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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

More Introductions

This is Jericho-(we have decided to keep all the kittens and have them all fixed- as a farm needs many a mouser) We allowed the kids to pick a kitty that they liked and Bill picked Zane Gray(I wrote about him a bit ago). Our oldest picked this kitty and named him Jericho.

This is Bandit Jr. Second named him. The father of these kittens is a no good Tom that we call Bandit. He shows up once or twice a week to make sure we feed him, then he goes off to his other families!!

This is Randy Disher. He is a crier all the time. No Fourth is not pinching him it just looks that way. By the way I still think that this is a cute picture. Fourth named this kitty because of this show. Skim through the characters of the show and you will see Randy Disher! By the way here on the farm, Randy Disher's mother is Teeger(which is short for Natalie Teeger- another character from the show!)

Do you see Obed and his heart? He has gotten so big! Do you see the thorns? Yes this is a daily part of our life on the Double Nickel!

Here is Buffy. She is another goose that we have and she is setting on a nest of eggs too. Based on our calendar this week should wrap things up, and we should have little mixed up goslings of an African goose and an American Buff(clever ~us calling her Buffy?! get it?)

This is Third's kitty. He has named her many names, Midnight- BB, Snuggly, and on and on. All I know is that this was a photo op that I could not pass up! I am sure that he will lock in on a name soon!

This is Daphne the pregnant LaMancha mix goat. She is very nice and I cannot believe how soft of a voice she has. My gang built her a mother's pen last night, so that she is isolated from the other goats during delivery.

That is it so far, as I could not get any good shots of the other goats as they kept moving their heads. We have named them Holly and Molly. Yes rhyming names but they look alike so it makes things easy. Well actually most times I call all the goats "goaty goat" and that keeps my life sane!

Oh and a footnote- it is hard to take kitty photos~ they act like they have ants in their pants(to borrow a phrase my mother used to say!!!)
(c) Jennifer
Double Nickel Farm


jAne said...

Precious kitties and their names are too cute. Love 3rd's kitty the most. :o)

Buffy. Original. yep. hehe.


Sincerely, Emily said...

Kitties, Kitties, Kitties, LOVE THEM ALL. the little "blackberries" steal my heart. I just lost a cat named Midnight (yup, he was black). And so Midnight and Randy Disher have won me over. Randy's blue eyes are fabulous, it will be neat to see what color they change to. thanks for the heartlift. Emily

Humble wife said...

Yes Jane- Thirds little one is quite the butterball(BB) and such a lovey! She is also the only gal!

Buffy-sigh, but we are inching up to 130 animals, I suppose names do run out!LOL.
You usually can guess which ones I named(minus one) because of their biblical base. I love to be reminded all about my life of my Lord and His word!

Humble wife said...

Sincerely Emily I am so sorry that you lost your kitty. Blackberry is a neat name as is blueberry(as she has a hint of gray blue on her. I will share these names with Third!! Thank you for your comment!

minpinmom said...

I love all the kitties but I am so fond of black kitties! Give them all a cuddle and scratch for me.

Kymber said...

i love all the little critters and their names too....i am a lot like third - i have 2 cats and i change their names regularly!

i can't wait for pics of Buffy and Daphne's babies...such an exciting time on the farm!

Humble wife said...

Minpinmom- oh we are...these kitties get the worlds most love and attention EVER!! :)

Kymber- yes you sound like Third. Sadly for my children I often call an animal by its behavior...so Fourths other kitty(Abigail) I call Cheetah girl. I am so awful!Bill calls the cats Pains(but where do I find them if Bill sneaks a weekend nap? On his lap!!! lol

Sincerely, Emily said...

All my black ones have a nick name of Blackberry (blueberry is great with the blue tint! that is a great one, Love it!). My Midnight was a talker like Randy D, so another nickname for him was "bug" or "the bug" - and boy-o-boy did it fit him on so many levels. They all have several nicknames, so like 3rd's kitty and all her names, it is fun. another one I use on all the cats is "chicklet", it just seems to work for everyone. Enjoy the fur balls. From the house of fur balls and cat naps (to another - yours), Emily

Humble wife said...

Emily Oh your close made me smile. Yes from one fur ball and cat nap home to another!!!!!!!!

Third loves blueberry, but has decided that he likes the multi name idea too:0)