"You cannot legislate the poor into freedom by legislating the wealthy out of freedom. What one person receives without working for, another person must work for without receiving. The government cannot give to anybody anything that the government does not first take from somebody else. When half of the people get the idea that they do not have to work because the other half is going to take care of them, and when the other half gets the idea that it does no good to work because somebody else is going to get what they work for, that my dear friend, is about the end of any nation.

You cannot multiply wealth by dividing it."
Dr. Adrian Rogers 1931-2005

Monday, August 31, 2009

Eight Teens= Great Day

Last Saturday we went to a mini park in Ruidoso, New Mexico with eight teenagers!

The girls had adorable shoes on that needed to be captured for the record!

Girls over the mine shaft!

Putt- putt golf 21st century style.

Second scoping out the perfect shot!

Third not sure if he is playing pool or putt putt...no matter says Second!

Teen boys giving directions to the river after playing putt putt.

And the directions were perfect- the end of a great day...
Eight teens
100 mile round trip
Lots of laughter
Lots of Fun
Ending Summer 2009 with an incredible Day- PRICELESS!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Messiah, Bully and Criminals...oh no

It is Sunday, and so it is time to rehash the current messiah issues. Obama cried at Kennedy's funeral. It is amazing that a photographer was there in time to capture such a sincere moment.

As a former Nevadan, I read the Review Journal online often. To my delight, Harry Reid has been called out but none other than the RJ. The editor is confident that the newspaper will last longer than one more political bully.(this is an incredible article!)

Oh and similar to the Old West era, we Americans have realized we need to take the law(or voting steps) into our own hands...as check out the percentage of Americans who would replace the entire Congress. Goodbye crooks, perverts, and the political elitist...we are done with you and your condescending attitudes towards us- your bosses!

Oh No...
CHANGE is coming and I am beginning to see real HOPE.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Greater Good?

Ted Kennedy

I have wondered often how he could continue to be elected considering his personal life.

Drinking, whoring, partying, connected to scandal after scandal, including a rape case on the very compound we have to hear about often in connection with the Kennedy's.

I have known about Mary Jo Kopechne my whole life and on the Huffington Post I am to now speculate that she would have thought it was worth it to die in a car under water, so we could have such an illustrious man in Congress-then I think of this:
It was nine hours before he reported the accident. In the meantime, he walked back to his motel, complained to the manager about a noisy party, took a shower, went to sleep, ordered newspapers when he woke up and spoke to a friend and two lawyers before finally calling the police(daily mail)

Here's my speculation: SICK
The Left will say that we can never know what Mary Jo wanted as she is not here(well duh).
If you wonder what has been happening in our nation for a good while remember this- many believe that the greater good outweighs everything.

unpaid taxes by our elected are BUMPS...by the average citizen-enough for jail time...
Greater Good you know-

The Left accuses the Right of Racism- often.
Secure the border- racist
Attend a Tea Party- racist.

But the longest serving member of Congress, Robert Byrd- third in line to be the president of the United States ( a democrat) had this to say:
I shall never fight in the armed forces with a Negro by my side... Rather I should die a thousand times, and see Old Glory trampled in the dirt never to rise again, than to see this beloved land of ours become degraded by race mongrels, a throwback to the blackest specimen from the wilds.
~Robert C. Byrd, in a letter to Sen. Theodore Bilbo (D-MS), 1944

We are living in times that are like no other-
Right is wrong
Wrong is right
Christians are terrorist
Terrorist are misunderstood
Abortion doctors are in fear of those who disagree with them
Fetuses are chopped up in industrial size garbage disposals
We worship a pedophile because he was the greatest musician in history
waterboarding is torture
beheading is not
a black woman who went to an ivy league school never proud of our nation
a black woman in Haiti making mud pies to hold off hunger...bet she would have loved to live here and not be hungry.

For the record, I am saddened that Ted Kennedy is dead- as it is final for him. He cannot get by on his name or money any longer...

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Yes this is true!

My oldest son, somewhere in the south(field training) sent me this moments ago! Yes, this is so true~Thank you son!

The previous post highlights today's importance for the farmer and his wife!

Today in History...

August 27, 1988 had an extremely important impact in world history.

A young woman married a young man. Not different than what happens all around the world except for one very little fact. That young woman was me.

Today is my anniversary. I married and felt a little grief on my wedding day. I was afraid to walk down the aisle without my dad. But I did, and here I am today.

I am the person I am due to my husband. He stood beside me, supported me, and loved me even at the times I may not have been too lovable. He watched me go to the hospital for months on end for problem pregnancies. In fact we had only been married eight months when I went in the hospital with First. I guess we "dated" when he would get off from work and come over to the hospital to sit with me. I was frightened to be in the hospital, so far from my family, and so young.

I would have never guessed that my husband and I would travel the world. I never could have foreseen traveling around Europe or Mexico, let alone about 35 states. Through our marriage we have had hardships, and trials, and joys and life. We brought 4 beautiful children into the world. Four pregnancies that nearly killed me. After the delivery of the fourth baby, he had to wait in the waiting room wondering if his young wife would live or die. My heart stopped on the delivery table, and I nearly died. He sat and prayed and felt comfort. I, of course, knew nothing of this. But I had been married to him for awhile, and I had come to know his upbeat attitude. Nothing ever gets Bill down.

We decided together that I would stay home with the children, while he supported the family. He never has come home ready to relax. He comes home rolls up his sleeves and tackles the kids. He comes home and gives me a break. You see, with the kids home 24-7, I do get a little tired. Bill knows this and steps in.

My husband has been my partner in all I do. I have seen him save a 15 year old girl's life after she was run over by a train. I saw the blood on his hands, listened to her screams from yards away, all the while he was holding her comforting her, and performing life saving measures on her.

I have cried with my husband when the doctors told us that our daughter would not survive the night, yet she is still here.

I have stood united with him in parenting. We are the parents. We are to set the example. We are to show the children how to be married.

I almost lost you too. I sit here weeping thinking of that night. I could not lose you. You are my life. I must say that that day nearly tore me apart. Driving to the accident scene with Darcy, so I could say goodbye was so hard. I thought you were dead, and I had to tell you one last time how much I loved you.Then as Darcy was taking me to you they had life and started transport. I absolutely had to be with you, so I was taken to the high school football field to wait with you until flight arrived. The weather was not agreeable so the ambulance set off to meet flight, and I sat in the ambulance with you. We traveled nearly 80 miles all the while awaiting the weather to clear so flight for life could go out. Finally 20 miles from Las Vegas, you gave me hope. The radio traffic had the captain ask where your weapon was, and as you were and always will be a cop, you responded. Groggy but clear, you told us to tell the captain where the weapon was...and I was able to calm down. I thank God for this extra time. We must never forget how precious we are to each other.

I guess I am rambling, so I will close with a few thoughts. It is a good thing to still be in love with your husband...And Bill I am ever so in love with you! It is a good thing that you still can make me blush, in fact when I see you my heart still flips. Do not ever forget that I love you.
I am sharing with all my readers, my blog friends and the world, that I am more in love with you today than 21* years ago. I can not imagine life without you, but I know that someday we shall part. I am so thankful that I know where we are headed.

I love that you are the father of my children
I love that you have set such an honorable example to the boys on how to be real men
I love that you are such an incredible cook(although it does show for the world on me)
I love that you sing in the shower
I love your smirk, it really does give you away
I love the rules you have for Monopoly...kind of!
I love that we tried when the kids were little to out fake who was asleep...I am sorry that it is my specialty!
I love that you have taken the time to share with each child some thing each and every day.
I love that you were patient with me and my cooking skills, I know in the beginning it was blah
I love that you will listen to every thing I have to say
I love that you have given me the world
I love that you have given me your heart
I love that you call me sexy...and the young kids don't get it!
I love that you love short
I love that when I see something neat, that I can't wait until I share it with you
I love that you do not need perfection
I love the fact that you love me.

I could never have imagined the life that you have given me. I stand in awe of you, I am in love with you. I am so happy that tall and short are great balances. Thank you so much for working with me so that we could have such a great marriage. May we share another 50!

I love forever my dear sweet best friend!

* date changed to reflect 21 years!
I wrote this post in 2007 and find that I cannot even come close to expressing myself any better. Happy Anniversary Bill!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Navajo Churro Sheep on the farm

Some pictures of our Navajo Churro sheepEsther and Martha(tail facing)


Esther's twins Martha-black Mary- brown
Third(l) Fourth(r)

Esther- don't you love the views?The pen behind her is all salvaged campaign signs.

Boaz and Ruth

The rams Boaz and Quatro(four horned)

Esther and Martha(tail facing)

Obed(Boaz and Ruth's lamb)

Add ImageSee the heart? Obed is a sweet ram, believe it or not!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Farm Kitchen

I have a lovely new(to me) shelf that has found a new home in my kitchen. I am playing around with what will fill the shelves! A special hug to the sweet wonderful woman who parted with this for me. She is and always has been dear to me. In fact, I would go so far as to say without her I would not be here. I love this and am grateful for everything she has taught me-even now!


I hear often about guns-
I hear often about strength-
I see everything used to build up arms-

Do you?

This the teens call the flagpole- and any ole' pole will do. We have log posts in the back of our house and any time one passes it, they "flagpole!"

This is called the scissors...both of these are done for about a minute.

To me I wonder if anyone else has to hear about the guns(arms) of the teens in their homes?
I wonder if anyone else looks out at the clothesline poles and sees actions like the above?

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

College Credit for Vision

As the parent of a few teens soon to be launched off to college...I am relieved at the seriousness of education by the White House. We used to joke about Basket weaving being a course for credit(no I am not picking on basket weaving)...

Now our youth can get credit for Vision
Organizing for America, the successor organization to Obama for America, is empowering students across the country to build on the movement that elected President Obama and help bring about his vision for change.

Now to all those who are suggesting for one moment that the Right is busing in folks to Town Hall meetings, I want you to think long and hard about an administration that is affording students credit for perpetuating the President's vision.

I wish I could make things up like this...I could be President.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Interesting Quote

2010 will be a bloodbath for Democrats in the House. Republicans are dummies, but all they need to do now is keep their mouths shut, and they'll prosper. Obama and Pelosi and Reid are doing all the campaigning they need right now.

Found this doozy here

Monday, August 17, 2009

Slowing Down After the Fair and...

Finally the busy-ness of the summer has lulled, and we on the Double Nickel Farm are relaxing. Now that I have a moment I thought I would stop in for an update.

High School Musical was put on by our community theater(The Flickinger Center- Alamogordo NM) and Third had a part in the play. It had its final showing yesterday at 2:00pm...since May he has had four practices a week(4 hours each)and Saturdays were set building(9-4). Second and Fourth were backstage help and so the kids were gone and busy so much. Now you can all understand why the trip back east was a solo trip made by me! No one else had any time to get away!

We also entered many items in the local county fair. This was not as hectic as it sounds, as we save items that we have made over the past 12 months to put in the Home Ec division, and the garden items we picked the morning we entered. Only the baking was a bit frenzied as we all needed the oven at once!

Then I was a volunteer over a position in the fair. It was time consuming but very interesting and I had an opportunity to interact with children and adults alike! I met people from all over the state and some from Texas and Mexico too. Having this opportunity to participate behind the scenes in such an undertaking was exciting for this farmer's wife!

Now that the days are back to the good old farm life, we need to catch up on house work(as I have been out of house since Wednesday-lol) paint some barns, continue on the fencing repairs, and general farm maintenance that is never ending.

Here are some pictures of things at the fair:
I loved this pinata...how cute is Tom Turkey!

This pillow caught my eye too!

This K-Nex project was so detailed!

I loved this, as it is a braided rug from ties that come from haybales!! Pretty clever isn't it?

This was my favorite entry...it is made with wood, the velvet and then the runners had metal work on it. If I were judge I would have selected this as a Grand Champion!
I thank you all for stopping by,

Friday, August 14, 2009

Fairing at the Fair!

Third's tortillas(2nd)

Second's White Sands Desert Dust cookies(1st!)

Middle shelf-squash...Mine is the second from the left(2nd) Bill's is third from left(1st!)

Center- Fourths round cucumber's (1st!)

A display for the poultry section...I made this using the eggs we gathered on the farm. From left to right- goose egg, turkey egg, duck egg, brown chicken egg, green Ameraucana chicken egg. I made the stands and exhibits for the poultry at the fair this year. I will try to remember to take pictures of how they look~my batteries died with the camera so I missed on many awards...our farm entries did very well!!

The fair is still on going and a few other things in the community so we are more away than not! Have a wonderful weekend.

Monday, August 10, 2009

The County Fair

Hand carved cane, lap blanket, painted bark hangings, a prairie doll, holiday basket, dried strawberries, dried oranges, dried Swiss Chard, dried dandelion leaves, chunky applesauce, zucchini, Mexican squash, green onions, tomatoes, mint, lemon balm, sunflowers, mesquite beans, oatmeal molasses bread, biscuits, tortillas, cookies, muffins, roses.

Yep~ that about covers what we as a farm family are entering. We opted not to enter any of our animals for several reasons, the main one being that we live a bit away from the fairgrounds and could not do the multiple trips for maintaining the critters.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Single Payer Health Care: Obama

First we need to take back the White House...check
Then we need to take back Senate...check
Then we need to take back the House...check

Then Single Payer Health Care...in President Obama's own words:

Once again President Obama wishes to change the system in which over 84% of Americans are covered. The problem is with 16% yet a complete overhaul costing trillions of dollars is the best option? Why? Why won't our political class participate in this deluxe program that they suggest is the best for the American people?

Problems do exists in our system- but the world comes to the US for all their medical treatments and procedures it must not be that bad. Canadians cross the border daily to have basic care provided because their universal health plan is not what it is cracked up to be. The stats on survival from cancers five years out in country's with universal health plans vs the US's current system cannot be matched. Hands down the US has the highest survival rates. This is a simple google search...please be a wise citizen. Do not spew talking points of the Left or the Right because they are your team. This is not a sporting event- the world(believe it or not) is counting on us not going to a universal system. Go to the library- research the problems with this. Funny many can site how Medicare is a problem, but do not continue on this path and logically see that heading further down this will be even more detrimental.

I am not hating on a black man because I feel this way. I am no longer a Republican or a Democrat. I am an American and I am going to stand and become one who has decided to take back my nation from a ruling Political Class that is living high off the sweat of my brow...I do not need people who have no touch with reality leading anymore.

Joe the Plumber where are you? It is time for you and me and the rest of us to step up and take back our country.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Ignoring the Voice of the People:UPDATE AT BOTTOM

The price paid for our freedoms has been high indeed, with the payment of the lives of our soldiers being the most recognized...but in every generation civilians have also paid dearly.

It is time for our generation to stand and many are- and the government is mocking the voices. Our leaders are calling those who are question healthcare as nazi's or a well organized group from the Republican party.

If you attended a Tea Party anywhere in the nation the mainstream media allowed J. Garofalo explain your intent- and she was not checked in her statements...she called the Tea Party attendies as "a bunch of teabagging rednecks," adding "this is about hating a black man in the White House. This is racism straight up."

The media, Hollywood, The White House, and Congress think we are RACIST REDNECKS.

Nancy Pelosi, Robert Gibbs(White House Press secretary) and others high up on the Left are minimizing very real concerns of the American people, Democrat, Republican, and Independents alike.(source)
They think that we are a being paid by some anonymous right wing fanatic to attend these meetings and ask questions. They must think that otherwise we would not question anything.

Obama has set some precidents for those who opose him in his own words. You be the judge what he meant: here, if they bring a knife- we bring a gun, hit back twice as hard.

I did a post about the about a trillion dollars Titled The Calm Before the Storm on a preppers blog. Please review this post as you can better visualize one trillion dollars. Friends we are in some serious trouble and times ahead are changing and it is going to be rough. The shell game of shifting the economic money problems is increasing...read this as you NEED to see how the Fed is playing a major game and we are all being DUPED.

I believe that our country is on the threshold of a major change and I am deeply saddened and quite honestly very angry at the Left and their condescending attitudes towards us.

I cried when I watched the video of those wishing to attend a Carnahan meeting not allowed to enter and see how they dissented. It is 47 seconds that will invigorate you and make you understand that we are being made to be villains for wanting real discussions over healthcare, taxes and the drastic changes happening in our nation.

Please do not forget that highjackers on 9-11 came in airplanes, but others may actually be in positions of leadership. Perhaps others never were proud of our nation before Obama was elected and in fact this is a picture of Obama and the other democratic candidates last spring.
I did not speak out when the Obama's told us not to question their patriotism as I wanted to allow them time to be who they are. I did not speak when we were told not to mention Hussein...as he is an American, until he himself used his name while speaking in Cairo.

I am speaking now. Obama has a track record that is making me stand. He has apologized to nations for America and our actions during World War II. He apologizes to everyone for Big Bad US. He is changing the greatest health care system to a flawed system that we can see world wide. Our healthcare has room for improvement but to redo it is assinine. Excuse my language but the efforts since the election are all in my opinion to create a crisis that our leaders can use to change our country for ever. I no longer feel like a loon to think this way as every step is pointing to this measure.

I posted many posts on preparation and food storage and the likes. I urge you all to get very serious about having several months of food storage on hand. Times are changing and the criminals in the eyes of our leaders are not those who wish to harm us, but us. We are the enemy~us everyday folks all across the nation.

When we have become the threat~ WE NO LONGER ARE SAFE. I pray that we are strong enough to stand united and cease the rest of the STIMULUS package...cease the health care reform~ Cease NOW.

UPDATE: Anonymous comment needs to be addressed here: Please note this from my post-Our healthcare has room for improvement but to redo it is assinine.(which I now have in green). Here is your comment:So wait, the elderly people in that video are against socialized medicine? ( anonymous)

and here is my response- I have listened to the town halls all over...these folks are saying "if you cant take care of medicare, how on earth can we expect you to overhaul the whole system? The folks on medicare already know the problem with government involvement.

For me- perhaps you are a new reader to my blog- so I will share something once more. I am very conservative. I feel that the moment we started doling out care to people we lost a huge stone in our foundation.

A major problem with our healthcare is the insurance industry, and fixing this would cause our elected to loose major contributions from lobbyists. Our political class are the problem as they are ruled by money over what the Constitution provides.

We need some tweaking on our system NOT A ONE PAYER SYSTEM or government involved more. This is what the people are saying and our elected political class are mocking our voices.

As with everything, money is the key...follow the stimulus money, follow the money in healthcare(top heavy bureaucrats) and follow the money in our congress. Times are changing and we will get this as they are very proud, very arrogant, and very condescending. Too bad they will not utilize the very health care program that they are FORCING down our throats.(oh and you can bet your bottom dollar that Ted Kennedy is not using Medicaid** for his treatments)...our political class opt out of everything they think is best for the people- SO HERE IS MY QUESTION: If it is not good enough for them, then why on earth should we believe that it will be good enough for us????
**should read medicare

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Have You Ever?

Have you ever done something just because? On my trip I confess that I did something on a whim just because...

In Oklahoma on the last night of my trip I went to Arby's. Anyone that knows me, knows that I do not like fast food at all- but for some reason I pulled into the lot of Arby's and on the way inside to grab something to eat I saw a site that made me laugh out loud.
It says:
Just Hitched
~ Going to the lake to work on our son!!!

Now I am not the wealthiest person in blogland as most of you know...but this was a very humble car, and it sure didn't matter to them! I went inside and quickly picked out the newlyweds and the energy that they had and walked over and began talking to them. I have to be honest, marriage to me has been such a wonderful blessing that I love to see others starting out new. They were going camping because they had small wedding and only a few people attended the wedding. I smiled and asked them to wait a moment and I went to my vehicle and called my Bill. I asked him if I could just waste $20.00. Well he knows I am not one to waste so he said it must be something, so go ahead.

I took two tens from my purse and slipped the money in a little trinket I had picked up on my travels and went back in and gave them this gift from one who has been married for over two decades to the newlyweds.

The bride broke down in tears and it was then I realized that for whatever reason people must not have been too supportive to their union. My impulsive action seems to have been the right ticket...

I loved this moment and the youthfulness that causes recklessness and often impulsiveness, as many of you may know, 21 years ago I did something young and reckless-and ended up in Nevada and married a man who proposed to me two days after we met! This impulsive action has made all the difference in my life, and allowed me to become the woman I am. As I looked at that young couple I thought this, and even shared this with them. They have their future ahead of them that is yet to be written. Even if things go off track, they can always redirect and progress on in their futures.

As I am home relaxing I pray that their honeymoon was incredible and that they are blessed with many sons and daughters!

Monday, August 3, 2009

I am Home

It is good to be home.

My thoughts are a million miles a minute.

I traveled in New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Kansas, Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and New York.

I visited with my son, who is every bit the man I believed he was and more.

I visited with relatives and friends that many I hadn't seen in years- or had never seen in person(great nieces and nephews).

I cannot believe how fortunate I was to be able to take my son his car, as this trip then became a reality. Many new friends supported this measure and I thank them so much!

I have so much to share. I have been strengthened in my passion and love for this nation as I witnessed in state after state, folks just like me and you, that desire nothing but the best for us.

Now to fun-when my middle two were small we bought them a Little Tykes coop carWell we left it with a friend who was a mechanic~And holy smokes if he didn't make it road ready!
Can you believe that these cars are weaving in and out of traffic on the highways? I could not believe it and am trying to make light of it, but those who drive trucks(like we have an F-250) are limited in line of sight of seeing them.
~Scary to me~

Saturday, August 1, 2009

What's in a dash?

One can barely see the dash between 1824 and 1905...but it is there. This was Franz Heinrich Stallkamp, until he came to the United States, then he 'Americanized' his name. He is also the first on my mother's side of the family that came to the United States.

That dash reveals nothing that has happened since his death, nor does it record anything that happened in his lifetime. My question to you is this: Are you sacrificing family time for accomplishments and financial gains that will never make it on your final marker?

As I have had a whirlwind trip visiting so many family members I have reflected on my life and of those I grew up with. As I type this post I am content with what my dash will reveal. I will have lived a quiet life of relative anonymity, yet in a role that I have loved ever so dearly. I will have left a mark on that dash that will continue to the generations beyond.

As for Francis Stallkamp, a founder of Delphos Ohio, I am a reflection of his dash. His life was not in vain as far too numerous descendants speckle our great nation. I was a bit surprised at how many people still knew who he was a century later, and I stood a littler taller as I thought of how many volumes would fill in his dash...yet he sought neither money nor fame~Just my thoughts this evening.


Last Night of Trip

Western Oklahoma