"You cannot legislate the poor into freedom by legislating the wealthy out of freedom. What one person receives without working for, another person must work for without receiving. The government cannot give to anybody anything that the government does not first take from somebody else. When half of the people get the idea that they do not have to work because the other half is going to take care of them, and when the other half gets the idea that it does no good to work because somebody else is going to get what they work for, that my dear friend, is about the end of any nation.

You cannot multiply wealth by dividing it."
Dr. Adrian Rogers 1931-2005

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Ignoring the Voice of the People:UPDATE AT BOTTOM

The price paid for our freedoms has been high indeed, with the payment of the lives of our soldiers being the most recognized...but in every generation civilians have also paid dearly.

It is time for our generation to stand and many are- and the government is mocking the voices. Our leaders are calling those who are question healthcare as nazi's or a well organized group from the Republican party.

If you attended a Tea Party anywhere in the nation the mainstream media allowed J. Garofalo explain your intent- and she was not checked in her statements...she called the Tea Party attendies as "a bunch of teabagging rednecks," adding "this is about hating a black man in the White House. This is racism straight up."

The media, Hollywood, The White House, and Congress think we are RACIST REDNECKS.

Nancy Pelosi, Robert Gibbs(White House Press secretary) and others high up on the Left are minimizing very real concerns of the American people, Democrat, Republican, and Independents alike.(source)
They think that we are a being paid by some anonymous right wing fanatic to attend these meetings and ask questions. They must think that otherwise we would not question anything.

Obama has set some precidents for those who opose him in his own words. You be the judge what he meant: here, if they bring a knife- we bring a gun, hit back twice as hard.

I did a post about the about a trillion dollars Titled The Calm Before the Storm on a preppers blog. Please review this post as you can better visualize one trillion dollars. Friends we are in some serious trouble and times ahead are changing and it is going to be rough. The shell game of shifting the economic money problems is increasing...read this as you NEED to see how the Fed is playing a major game and we are all being DUPED.

I believe that our country is on the threshold of a major change and I am deeply saddened and quite honestly very angry at the Left and their condescending attitudes towards us.

I cried when I watched the video of those wishing to attend a Carnahan meeting not allowed to enter and see how they dissented. It is 47 seconds that will invigorate you and make you understand that we are being made to be villains for wanting real discussions over healthcare, taxes and the drastic changes happening in our nation.

Please do not forget that highjackers on 9-11 came in airplanes, but others may actually be in positions of leadership. Perhaps others never were proud of our nation before Obama was elected and in fact this is a picture of Obama and the other democratic candidates last spring.
I did not speak out when the Obama's told us not to question their patriotism as I wanted to allow them time to be who they are. I did not speak when we were told not to mention Hussein...as he is an American, until he himself used his name while speaking in Cairo.

I am speaking now. Obama has a track record that is making me stand. He has apologized to nations for America and our actions during World War II. He apologizes to everyone for Big Bad US. He is changing the greatest health care system to a flawed system that we can see world wide. Our healthcare has room for improvement but to redo it is assinine. Excuse my language but the efforts since the election are all in my opinion to create a crisis that our leaders can use to change our country for ever. I no longer feel like a loon to think this way as every step is pointing to this measure.

I posted many posts on preparation and food storage and the likes. I urge you all to get very serious about having several months of food storage on hand. Times are changing and the criminals in the eyes of our leaders are not those who wish to harm us, but us. We are the enemy~us everyday folks all across the nation.

When we have become the threat~ WE NO LONGER ARE SAFE. I pray that we are strong enough to stand united and cease the rest of the STIMULUS package...cease the health care reform~ Cease NOW.

UPDATE: Anonymous comment needs to be addressed here: Please note this from my post-Our healthcare has room for improvement but to redo it is assinine.(which I now have in green). Here is your comment:So wait, the elderly people in that video are against socialized medicine? ( anonymous)

and here is my response- I have listened to the town halls all over...these folks are saying "if you cant take care of medicare, how on earth can we expect you to overhaul the whole system? The folks on medicare already know the problem with government involvement.

For me- perhaps you are a new reader to my blog- so I will share something once more. I am very conservative. I feel that the moment we started doling out care to people we lost a huge stone in our foundation.

A major problem with our healthcare is the insurance industry, and fixing this would cause our elected to loose major contributions from lobbyists. Our political class are the problem as they are ruled by money over what the Constitution provides.

We need some tweaking on our system NOT A ONE PAYER SYSTEM or government involved more. This is what the people are saying and our elected political class are mocking our voices.

As with everything, money is the key...follow the stimulus money, follow the money in healthcare(top heavy bureaucrats) and follow the money in our congress. Times are changing and we will get this as they are very proud, very arrogant, and very condescending. Too bad they will not utilize the very health care program that they are FORCING down our throats.(oh and you can bet your bottom dollar that Ted Kennedy is not using Medicaid** for his treatments)...our political class opt out of everything they think is best for the people- SO HERE IS MY QUESTION: If it is not good enough for them, then why on earth should we believe that it will be good enough for us????
**should read medicare


Anonymous said...

So wait, the elderly people in that video are against socialized medicine?

Is their rallying cry "Keep the government out of my Medicare"?

Gen-IL Homesteader said...

Keep speaking the truth! (That video was something!)

jAne said...

True words on so many points, Jenn. Here's a link below you might find interesting...



Anonymous said...

First, Obama isn't suggesting a one payer system. You're always going to be able to use a private health insurance plan, there just will be a "public" plan as an option to sign yourself up for. That's not being "forced."

Second, the health insurance industry is spending tons of money to prevent reform, not supporting it.

Third, Medicare isn't exactly great (well, coverage is pretty good, but it costs taxpayers an arm and a leg and keeps getting more expensive). However, the largest group opposing reform are seniors who 1. already have socialized medicine and 2. are afraid of a reduction in medicare benefits.

Fourth, it is nearly impossible for many people to get individual health insurance in this country. If someone with a bad health history doesn't want to work for a corporation that provides benefits, insurance companies will REFUSE to cover them.

And finally, most people want some health care reform. This was one of Obama's central campaign themes and is a major reason democrats picked up so many seats last fall.

Kymber said...

oh Jen...thanks for sharing this!

Susan said...

I just finished reading "The New Economic Disorder" by Larry Bates. In my opinion it is a must read for Christian conservatives. Tells the whole truth about our money system. I need to post about it!!! We've all got to keep speaking the truth about our Jesus and our country.

woodenacorn said...

I do not know who anonymous is but I have seen the same responses on other blogs by anonymous. Does he troll blogs to post the same thing or is there a more nefarious means for doing so?

woodenacorn said...

So you know who woodenacorn is: Suzanne Wooden, a housewife from Tallahasse FL who loves the Lord and is also disturbed by what she sees happening in this country.

I heard of your blog on Michele Malkin and greatly enjoy your comments. God bless you.

jAne said...

Anonymous ~ I suggest you actually read the plan before saying a one-payer health system (which 'O' does in fact promote) would be an option. The plan would ruin a private health system.

Ina said...

Anyone who favors the current proposals because "Medicare works" should also answer this: since Medicare began cutting hospital costs with hospital DRGs in the 1980s and then doctor costs with HMOs in the 1990s, plus the federal government cutting subsidies to medical schools forcing schools to rely on grant money from pharmaceutical companies, how many hospitals have closed and how many physicians closed their primary care practices? And how can anyone afford to become a primary care doctor if the cost of an education surpasses $100,000 which it has for many years? No wonder the more lucrative subspecialties (and fewer hours per week) are attracting young doctors to the exclusion of primary care.
Answer those questions, and how to attract the brightest and best to primary care. Then you can begin to understand the magnitude of this problem beyond the talking points, and the frustration of doctors and patients alike. And the fears of the elderly and their families that their Medicare benefits will be eroded further with any new changes.The federal government's broken promises of the past in no changes in care with DRGs and HMOs hardly gives them a stellar track record.
Jen thank you for posting about this problem. I absolutely agree with you.

~~Deby said...

this i believe.....someone like me...or even maybe your spouse...if or when we would need health care...past having our tylenol or whatever..we would probably be denied as we have pre-existing CHRONIC conditions...we won't fit the criteria