" water) and sang to them to calm them. It took about two minutes before all of them were up against my side and they stopped baaing. I was humbled to realize that me being there was very calming to them.

After the monsoon season last year(which was nothing compared to this year) we were amazed to discover that a tossed pumpkin(with seeds) took off and began growing in the mesquite. This year, I decided to see if I tossed many seeds from the squash family among the mesquite~ what would happen? Well lookie here:If you enlarge this picture you can see the muck look of everything except the squash plant(I think that these are watermelon). The mesquite became a natural trellis for the pumpkin plants and I was certain that this would work...but am tickled to death that it is! Every time we have eaten any farmers market squash or melon, I have had the kids take the seeds and toss them. We have many seedlings growing around the property and hurray! No worries to what they are... we will be able to identify what is what when they get bigger!

This is what we are paying for diesel, which impacts our Saturday on the farm, as we haul garbage to the dump and pick up hay on Saturdays. I am grateful it is not near where it was last year, but I know times are coming where fuel will go high very soon. Today in the loop of garbage and hay, we dropped off the billy goat we traded for post holes dug. Our friend needed a few days to prepare a pen for the goat, and since we were headed that way we delivered him.

Back l-r: Oatmeal~Molasses bread, dinner rolls
Front l-r: bagels, sourdough bread

Here is some of what I baked today(the rest was eaten before I was able to capture the complete photo!). Aside from the sourdough bread, everything else was new for me today. I have been slowly learning how to make a variety of breads these past few years, and if we like it, I work to master it, or if not- I do not make it again. Everything was a thumbs up, so I will practice these for the next month or so. I believe I will enter the Oatmeal Molasses bread in the fair...as my entry in the leavened breads. One loaf of the Oatmeal Molasses bread, two bagels and two rolls did not escape the quick hands of the members of Double Nickel family!

Well that is what is happening, except once again I have discovered a rogue picture as I uploaded the pictures on the computer...Once again my goofball kids bring a smile to my face. They really make being a mom an easy thing to be!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Monsoon Season Skies

We are nearing the close of monsoon season and as bad as it has been this year for the farm, it also has been magnificent .

Impressive puff or plume of clouds behind the mountain.

Storm racing to the farm darkens the skies.

The arrival of the storm...

The beauty in the fury of the upcoming storm.

A Farm~ A Farm

We have lived on this small corner of the world for nearly 2 years and until today I almost believed that we were not "really" farmers, but pretenders. No shock that we are in a hands on learning mode in every situation, which probably has added to my insecurity as a real farmer! But today our farm has taken great steps to me seeing the vision we had when we began the farm... funny though- it wasn't the 100 plus chickens we have or the turkeys, or geese, or ducks or sheep or goats, or even milking the goats, collecting the eggs, and the lovely garden...that made me cross the mental threshold. No, it was these holes that did it.

Deep holes that required much more time and labor than we really wished to exert...

These tools would have taken many hours to accomplish the transformation...

Surprise- for the trade of a male goat, a friend exchanged post holes for our gate. The flooding already caused us to revamp fencing so we thought now is the time.

Here will be the gate to our lane. No the poles are not secured yet, but don't they look nice? Now do you see why I feel that the farm has taken on the look? The kids liked that the poles are all leaning the same way! I like that the entrance to the farm is coming to fruition! I look forward to the final step to the entrance gate... a hand-painted sign that says: Double Nickel Farm!!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Small Town American Parade: Part 3

The local theater is putting on High School Musical this August, and for the parade they performed.

On the farm we are pretty excited as one of our sons is in the play and another is part of the back stage crew.

Second is on the float holding the stereo

Third is in the play and is smiling at his mom!

In this picture Third is performing with the rest of those in the play. They performed for the entire parade, and then in front of the parade judges(it was very muggy and HOT). We will find out if they won later tonight or tomorrow.

I pray all the readers of the Double Nickel Farm have had a wonderful and safe Independence Day.

Small Town American Parade: Part 2- Tea Party Float

There were a few in the sidelines that shouted "he is your president too". Tea Party supporters acknowledge that Obama is president. We just want him to uphold the Constitution, not walk on it.

Small Town American Parade: Part 1

In small town America we have maintained our values and still love this great land.
The Color Guard begins our parade

Color guard passing.

We never forget those who have paid dearly for our nation.

Motorcycles and bikes turn to show the red, white and blue.

Patriotic Floats all day.

As a western town we can never have too many horses!

We have sent many sons and daughters to answer Uncle Sam's call.

Scout troops still have reverence for the flag.

First Responders bring out the oldie trucks!

God is still welcome in our town.

Stay tuned for Parts 2 and 3- The local Tea Party and My sons in the parade.

Friday, July 3, 2009

My Birthday Gift to America

This is a birthday post to my beloved country. I cannot ever remember not understanding that you were anything less than spectacular. Your flag and anthem make my heart soar. When I was in third grade we celebrated your Bi-Centennial...and I learned the fifty states in alphabetical order to music. I was so happy and our class did so well. "Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas..."

I was born in the south, grew up in the Midwest, lived in several states, before settling in the southwest. I collect rocks from every state I have passed through, you know I am a rockhound at heart.

I have collected magnets with my children of the states too...they have fallen in love with you also. My husband was the first in his family to be born on American soil, and therefore he was given an all American name- William and because we Americans are fond of nicknames has been Bill his whole life.

My oldest and youngest were born on US soil and the middle two sons were born in Germany- but are American citizens because my husband served you in the military.

Your natural wonders have astounded me at the same time humbled me. The Grand Canyon, the Rockies, the Smokey Mountains, the rivers, the Gulf, and on and on...I am so thankful that I know in my lifetime I will never see everything, and I will always have a simple trip to learn more about you.

You grew as your population grew, and many gave all to trek north, south, east and west. There have been Forty-Niners, and Sooners, cowboys and Indians, immigrants and those who have been here as long as time began, yet we are all under your flag and share this land.

I love you America- thank you for your seas to shining seas, I have felt safe and secure from each coast to the north and south border...you have covered me as a mother hen covers her chick.

So for this birthday, I wish to give you something back. I wish to give you a promise, that I will stand for you and the Founding documents that have made you so great. I am not a citizen of the world but an American and I will always love you. I will never forget that you have provided freedom to so many, nor will I stand idly by while the few try so hard to bring you down. I thank God for the 42 years I have spent as an American citizen and I am so thankful for the tremendous freedoms and liberties that I have.

Happy Birthday America

Welcome Gateway Pundit Readers

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Oasis After the Flooding

The cleanup continues. This is a picture from my cell phone and oops my finger is in the way a bit! If you look at the bucket above my finger you can see the sludge we have been dealing with. These dishes were around the barnyard for feeders for the various animals-all were piled up along a fence broken and beat up. The sled was in the duck pen as a pool- it is cracked and off to the dump.

What is a bit refreshing about the flooding is this: we began this farm life and jumped in guessing what we wanted. Now we have learned so much and are getting a chance to modify things the way we now know will be most efficient. I feel like we have a clean slate to start some things all over. The chickens are in heaven because of all the worms and bugs! Some of the goats and sheep ended up in new pens and therefore have new places to forage! Often things that seem terrible and overwhelming long term become a benefit- and after the initial crisis rays of sunshine begin shining through.

Oh and a bit ray of sunshine for me today- my garden is looking like a jungle- or should I say an oasis in the desert(pictures soon coming, need to run into town for batteries sometime soon!)