"You cannot legislate the poor into freedom by legislating the wealthy out of freedom. What one person receives without working for, another person must work for without receiving. The government cannot give to anybody anything that the government does not first take from somebody else. When half of the people get the idea that they do not have to work because the other half is going to take care of them, and when the other half gets the idea that it does no good to work because somebody else is going to get what they work for, that my dear friend, is about the end of any nation.

You cannot multiply wealth by dividing it."
Dr. Adrian Rogers 1931-2005

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Meet Zane Gray

Beware cuteness ahead~

Meet Zane Gray...

Isn't he adorable?

Yes, in times where every day we are shocked about something else in the news, I thought I would take a moment and share a bit of sunshine from New Mexico!! Oh and I guess you can tell I like a certain author!

My Gang

Hi all! I am back and will try to make the rounds to say hello! I am sorting through photos etc, and must just say we had a lovely time with our oldest. He is safe and settled in his new duty station. He is far from us, and on the border of Canada- Uncle Sam is funny that way- take the kid from the desert and send him to a place where snow covers a BUS!!! I am certain he will enjoy everything as life is exciting and it is great to be alive!

We went bowling on base the other day...in the morning(so no one was there but us!)...so here is my Gang!

I always have called my kiddos my Gang of Goofs! They decided to pose in character...yes, gang of goofs will be the only gang that they are ever in!(Left to right-Third, First(Bill), Second, Fourth)
fyi- Fourth is taller than me!

Have a wonderful day!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Friends I was up all night expecting my baby. I know I implied one thing, but my baby arrived a bit ago... Please welcome

My all grown up US Army soldier(baby) who graduated YESTERDAY from AIT and flew in this afternoon... He was selected as his class's Honor Graduate, and I for one will always anticipate their visits home as a mother awaiting the birth of a baby. Yes it may have seemed awful for me to post like I did in the previous post- but I will always be an expectant mother of my cuties. They are the best a mother could ask for and of course I am bursting at the seams with pride. Will you forgive me?

Here are two of my babies. Fourth is wearing a shirt that says " Welcome Home Bill!" I remember when we lived in Germany and my husband was in the military, and Little Bill would put on his daddy's boots and salute everyone. My how time flies! In a few months he will be the age his dad was when we married!

Here is Second talking to First(Bill) as the plane was coming to the gate..
Here is a better shot of Fourth in the shirt! She won this XXXL shirt over the summer last year, and as you can see it is a tent and had no use- until we all came up with such a NEAT IDEA to welcome Bill home. This is so fun and I know it made Bill smile to see we are GLAD he is home!

Here is Third overly excited that Bill is home!!!(this photo is a surprise photo- do you ever have ones like this? You download your pictures and find a hideaway on the end???Third has several hats on a bike helmet and a piece of duct tape on his forehead. I wonder which of my babies "had the pleasure of taking this photo!")

Now you can see why I love my role as a mother so much!

Have a great day.

When you are over 40

You know when you are over forty you often refrain from telling anyone you are expecting a baby for a good long time...

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Look what my mother got for her birthday:

My oldest just graduated from AIT today in Maryland and was then able to swing over to my mom's(Grammie's) and have a wonderful dinner with my mom, two of my sisters, one of their husbands and a cousin! How neat is that? For the record, today(April 14th) is both my mother's birthday and my mother-in-law! So Happy Birthdays go out to Nevada and Maryland from New Mexico.

This is an earlier photo of my son. When he emails me photos I will update the post. Oh and big news for tax day on the Double Nickel Farm. Stay tuned for EXCITING times ahead!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Spring is in the air~

The post office called today and and told me my order from McMurray Hatchery was in. It was a good shipment as only one little chick died. The hatchery gives one rare chick(straight run) for free with every order so no loss in # totals. I do not believe the rare one died, but at this point we are trying to figure out exactly what we have, as we ordered an assortment of brown egg layers/heavy birds. The hatchery then fills our order with any extras from orders! We find this an exciting way to learn about new breeds and to have a colorful flock!

The kittens have opened their eyes! This one is saying hello to all Double Nickel Farm readers!

The farm is bursting with busy-ness...building projects, kitties, puppies, lambs, kids, turkey chicks(two weeks old), Barred Rock chicks(two weeks old) chickidoodles a week old, chickidoodles a day old, and still nests being *set on* of Black Spanish turkeys, mixed chicks, geese, and ducks...and the gardens are being added to- so let me catch my breath!

Have a wonderful week

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Under Construction

I will be changing things around here so things may look different for a bit!

Friday, April 10, 2009

What's Good About Friday?

And the sun was darkened, and the veil of the temple was rent in the midst. Luke 23:45

We were made debt free...because of the Blood of Jesus.

Another chickidoodle has hatched!

First Steps

My sons filmed the actual chick breaking free of the egg! It was truly a neat thing to witness.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Feel free to share that you understand:UPDATED

My post about my dad...HERE became fodder for a blogger that says he doesn't understand. Perhaps my friends and readers who do understand could jump over and let him know why you get it about the sacrifice of that our military makes. Here is the link.

Thank you so much

UPDATE: The blogger altered his post in feigned confusion, as if my posed question at the end was not to be answered. What really happened was what always happens. The left uses something to push their political agenda, and if someone stands up to point out the shallowness or complete void of emotions, they retreat...oops sorry I was wrong. But- the knife then is twisted with a slightly different move. Now this blogger brings Pat Tillman up, and coverups, as if HE GENUINELY HAS ANY COMPASSION OR CONCERN. Remember this...he is not worried about the death of my father or any soldier. This was completely a post about the MILITARY and THAT THE US MILITARY IS AGGRESSIVE and BULLIES....and therefore he will never get it.

ONCE again he is the defender of the what if's...POOR Jennifer- if the politically leaders weren't pushing an agenda, your dad would be alive, as the US WRONGLY(INSERT once again) bullied poor defensive nations- just as we are post 9-11. He is suggesting that POOR pat Tillman gave up $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ for a misguided sense of honor-JUST TO be killed in a situation that requires a cover-up...

I guess his post is the closest he will ever get to understanding that he will never get it. Some will always stand and protect. Then there will be many who will boldly suggest that the freedoms and securities enjoyed CAME FROM THIN AIR.


I am NO LONGER pretending that the LEFT believes in the Constitution as it was written.

Thursday Thoughts!

I am glad that my kids are older, because if they weren't, by the end of the day I might end up being so tired that I would feed them like the rest of the critters on the farm!

Scroll down

Have a great day!

42 Years Ago Today

Forty two years ago today my dad was killed in Vietnam. I cannot ever forget this day, even though I never knew him, as he was killed 2 months before I was born.

I am almost 14 years older than he was when he was killed.

He left behind a wife of almost 8 years, five children and one soon to be born.

Dad's firstborn son's firstborn son is 28 this year, the very age dad was when he was killed(dad's namesake continued the legacy and passed dads name on one more generation).

My siblings and I combined have 15 children and so far one brother is a grandfather of 3...so dad missed his six children and 18 grand and great grandchildren.

Next year my parents should be celebrating their 50th anniversary.

But they are not.

My husband served this nation and I supported him even though I understood. Bill understood and understands what is required.

My own son now wears the uniform. He understood what price is sometimes expected, personally. Yet he understands what America is and what is required.

My brother served this nation. He understood and understands.

In times that we live in where our own president seems not to understand, we countrymen understand. Don't we?

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

"B" Day

Bill...my Bill

Babies... my babies 1997

Bashful Behind Brothers...my daughter(although this is not the name I would call her...Happy would be her name) Funny I look at this photo and know these brothers would stand in front of her for anything.

Braces...no more for these two! Finally 3 down one to go.

Best Buddies...Gus, Bandit and Shawn

Bible...must be opened to read.

Baking today...

Baby named...Let's see father Boaz, mother Ruth...introducing Obed!

Birthday for Third(on left) 9 months 11 days younger than Second(on right)
Before...last year Third on right, Second on left.

Bounty...we had a cold spell and lost some squash. But we still have many blessings in our garden.

That's it for the b-utiful day we are having today. I am Busy with preparing for spring, and of course the Babies we have been Blessed with. Have a blessed day finding b-utiful things to be thankful for.

Oh and my precious Third? Dad and I love you so very much. When the doctor brought you to me in the German hospital I was captivated. They had you dressed in a little red sleeper and to this date I love seeing you wear red. We are so proud of you and admire the man you are becoming. Have a wonderful 16th year...we love you.

Bye- Bye...the end!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Pardon the Closure

I have been trying to remedy a problem with my blog and so I closed it for a bit. I apologize for any confusion as I was not trying to make anyone feel as though I excluded them from reading about life on the Double Nickel Farm.

As to comments, that is part of the problem, so I will be posting comments from this point forth. I also have seen the emails and comments on Pen of Jen.

To those I have sent the bibles to I pray that they have been received and if you still visit feel free to leave me a DO NOT PUBLISH comment so I know. To the others who I have sent the packages to, I pray that they have arrived and that all is well:)

I was not going to say anything but I have decided once again to remind those who have some problems with this humble life I am sharing, that is fine, but if you wish to have me publish your comment it MUST not contain crude language.

Once again please excuse the closure, and the reconstruction of the site that will be happening. Take care and have a wonderful Holy Week.

By the way the spring gardens and new turkeys have been keeping things pretty busy. Here is a *peek* at a new farm critter!
This is a Black Spanish Turkey peeking out. Our midget turkey that we pardoned at Thanksgiving is a "broody hen" and she once we saw her broodiness, we added the Black Spanish eggs. So far three of the turkeys have hatched, one died and we have two in the house with 5 Barred Rock chicks. The turkey is still setting on 4 eggs, and we are awaiting geese, ducks and more chicks to hatch, oh and one of the Black Spanish Turkey hens is setting on five more eggs! So we are thrilled to no end that we have been adding to the farm population without buying anything new!

I will be back and thanks for your patience.