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You cannot multiply wealth by dividing it."
Dr. Adrian Rogers 1931-2005

Friday, February 20, 2009

Parade of Pantry's

This is a post to give you some ideas on food storage and pantries. It is extremely important to understand food rotation and dating everything that you buy. All products have a use by date, but to make sure YOU rotate properly take a permanent marker and write the month and year that you bought the item. Old goes to the front and the newest item is placed in the rear.

It is also important to stress that being organized is only going to keep you sane. In a time where you may be required to use your pantry as the local market, you need sanity, instead of chaos.

Another critical thing to keep in mind is that mixes, cereals, chips, and soda although ease foods, do not give you the best for your money, or nutrition. I believe that you should have the items to make cookies, cakes, and pies, but from scratch. If I buy sugar, flour shortening I have items that can be used in many recipes. If I buy 12 boxes of cake mixes I am limited as to the use. Same with buying Hamburger Helper meals vs. pasta, rice, canned meats, and spices.

Garage pantry.

Pantry seems to be bursting at the gills but is it a fulfilling pantry? Storing foods with so many empty calories is not going to add to any health or nutrition for the family.

Organized and properly stored foods.

Organized pantry, but is it really full? Boxed meals and spaghetti sauce that are stored are not going to last an indefinite amount of time.

Chaos in the pantry.Food most certainly is not being rotated and who knows if Jimmy Hoffa is in this mess?

This is an organized pantry closet.

From the floor to ceiling this pantry is organized and filled.

This is a huge pantry. It has ample space, yet is not full.

This is a church pantry.

This is a lovely pantry. I cannot say enough about how beautiful this is~but it is not really a filled pantry. Water, soda, and alcohol are the primary stored items.

Do you have a pantry? Is it important to you to have food storage? My advice is yes.


lady jane said...

excellent post, Jennifer. :o)

Currently my pantry is in three locations and I'm working to reduce that to two. I have a small cupboard in the kitchen and a new shelving unit for the garage..just have to get rid of something to put it in its place.

My pantry may be relatively small in goods but the goods are well chosen and will go a long way, I believe. :o)

SouthernMom said...

I love pitures of pantries! Don't ask me why? This makes me want to organize my small stock! I think I'll do that! Maybe I'll take some pictures;~)

Humble wife said...

Lady Jane- the neat thing that you answered is that you have a pantry! I think a small area in the kitchen to use daily is perfect then to be refilled by the main pantry.

SM Jennifer- I do too. Perhaps the nesting instinct in mammas? Maybe I will have a pantry photo challenge!

~~Deby said...

Well I officially started yesterday...and I am keeping in mind that I live in earthquake country, so I will need food that might need no cooking....that in a crisis we could eat cold and from a can..
are any of those your pictures, Jennifer..would love to see everyone's pantry...Brenda and Coffee Tea Books and Me has been writing on this subject for awhile.

Humble wife said...

Deby~ yay! No none of these are my pantry. I have a kitchen pantry and a food storage pantry. I am considering a photo or two of them...

Simply Heart And Home said...


Very nice to meet you. I'm so glad that you stopped by my website. I am enjoying yours and will add it as a link on my site. :)

I love J.R. Miller. His words hit the mark every time. I'm sorry that your husband was in an auto accident. I pray that he will be comforted in body and spirit.

I do have a pantry downstairs. We had the basement finished a few years ago and they built a pantry room for me. I need to reorganize it and make a list of what I have and what I need.

Again, so nice to meet you. I was born and spent my early childhood in Santa Fe. What part of NM are you in?



Humble wife said...

Thank you! But we are thankful for the accident-You understand:)!

We are in the southern part of the state...around 15 miles outside Alamogordo...but in the desert and we enjoy the White Sands to the West of us.

MightyMom said...

OH! you said Parade of PantRies!!

ummm, I missed an R there my first time around....


ours is well stocked for what we need and use. :-)

Humble wife said...

Sarah!!!! lol

Susan said...

Yes I have a pantry and I also keep my kitchen shelves stocked neatly. When I come in from the store things go in the pantry and are moved into the cabinets as needed. Yes, the rule is last in first out. Where did you get the pictures of all these huge pantries? Mine certainly isn't that big.

Humble wife said...

Susan- smart how you shop and store!

I went through probably hundreds of photos on line to find these pantries. In real life I have only met one person who has a giganto pantry. It was 12 feet long by 6 feet wide!!! She had nine kids though!