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You cannot multiply wealth by dividing it."
Dr. Adrian Rogers 1931-2005

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Saturday on the Farm

I have not updated the projects on the farm in a while. Sometimes it seems like we have undertaken such a gigantic project, that we may never finish. To maintain an upbeat attitude I have to forgo thinking about any other farm I know of and focus on ours.

So here are a few things that we have been working on:
~Now what is this you ask? It is a kitchen sink turned upside down so that the guys can sand it and prep it to paint. This is what it kind of looked like when we got it(actually we found two on Craigslist)
With the second sink the guys took the top off and refinished it, and made a counter top. So far the cupboard and sink are lovely! Our goal is to systematically remove the cabinets in the house because they are made out of a cardboard particle board, and are well unable to meet the durability needs. I do plan on posting photos of the completed project...

~The guys are also building a back porch the length of the house. It is pretty amazing, and I love it, but we originally decided to build this to reduce the direct sunlight in the home. The crazy thing is that it really is farm southwest. I do plan on posting photos of the completed project...

~We have about 1/3 of the garden in. It seems like the below freezing nights stretched all the way to mid April. Finally we see bright vibrant green!

~ We picked up some more goats last night. Three female goats and one is pregnant.
~Kittens can escape every containment that we have created!
~ Chicks are growing like crazy...
~Teens are still mom's delight. They actually went to the movies with a group of their friends today.

I am taking today easy, as I have not listed most of the ongoings, just a few to give you a window.

We made a commitment to ourselves when we moved to the farm to be very frugal with our money. We decided that we would not buy new except for water heater...and paint etc, and everything else would be refinished. For this the teens have had their eyes open, and they have learned that refashion refurbish remake to its original state...or bEtTer!!!

Several times on this journey, I have had people comment that they would never live this way. Goodness just go to Home Depot etc. Well until 2005 I didn't live this way. But circumstance has put us on a path- we have decided to roll up our sleeves and make the best farm we can have.

Now it is second nature to evaluate everything for a secondary purpose. It is relaxing to see a home convert into a farmhouse by elbow grease and vision. So that is my update on the farm.


jAne said...

Well Jenn, I admire your tenacity, frugality, creativity and ability. That's a lot of 'itys'. :o) I believe you to be a ready example that a person *can* commit and succeed to living a simple life and be joyous in its approach and completion, although it's never really completed is it? More like ever-evolving. That's what I believe anyhow. :o)

I look forward to seeing pictures of your completed projects. Keep on keeping on!

Bless you dearly,

David said...

You can save a lot on paint (even 80 percent off!) by buying "mistakes" from the paint store, where an error was made in mixing the paint for a previous customer. Do what I did. Pick cans that are basically off-white. Make sure you buy enough. Then when you get home, mix them all together to produce a uniform color. If you don't have a mixing bucket, just pour back and forth from one can to the next until they are well-blended. Off-white is the easiest to produce, but you may get lucky with your favorite color!

Muhd Imran said...

Doing the stuff like projects together as a family not only saves money, but strengthening the rapport between one another... and its going to be another awesome achievement.

Fine Linen said...

That sink is an excellent deal. I love it, and it has so much more character then ones you find today. I'm with you all the way on making old things new again. We're planning on doing the same thing with our new home. We've been looking on Craigslist to find kitchen cabinets, and anything else we can redo to put in our home. We ain't scared either to roll up our sleeves and get it done. We've done it once, and Lord willing will do it again. I think it's an excellent lesson your teaching your children. One we hope to teach ours as well. Thank you for the update, and many blessings to you and your family.

true blessings said...

Good for you and your family!!We will soon be living on a culdesac, but we plan to have a garden and some chickens !clothesline.......

Humble wife said...

Jane- I thank you-forgive me for rambling.

David- awesome idea! Thank you!

Muhd Imran- I will confess that when my sons see their finished products I smile. It is a powerful realization for them to learn so much! thank you!

Fine Linen- Elbow grease is the piece needed!! Silly mantra but one that gets me through. A good place to check for cabinets is by swinging by construction companies. If they have a project overhaul of a kitchen you would be the first called. We have decided to have all upper cabinets...be only shelving. No doors etc.

True Blessing -How exciting to look forward to a garden, and chicks!! Thank you

Anonymous said...

I SO enjoy your blog. Just wanted to tell you an amusing story about when we bought our home on a "wing and a prayer" with only $1200 in our bank account to put down, fresh out of four years of college and four more years in the service. The house was "unliveable" but we had a dream. Frugality pays off and you learn SO much. We are doing well now . . . and still working on the house! Back to my story: the house had very little plumbing . . . just cold water from an attic cistern. There was a c. 1890 bathroom upstairs that hadn't been used in decades. We needed a sink and had no money to buy one. Well, lo and behold, we found one along side the road! Still using it! We found a stove just like my mother's for fifty dollars and are still using that too in the summer kitchen, where the sink is also located. My mom also had a sink just about like yours, an Armstrong or a name something like that, which was her pride and joy!
As an avid gardener, I enjoy reading about your projects. Still hoping to talk my beloved into sheep and/or goats.

Thanks for sharing.

Blessings to you and yours,


Kymber said...

YOU and your family are such an inspiration for people who are trying to follow in your footsteps...lead the way girl! we are going to try and follow your lead (well...minus the farm and the goats and chickens and the 4 teens - well...you know what i mean!)

can't wait for more pics!

~~Deby said...

When we put siding on our previous house, I found it on Craig's list....I watch those lists and yard sales and thrift shops...my hutch that needs a coat of paint, is solid oak..but was dirt cheap on Craig's list...I am trying hard to be WISE...it becomes a challenge...not a bad thing, huh?
This way of life is going to be such a wonderful thing for your kids...lifelong lessons....a rare thing this day Jennifer...
I love your updates from Double Nickel

Humble wife said...

Caryn - thank you for your lovely comment. I imagine like you, we will have our sink a good long time too!!Your home sounds charming(with a lot of elbow grease!) Thanks

Kymber- lol!!I am grateful for those who have led by example. I am able to do things because I find strength in others! Most importantly I find strength in Him!!

Deby- well I believe it was you that first told me of craigslist! And I am forever grateful!! Thank you for being such an amazing blogity friend!!!

Pam said...

Jen, I love your lifestyle.Sometimes I'm a little jeolous! In a good way mind you. Your sink to be refurbished reminds me so much of the one my grandma had in her kitchen in W.Va.

Humble wife said...

Pam- shall I confess a secret? Bill went on Craigslist today and saw the sink(well we have 2) and it was for sale for $800.00!! Holy smokes, it is not in better condition than ours and we got both sinks for FREE!!!!!