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You cannot multiply wealth by dividing it."
Dr. Adrian Rogers 1931-2005

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Mountain Goat? Napoleon?

We raise goats, mostly La Mancha's, but we do have a few mixed goats that are La Mancha-Nigerian Dwarf mix. Pepe is a buck that is a mix, and he has been so interesting to have on the farm. He jumps out of his pen every day, and walks the property and checks out all the other animals. He returns to the pen several times during the day, only to patrol again later. He really cracks me up, as he believes he is king. I told Bill we missed out on his name, as we should have named him Napoleon- as he is much more grand in mind than in stature, yet does has a kingdom(the farm)!

Well one of the kids called to me yesterday and asked if I wanted to have a good laugh- of course I said yes. So this is what I found.

Mountain Goat Pepe! What mountain is he on?

The van, of course!

Isn't he a goof?

By the way Pepe was one of the first critters born on the farm(he was a triplet)


Happy Hermit said...

LOL , they have Sooo Much Character.
My Grams first goat was some kinda of big horned ram.
We had to get rid of him because he kept walking ON the the house , and fell through in one of the rooms . :(

But they are amusing things.

Mrs.Rabe said...

I love the label you posted this under! I laughed because when I saw where he was I thought my husband and I wouldn't think that was so funny!! Apparently Bill didn't think so either!

btw I really like your header!

Mamma Bear said...

He's so cute! We have mixed breeds as well and our first two kids were born 3 months. Our other doe is due January 4th and I hope she has twins (or more) as well. We are milking the mom of the first twins and getting about 2 quarts of fresh milk a day. I just made our first batch of buttermilk and yogurt this week. Both were very good. As soon as I get enough extra milk in the freezer, cheese making is next on my list of things to learn to do!

Pam said...

He does look awfully GOOFY!!

Glenn B said...

Maybe in his travels on the farm - like Pepe Le Pew of cartoon fame - he is looking for a lady goat.

Humble wife said...

HH- lol on the goat crashing the house!!

Mrs Rabe- thank you, and Bill likes the way I write the labels too!:)

Mamma Bear- How exciting to learn new things- I pray you have twins too. We are praying for the same with three of our does!

Pam- Yes but I think he was looking down at me thinking the same thing!

Glenn- oh I loved the pepe le pew cartoons! Our pepe has four "gals" and one up an coming, so he is just being the stud muffin(how I see him- struting around!)

JenniferK said...

Why do you raise goat? I am curious. We purchased a female and she had twins. We planned on eating them. Now they are to darn cute to eat!

The plan was to get used to having goats and then get a few milking goats.

Any info you could share about milk goats? Or other reasons to have goats? I'd like to have a few good reasons to keep the ones we got.

Humble wife said...

Jennifer- we initially started raising goats for the milk to make soap. Then I began making cheese, and loved it so much. We also have a large Hispanic population that cooks goat on a spit for celebrations such as quincereras, so we thought we would begin to sell the goats that way. So far we have sold 6 goats. Recently we decided to try goat ourselves and will be butchering one to freeze and eat. I am researching recipes now.

Cute is true, and therefore we do have critters that are productive and we name...milkers and breeding does we name, the bucks except Pepe which is our stud buck, are not named. I do understand...and we have some chickens named for the same reason as well as a goose. Unless we are starving these named ones will be tools not food for the farm. Making cheese is not as hard as making the soap. We use the standard cheese-which is crumbly on pizza, in burritoes and on toast. It is wonderful!