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You cannot multiply wealth by dividing it."
Dr. Adrian Rogers 1931-2005

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Barnyard

Okay as you can see it is sunny! My first real outing since I have been sick was to the barnyard! I believe we will be breaking a record for high temperatures today! Here is Esther and the twin she kept, Martha. Martha is black and more stout than Mary.

Here is sweet Mary! She is not as big as her twin and she is brown/black.

One of the new goats...I call them all Billy the kid(sigh I know originality is lacking when you get three and you know you will be keeping only one~!) The little guy will get an official name when we are certain of the one we will be keeping. I promise to take a better photo of all three so that you can see them soon.


lady jane said...

hm..well..the others are cute (i love sheep) but Mary has stolen my heart. can you please give her a lovie from jAne? thanks. ;o)

Humble wife said...

Lady Jane--- of course as I do snuggle my little Mary as we bring her in at night. Probably not much longer as we have built an enclosed barn for her...but she will be on the bottle for another four weeks or so...

I never knew how much I would love the animals, even knowing what they may have to provide for us, I still will enjoy each moment that we will have with each one(well except the Tom turkey as he and I are not buddies!!!)

~~Deby said...

ohhhh..these are sweet Jennifer..and tell little Mary that she is Auntie Deby's favorite...oh what a sweetie..you are a good mama Jen...even to all your Billys'....

Humble wife said...

Deby~~ Smiling all the way on the farm. Mary has a place in my heart for sure. I never knew that so many barn critters would tug at my heart so deeply...I mean a goose??

Anyway Auntie Deby, perhaps I will clip a bit of her wool to send your way...and then you can sing the nursery rhyme...Baa baa black sheep have you any wool???
Lol Jen

~~Deby said...

ooooh...that is so sweet..her auntie would love it..and yes I would have to sing the song..just finished listening to the prez.' speech..now I think I might have to barf (sorry about that)

Humble wife said...

Deby- your barf just upped the stimulus package of universal health care. Can you pllllleeeeeeeeeeease tow the line and be courteous to those of us who are not barfing-ol(I am going to read the transcripts and that is why I am not barfinnnnnnggggggggg.)

Oh are we in trouble...check out this post
Jennifer or in this administration, peon 11111111910101

michelle said...

Maybe you could call them Billy, Willy and Sam the kid!

Humble wife said...

Michelle- Cute...Billy for billy goat gruff and kid cause they are kids....but the naming will be the teen machines option!!!

I have no clue which one we will keep or what my goof troop will name him...sometimes we get goofy and other times who knows?!?!

We have had a female cat named Oliver...after the movie Oliver and Company. Then when we got another kitty the unanimous name was And Company...see we are a bit goof bally!!

Muhd Imran said...

Babies... human and animals, they have this thing that melts one's heart when one sees them. Looking forward to more photos of these cute babies.

Of course, crocodile, snake and spider babies are gross to me at any age.

Why keep only one? Are you selling the other two? When will it be time to sell them off?

Have a good week.

Humble wife said...

Muhd Imran- I agree with the babies comment, except for of course the above listed...and scorpions(ugh)!!

We have six females and have been praying for a male. We were blessed with triplet males! We were given two of the does by friends, so we have offered one to this family as a thankyou...and it will give them a new bloodline for a buck.

Five of our does are not related to these fellows so we will be mating one of the boys with the five later this year. The extra buck is not needed and will tax the food supply. Perhaps if times worsen we would butcher him. But now we will sell the third kid!!

Around three or four months we will part with them. I confess that we love watching them run and jump and play all over the barnyard. It is more enjoyable to watch then tv!

Ace said...

I WANT A GOAT! I especially want a Fainting Goat! They look like they would really liven up a farm LOL.

Your goats are adorable....I would be kissing and hugging them and getting head butted all day.

Many Blessings :)

Humble wife said...

Ace- fainting goat, lol. Not our critters and my kids probably are sad. Our goats are La Mancha- mix.

Oh and the loving and petting is all day by any and all of the five of us here. They are fun and love to jump ad skip!