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You cannot multiply wealth by dividing it."
Dr. Adrian Rogers 1931-2005

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Teens, Kids, Lambs, and George!

Here are the teens holding the triplets! As you can see the runt(in the center) is a good deal smaller than the other two. Oh and the teens are from left to right: Third, Fourth, and Second(of course blogland names!)

Martha and Mary, the Najavo Churro lambs. As you can see Martha is black, and Mary is brown.

Second with George. We were going to have the teens hold the lambs and George together, but George DOES NOT like sheep it seems!!

Fourth with Mary...I had to add this because well ~CUTE!!


~~Deby said...

oh these are so sweet....your children are learning lessons for life that they would have never learned....oh look at 4th with that dear little Mary....you sure has great looking kids.....now that George would kind of scare me...
love these pics...and jealous of all the blue sky and warm days...is that mesquite in the background behind 4th and Mary?

Susan said...

What a great family, Jen!!!

lady jane said...

Fourth is a lovely young lady and Mary has stolen my heart of hearts. Can I kid-sit her? :o)

Simply Heart And Home said...

Gosh, all the "kids" are adorable! I have 4 kids now but would love to have the other kind of kids too. :)

Humble wife said...

Deby~George is big but sweet(to me:)

Yes that is Mesquite behind the kids, as our property that is not cleared is covered by Mesquite. It is perfect to hold the soil down when the winds blow!

I so agree that the children(teens) are learning so much here on the farm!

Susan~thank you, and right back at you, as your family is lovely too.

Lady Jane~ Of course you could sit! It is incredible to have Mary race and jump and follow us around!

Simply Heart and Home~it is fun to have all the critters for sure:)

MightyMom said...

fabulous pics of the kids...and the kids.... :-)

love the last. Fourth is looking so pretty. growing up fast.

Mama Hen said...

Oh, how sweet! I would be worthless all day with these around. I would just want to sit and hold them and play with them!

Humble wife said...

Sarah- weeds my children are aren't they? They grow so fast...kind of like the Mighty Kids!!:0)

Mama Hen-we do get down time in and play time for sure!

Pam said...

Cute for sure! Why do they steal our hearts so?

Pat said...

Those lambs are adorable!!

Those are some fine kids, too!!

And of course, a handsome First in uniform to make the whole family (and blog family) proud!!

Thanks for the photos!!

Humble wife said...

Pam-oh I am so glad my heart has been stolen by my cuties. It has made all the difference.

Pat- thank you and you are welcome! and I am glad to have all my children on the page finally...I am a bit disorganized to not have had it all updated!!!!