"You cannot legislate the poor into freedom by legislating the wealthy out of freedom. What one person receives without working for, another person must work for without receiving. The government cannot give to anybody anything that the government does not first take from somebody else. When half of the people get the idea that they do not have to work because the other half is going to take care of them, and when the other half gets the idea that it does no good to work because somebody else is going to get what they work for, that my dear friend, is about the end of any nation.

You cannot multiply wealth by dividing it."
Dr. Adrian Rogers 1931-2005

Friday, February 27, 2009

Sad Truth

I read as much of the stimulus bill as Jennifer's congressman.

I saw a poster a child was holding at one of the many Tea Party Protest being held across the nation. The sign she held had the above quote. Immediately I realized how very serious times are, and we better be ready.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Teens, Kids, Lambs, and George!

Here are the teens holding the triplets! As you can see the runt(in the center) is a good deal smaller than the other two. Oh and the teens are from left to right: Third, Fourth, and Second(of course blogland names!)

Martha and Mary, the Najavo Churro lambs. As you can see Martha is black, and Mary is brown.

Second with George. We were going to have the teens hold the lambs and George together, but George DOES NOT like sheep it seems!!

Fourth with Mary...I had to add this because well ~CUTE!!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Southwest Eggrolls!?!

We love spicy, southwest foods and so most of the foods we eat have a base of onions, garlic, jalapenos, rice, and beans. As we are still slowly recouping from a bout with the flu/cold/plague...I wanted to make something easy.

I had egg rolls on hand and pre-cooked ground beef- and an idea came forth!

garlic clove- minced
onion-diced up
jalapeno-diced up
lemon sliced
ground beef pre-cooked and seasoned
cheese(I had mozzarella on hand)
corn(mine was frozen)
pinto beans
egg rolls
chili powder

I took every one's order and made everyone their very own special egg rolls. Once I rolled all the egg rolls, I then fried them in lard, and served them up with Spanish rice and a homemade picante sauce.

Here is our quick and easy yummy dinner. I will make this again, although we do not eat many fried foods this was a lovey new recipe.

* Oh I had the egg rolls on hand because I was going to try and make something stir fry/Chinese food- because I wrote a post about the first meal I fixed Bill and it made me nostalgic.

Dressing for Success

I saw on Fox News a week or so ago, that in this economy where jobs are tight, one needs to dress for success. No more casual Fridays or ill fitting clothing, as the best dressed will give the appearance of the most professional.

Well this all made sense to me, as who am I to question such logic? My employment is here on the farm, and so no more unprofessional clothing. I am working with animals and I darn well better start dressing like this is my profession.

Here are my work boots in a before photo. As you can see I clearly was not motivated, and gave the appearance of a sour dismal employee. When one works with animals one must be vibrant and full of energy and life.

Now as you scroll down, you will notice that I am secure in my job as I, Mrs. Farmwife, have taken to heart the seriousness of proper attire. I am certain I have protected my position for years to come!

So what do you think??

Come Quickly Spring

Come quickly spring, we need your lovely flowers to brighten our wreaths!

Come quickly spring, we need you awaken and green your branches!

Come quickly spring, I have worked hard this winter.

Come quickly spring, so we can be harvested!

Come quickly spring, so the wood can go back to the woodpile, and the dried desert flowers can be refilled with blooming flowers.

Come quickly spring, so I can go back to my old job, of watering lovely gardens!

Friends, I am ready for the color of the desert to return. To many the desert always seems drab and gray, as this post seems to give the impression. Even in the desert southwest where temperatures were in the high 70's yesterday we long for the change and the blooming of the desert that spring brings!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Barnyard

Okay as you can see it is sunny! My first real outing since I have been sick was to the barnyard! I believe we will be breaking a record for high temperatures today! Here is Esther and the twin she kept, Martha. Martha is black and more stout than Mary.

Here is sweet Mary! She is not as big as her twin and she is brown/black.

One of the new goats...I call them all Billy the kid(sigh I know originality is lacking when you get three and you know you will be keeping only one~!) The little guy will get an official name when we are certain of the one we will be keeping. I promise to take a better photo of all three so that you can see them soon.

Seeds arrive!

When we were in southern Arizona on a mini road trip we were amazed at the cotton fields that we saw. I thought that cotton grew in the humid south and not the arid, dry areas. Once I saw the fields I knew that I was going to try and grow cotton. So I ordered cotton seeds the other day, and they arrived yesterday!

Photos are all from Onalee's website, which is where I ordered the seeds at a wonderful price! I have ordered many things from online, and my order from Onalee's was the fasted arrival ever!

What else did I order?

Luffa/Loofa/Loopha sponge gourd seeds...what is neat about the Loofa, is that you can eat it in its early stages and it taste like squash, or you can eat the flowers, and of course you can dry the Loofa for a bath scrubby!

Pindo palm...it is a quick growing palm that has an over abundance of fruit that is edible. With the farm, anything that can provide a surplus for the animals is a bonus for us.

I cannot share how excited I am to have new seeds to plant on the farm. This year we have worked hard to build control garden areas, due to the rabbit population that we fed last year. I did not order from the traditional places that I always ordered from, and instead ordered from several companies that provided organic heirloom seeds. I also bought seeds of foods that are native to the region I am in, and are used to harsh dry environments.

In addition to these unique garden items, we will be growing a large herb garden, tomatoes, garlic, onions, jalapenos, zucchini, crookneck squash, pumpkin, acorn squash, cucumber, sunflowers, cantaloupe, beans, peas, bee drawing flowers, turnips, cabbage, radishes and maybe more I am probably not thinking of everything. As we have done before we will be salvaging rain water(in the monsoon season) and using gray water for all of our crops, as water is a precious commodity here in the southwest.

Monday, February 23, 2009

The Fence

I love when someone has a conviction. At least we know where they stand. But sometimes in the middle you will see the simple ones that sit on a fence and choose neither side of the fence. If an argument ensues they try and appease one and then rush over to make sure that the other knows that they are *really* on their side.

As a Christian we find from Jesus himself that those who are lukewarm(indecisive) will be spit out...so here is a story about the fence for you to reflect upon.

There was a large group of people. On one side of the group stood a man, Jesus. On the other side of the group stood Satan. Separating them, running through the group, was a fence.

The scene set, both Jesus and Satan began calling to the people in the group and, one by one - each having made up his or her own mind - each went to either Jesus or Satan.

This kept going. Soon enough, Jesus had gathered around him a group of people from the larger crowd, as did Satan.

But one man joined neither group. He climbed the fence that was there and sat on it. Then Jesus and his people left and disappeared. So too did Satan and his people. And the man on the fence sat alone.

As this man sat, Satan came back, looking for something which he appeared to have lost. The man said, "Have you lost something?" Satan looked straight at him and replied, "No, there you are. Come with me."

"But", said the man, "I sat on the fence. I chose neither you nor him."

"That's okay," said Satan. "I own the fence."

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Well worth reposting

I wrote this last February and I have been thinking about this post often. I am reposting it minus the comments although I added thoughts after the comments. I think with the way our times are progressing I wish for you to remember this: in the past 100 plus years the United States rebuilt nations that were war torn. Who do you think will do that if our economy tanks? Read the last part and really ponder it, as with so much we have some responsibility. Times will be getting much harder soon, whether you believe it or not.

Hmm dated February 19,2008
Ok, now that I posted about my children, that I have been blessed with, I post some thoughts for all of us to ponder.

I post quite a bit about living on less and making do, all as a result of an accident. But I often neglect to mention some pretty amazing statistics and must NEVER FORGET that I have such an easy life.

So here goes...
~ 1.3 billion people worldwide live on less than $1.00 per day
~3 billion people worldwide live on less than $2.00 per day
~1.3 billion people do not have access to clean water
~3 billion people have no access to sanitation
~2 billion people have no access to electricity
~30,000 children worldwide die from poverty related issues...EVERYDAY
210,000 die every week, and that is a total of 10 million children a year if you are counting.
~Americans spend 110 billion dollars a year on FAST FOOD
~ Americans spend 39 billion dollars a year on their PETS

Think about this readers...please. We are so involved with so many minor details in life. Me too. What should I do about this? What shall I make for dinner? For lunch? For Breakfast? My pantry looks low, I better fill it up...


Thank God that the answer to this is no.

As you leave this post think of your children, think of yourself, and then think of the mothers who watched a child starve to death. What do you propose we, one of the most consuming societies on the planet suggest should be done?

Be honest and sincere. No need to tell me, I just had to post this, as I personally, since I was 18, have never made less than $800.00 per month(part time while in college).

Update: Well I am in from cutting out 3 Mesquite bushes, and realized I should add in a few thoughts. Long winded...I apologize up front.

1) Like Susan suggested sending money to places usually is NOT the solution, as we have seen time and time again, relief organizations end up top heavy and funnel well intended monies to themselves as salary(nearly every hurricane season we see this) or like in *third world* countries, the leadership and or military use the foods or money as collateral or to sell for the weapons or luxuries they so choose, thereby leaving the citizens still hungry. The UN has many times shown us that they allow this situation to happen. In fact I have seen footage that was filmed where the military used UN vehicles to take the relief off away from the people. But mind you I am not only pointing at the UN, as the vouchers given for Katrina victims ended up going to people who never even lived in New Orleans. The abuse and or wasted monies ten years ago was a standard 10%, but now we are watching nearly 20% be abused outright, and in other countries nearly 40-50%. I am personally against this method. As a nation we have poured literally millions and millions of dollars into the war torn/famine lands in Africa. And the situation has not changed.

2) Like Diana wrote, I am without speech when I see how much we as a nation just toss money around. Yes, $100.00 for a steak is unbelievable. We buy...buy...buy, and never see the implications of our purchases. Yes, I too buy things all the time. Yes, I used to look for the best value. But what I should do is look for quality. One needs the lower the price, the better the chance that a woman or child is working all day for pennies, just for my bargain. Now mind you, in the land where I hire work...I feel I can price shop. This contractor or that...well whomever produces the best for the least(no I am not hiring a contractor...just an example). I also think that we do not even realize how much we have. Our animals have so much...vet, pet insurance, funerals and headstones....food for senior dogs, inactive dogs, vegetarian foods for them and on and on and on. I use pets as an example because we as people like our comforts(Me too) but my goodness a dog does lick its fanny....always keep that in mind. I love warm showers, a cozy bed, electricity, water, and my very own toilet, but I think we add to our needs and the wants turn into needs. King Solomon was very wealthy and very wise, so I need to mention that money is not a curse(for the very few who can really process being responsible...)I mean how many people do you know, that buy a larger home...when the kids are nearly moved out? What is up with that? And now everyone must have a home office...are we any more business like as a nation? Well clearly not, look how many people need to be bailed out of extremely poor business sense in the housing market. Oh and how much money have you invested in crafts? I am right there with you. Most of us craft for our enjoyment, and for not any other reason.

3) Deby you also had several points that need to be addressed. You are most likely like the rest of us. I mean none of us are starving, nor probably "know" one who is starving. Living month to month is definitely tough, but starving?

A good point I thought was getting out of debt. Now being debt free does not mean that you no longer are a consumer, but that you are a usually a more responsible spender, meaning if you have to wait 3-4 years to save the cash to buy a vehicle, then YOU are in control. Believe me, when Bill bought our truck it was so much easier to have the cash then going in an having *numbers* crunched(meaning how much can the dealer/salesman make off you). He went to San Antonio to visit a sick friend and found an incredible deal, and because we could bought it outright. Business will become better, if YOU have cash as YOU are much more willing tor research everything you can prior to purchase. With our mini van we just bought the cheapest used one(on a note) it was not probably the best thing for us to do, and we had a perfectly fine mini van that we traded in...they *gave* us money on the old and worked a *deal * for us...hmm...now we paid the van off way early....but I will never purchase a vehicle again on a loan. So by being out of debt, and saving the cash YOU are a much wiser consumer. And our economy will not fail. But consumers like those(lenders and buyers alike) who bought homes without the means to buy the home are who we are going to be bailing out. And credit debt, oh my, where do I go on this...it is NOT IN YOUR BEST INTEREST TO BUY ON CREDIT. In an emergency we all have the backup...we bought a water heater on credit. But groceries, Christmas, and even clothing are being charged on credit cards. One rarely gets out of credit debt without actually paying tons more than the item cost.

Now Deby the urgency that you expressed on sharing the Good News is head on. I believe that we are so consumed with our consumerism...that we feel that there is not time enough in the day. We are so busy, and on and on. We spend millions each year on bible study guides, and Christian supplements WHEN WE SHOULD BE IN THE WORD FIRST.(I am equally guilty)

We live in times where we want instant results because we now have the means to produce this. I mean I see young couples marry and then fill their homes with beautiful furnishing, when maybe you and certainly your parents worked over time to fill the home. Now...now...now.
We have many people who spend money on liposuction instead of exercising....we expect to be entertained 24-7 and if we are not then we go out for the now fix.

What to do, what to do, what to do??

My life has changed to where I am seeing my former lifestyle and I am often saddened by how I lived. Even now, today, I threw a pop can in the garbage and thought, wow, that can add up if I am diligent, yet I left it in the can. You see as Christians we need to realize that the solution is not easy, as many turn their backs on God's solution. His solution was sending His Son. We need to step back and focus on Him.

What I suggest to this is for you to implement changes in your life. Each and every change that you do, does lower the burden fr another. Can you go one month this year and only purchase groceries and toiletries(medications also)? Could you then take that money pay off one of your credit cards? Could you devote one week a month to making meals from scratch? This is healthier for you because the foods have less preservatives. Could you reduce your clutter/in your home this year by 10%? If you have extra money by deciding not to spend on any more stuff...pay off your home. Then if you have extra...

Well before I get corny VOTE. If the Left gets in we inch closer and closer to Socialism...

Read Jungle-Hut's blog. I mean in Venezuela they are having shortages for milk, can you believe that? The socialist platform is to disperse the money so that we all share and share alike, but as in Cuba, and now Venezuela the money and supplies never go to the masses. Remember in the Soviet Union when there would lines for toilet paper. Socialism is really a system where those in power have all and the rest get little or nothing. Both Hillary and Obama want socialized medicine, and everyone gets college education, and all can move here. You see where we level the playing field and you don't have to work to have things then work seems so well not important...look at France where thousands and thousands of men under the age of 25 are unemployed! Wait unemployed? Because the government gives them the needed things, oh and France has had in the past few years thousands of cars burned, nearly 20 a night due to these *youth* not working and having such free time.

We need to recall why people settled the US. We need to stop justifying our behaviors. We need to stop thinking that because of something we have done that we deserve all these luxuries. I will remind you that the nations that maintain a relationship with the Lord prosper. Those who don't slowly decline. We have removed the Lord from nearly everything, and WE WILL REAP WHAT WE SOW. We are not blessed by having so much, find me a person whose child died for any reason. They will clear up the materialism quickly, child or stuff...then it is easy.

Make no mistake about why I write post like these, I write for me too. I write to remind me that I am not staying focused. That I am getting muddled up in the world. Famine and hunger were in the bible too. Remember what was done? Preparation for the hard times, and I believe that they are coming. Are you prepared? Could you go 7 years on 1/3 of the income you have now? How about 1 year? Could you readjust everything that you hold dear, and rebuild with the chief Cornerstone in your home? Could you skip lunch for a month, and not eat extra at dinner? Could you do these things? I am not sure, but I am willing to rededicate my life to the LORD...can I? Only through Him. I know that because of the fall of man that we can not stop hunger.

I believe that the best fix to this is you. I believe that you can stop your massive consumerism...and move to a slower pace. No don't go off the grid or sell everything that you own, but stop this craziness.

Oh and if you do have money that needs something done with it, well buy bibles...and leave them everywhere, God will do the rest.

Organize a walking club...for every mile you each walk give 1 dollar to a relief agency that you have checked out and feel comfortable with.

Challenge yourself that before you go to purchase more than the basics....read 10 chapters in the Bible. Then go, and see if you *need* to buy it. Force yourself to think about having so many needs and wants met, that maybe God wishes you to have more time to serve Him. Have you considered how very much that YOU CAN DO, BECAUSE YOU ARE NOT SO HUNGRY?

Well those are my thoughts
Thanks for helping me think out loud(so to speak!)

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Saturday on the Farm

1) As four of the five of us have been sick the entire week, I will admit right now that the house looks like it needs a bit of an overhaul.

2) Sadly the fifth is dropping while the four of us are close to feeling only really really cruddy!

3) I cannot begin to get my thoughts out on the times we are in, and feel an urgency to share with others. The problem? Denial, or perhaps contentment. Just because all feels like it is cozy, does not make everything cozy.

4) Dirt arrived for the gardens. Yes we ordered dirt as to get to a volume of dirt we have to combat the Mesquite. The Mesquite is a wonderful barrier and even provided the space for many pumpkins to grow, but makes it hard to dig around. So we ordered dirt. I mean, come on it was dirt cheap!

5) Farm cat is pregnant. Perhaps in the world of Peta and the Humane society this may be a bad thing, but here she will be providing little warriors to live outside and combat all the vermin that LOVE to reside on the Double Nickel.

6) Pepsi disappeared. We called the pound and checked the streets nearby, in case she was hit by a car. Our neighbor told us that once he saw a van stopping and Pepsi was getting in, until he hollered and told her that the dog was ours. Pepsi loves everyone and wanted to go with everyone anywhere. So we are dog short once again. I am sure that is why the coyotes felt so emboldened.

7) The geese are doing very well setting on the eggs. Once again I pray that all seven eggs hatch.

8) Mary and the kids are still being brought in at night. I think that we are near the last night bringing them in, but we see them, as of course our livelihood, and therefore do not want them to die early.

9) I am going to find my clean home once again and feel better as I am not the best sick person.

10) We have met half of our February goal of bible giveaways. I am pleased to share that five people requested a bible! Feel free to share this giveaway on your blogs.

Midnight and what are we doing?

We are all awake as COYOTES are in the internal perimeter of the farm. Fourth heard them about 30 minutes ago and the men went out to check on the animals and take care of the coyotes.

Our geese and ducks are not in contained buildings at night, but in pens. My concern is mostly for them, although our goats are all in open barns inside their pens. Boy I was from zonkers snoring to wide awake in a blink of an eye...

Men return in shirt jacks, Wellington's and safety gear...all is well! So farmer will sleep lightly as will his sons. Farmer's wife will try to sleep and I am sad to admit I probably will sleep soundly....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Friday, February 20, 2009

Down To Earth Books

The fires in Australia have been terrible and the blogger I read Down---to---Earth has shared a link letting us know that it is not always money that makes a difference. This blog gives the details of an avid teen reader who lost all his books. She is trying to give him hope by making him a new book collection from people all over the world. How about checking out the list and seeing if YOU have a book that you could mail to him.

As I think of how the families lost everything so quickly I am reminded that sometimes even the best preparation is for no gain.

Since I read the list of books I was inspired to think of how much reading he will be doing over the next several years. While I ponder how incredible this book gift will be to him, I am overcome with emotion thinking of the parents and the generosity that they will feel from all over the world.

As I write I am thinking about the books that have made a difference to me over the years.

First the Bible, but honestly until I was 30 it was more for show, I could not have told you who Esther was or Paul. Now I am friends with so many in the bible. I walk the paths that they have because I did not reflect on the lessons that they learned. I have become eternal and looking forward instead of the past. I am lightened in my step as I am covered by the blood.

2) My 1963 Betty Crocker cookbook. I bought this at a thrift store years ago and it has become another friend. You can take your fingers through the pages and follow a young woman teach herself to cook. Betty and I have spent many hours in the kitchen.

3) The Complete works of Mark Twain. I confess my mind gets the stories he weaves. I see the moral of the stories he shares and I love that the dialog is timeless.

4) Back to Basics. My sister Cathy gave Bill and I this book in the mid nineties. It is filled with homesteading information and how silly that my life turned out the way it is, as I have read and re-read the book many many times.

5) History books- I have so many, but I prefer the older books as the revisionist history is recreating something that is not true.

6) Country Wisdom and Know How- this is a compiling of the Storey pamphlets that Lehman's sells. Fantastic book!!! I cannot give it enough praise.

7) Strong's Concordance- this has been so great to cross reference words in the bible. I can study topics and people thanks to this.

8) Webster's 1828 dictionary. Since so many words have lost their meaning many people believe that what words mean today...have always been. That is not the case. I also suggest a current dictionary...to cross reference. The word I can think of as an example is gay...it most certainly means something way different than when in the 1940's.

9) My blue book for canning. It is under ten dollars but well worth it, mine is dog eared and stained but a gem!

10) My family's writings over our marriage. I saved every bit of correspondence we have received from family, and all that the children have written or that Bill and I have written. It is a written story of those around us, and our lives. Someday I would like to put it together as a book with stories wove around the letters...and photos. I did not do this in the beginning to write a book, as who looks ahead as a young person? I just remember that my mother cherished the letters that she and my father wrote while he was in Vietnam. Neither knew that he would be killed. They were just young parents of 5 pregnant with their sixth child(me) and wrote of their days and experiences as if they were sitting on the couch next to each other.

I have never read these letters although I pray that some day I am given a copy. I know that it would impact me even more so as the time passes.

Parade of Pantry's

This is a post to give you some ideas on food storage and pantries. It is extremely important to understand food rotation and dating everything that you buy. All products have a use by date, but to make sure YOU rotate properly take a permanent marker and write the month and year that you bought the item. Old goes to the front and the newest item is placed in the rear.

It is also important to stress that being organized is only going to keep you sane. In a time where you may be required to use your pantry as the local market, you need sanity, instead of chaos.

Another critical thing to keep in mind is that mixes, cereals, chips, and soda although ease foods, do not give you the best for your money, or nutrition. I believe that you should have the items to make cookies, cakes, and pies, but from scratch. If I buy sugar, flour shortening I have items that can be used in many recipes. If I buy 12 boxes of cake mixes I am limited as to the use. Same with buying Hamburger Helper meals vs. pasta, rice, canned meats, and spices.

Garage pantry.

Pantry seems to be bursting at the gills but is it a fulfilling pantry? Storing foods with so many empty calories is not going to add to any health or nutrition for the family.

Organized and properly stored foods.

Organized pantry, but is it really full? Boxed meals and spaghetti sauce that are stored are not going to last an indefinite amount of time.

Chaos in the pantry.Food most certainly is not being rotated and who knows if Jimmy Hoffa is in this mess?

This is an organized pantry closet.

From the floor to ceiling this pantry is organized and filled.

This is a huge pantry. It has ample space, yet is not full.

This is a church pantry.

This is a lovely pantry. I cannot say enough about how beautiful this is~but it is not really a filled pantry. Water, soda, and alcohol are the primary stored items.

Do you have a pantry? Is it important to you to have food storage? My advice is yes.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

New Button

I have become an affiliate for Mountain Rose Herbs, and that is why the button is on my sidebar. They sell organic herbs, spices, seeds, jars and much more.

Please click on the link and browse the site and if you decide to order something, I will get a small amount just like in Mar*y Kay.
Thank you

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Reality of the Situation

I have been thinking often of the Jews in Germany in the mid thirties. I am connected to Germany for several reasons. A young immigrant came to this great land in the 1820's, and he began the line of the family that would bring me into the world. He was from northern Germany but always wanted to own his own store which he did by 1830 in the US.

I was able to live in Germany for nearly 4 years because Bill was stationed there in the early 1990's. In fact we added two more sons to the family while we living there. No matter what experiences I had there(everything as we saw and did everything)I cannot never forget the reality of what happened to citizens of that nation.

Some Jews understood the times and left Germany in the mid thirties. I am sure that this was an incredibly hard thing to do, and in fact I am sure many said to them that they are being too paranoid.

As history has shown those that left Germany were justified. The signs were all there, and it is a horror tale that is sometimes disbelieved or even out and out lied about today.

Friends the signs are here in the US, not for the roundup of any religious faith, but of massive inflation. The stimulus package was 15% stimulus and 85% programs such as food stamps, birth control, science to be named later and on and on. The economy is not going to be stimulated. Already I have read on line that perhaps a second stimulus package will be needed. Where do you think that this money came from? We borrowed it from foreign investors. In fact China is the largest of the investors. You and I will be paying it back, but our grandchildren and great grandchildren will be paying for more than the money. Dumping money into a problem has never solved anything. Homeschool parents can testify to how little we spend for the gain we see.

So in times where inflation is going to climb, I suggest increasing your pantry as I have said before. Buy food, toiletries and meds. If you have a place to plant a garden, then buy heirloom seeds as well so that you can provide some of your own food. During WWII Victory Gardens most certainly kept families alive. I realize that many of you cannot have animals in your city or urban dwelling, yet rabbits are often considered pets, so I would consider getting a buck and doe, as many during WWII learned that rabbit was easy to raise and the meat brought protein into many a diet.

I am not suggesting you believe me. Our President has even told us we are in almost catastrophic times. Economist are talking and suggesting buying gold. The dollar is not going to be important in a few years(or much sooner). I think often of the wives of the Jews that remained in Germany. They probably were much like me, and convinced their husbands that the move is crazy, why leave all they know? I am sure I would have been that way, and then being in my forties would have ended up in the "showers".

I pray that the reality of the times are clear and that you prepare for you and yours. I am most certain that parents in Africa have horror stories about hungry children dying, but it couldn't happen here could it? Please remember all empires have a shelf life, and America is no different.

Update on the Farm

We have had several request for bibles and I will be mailing out the first batch on Friday. Rest assured we actually have many more than ten to give away, so feel free to link to the post for others to have His word.

The White Sands are blowing hard today, so ugh!

The lambs and kids are all doing amazingly well. We are expecting one more ewe to give birth in the next three to four weeks and that will be it for new critters due to births.

I have my seeds and gardens all ready to go. Now to work and till the garden area that we have been prepping all winter.

We ordered more chicks...they will be delivered first week in April and once again we are looking forward to their arrival.

Our geese are setting on 7 eggs!! I pray that all hatch. We have no eggs from our Spanish Turkeys. We have 2 females and then the evil mean tom that attacks me all the time!! They seem to like him though. I had hoped we would have some turkeys this year from our own.

School news~ not much going on as everyone but one is under the weather. He is working and writing(and helping out so much!)

First now has his phone so we are in contact with him whenever he wishes to call. He has been very upbeat and is thrilled to be on the East coast.

That is all for the this and that's on the farm.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

It's A Wonderful Life*

I have spoken of my George...He bows his head every time he is near.

Here is Mary, someday soon we will be able to sing 'Mary had a little lamb'

Oh and for the record, I happen to really enjoy It's A Wonderful Life, although my farm version is much more exciting!


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Thank you all
Bill & Jennifer and the children

Monday, February 16, 2009

I got off on George Street

This is a post I had on my home school blog. It is long, but I promise it is well worth the read. Jennifer

(The person who gave this message is Rev. Dave Smethurst)

This all started a number of years ago in a Baptist church in Crystal Palace in South London. The Sunday morning service was closing and a man stood up at the back and raised his hand and said: “Excuse me pastor can I share a short testimony?” The pastor looked at his watch and said “You have three minutes”.

The man proceeded with his story:
“I've just moved into this area. I used to live in Sydney Australia. Just a few months back I was visiting some relatives and I was walking down George Street. You know where George Street is in Sydney going from the Business Area out to the Rock - the colonial area. A strange little white haired man stepped out from a shop doorway, put a pamphlet in my hand and said: “Excuse me sir, are you saved, if you die tonight are you going to heaven?” - I was astounded by these words. No one had ever asked me that. I thanked him courteously and all the way home to London this puzzled me. I called a friend and thank God he was a Christian and he led me to Christ.”

The Baptists love testimonies like that. Everyone applauded and welcomed him into their fellowship.

The Baptist pastor flew to Adelaide, Australia the next week and 10 days later in the middle of a three day series in a Baptist church in Adelaide, a woman came up to him for some counseling. He wanted to establish where she stood with Christ. He said “I used to live in Sydney and just a couple of months back I was visiting some friends in Sydney doing some last minute shopping down George Street. A strange little white haired man stepped out of a shop doorway and offered me a pamphlet and said “Excuse me madam, are you saved, if you die tonight are you going to heaven? ” - I was disturbed by those words. When I got home to Adelaide, I knew this Baptist church was on the next block form me. I sought out the pastor and he led me to Christ. So I am telling you that I am a Christian.”

The London pastor was now very puzzled. Twice in two weeks he had heard the same
testimony. He then flew to preach in the Mount Pleasant Church in Perth. When his
teaching series was over the senior elder of that Church took him out for a meal and he asked the elder how he got saved.

“I grew up in this church from the age of 15. I never made a commitment to Jesus, just hopped on the bandwagon like everyone else. Because of my business ability grew up to a place of influence. I was on a business trip to Sydney just three years ago. An obnoxious spiteful little man stepped out of a shop doorway, offered me a religious pamphlet - cheap junk - and accosted me with a question: “Excuse me
sir, are you saved, if you die tonight are you going to heaven?” I tried to tell him I was a Baptist elder. He wouldn’t listen to me. I was seething with anger all the way home from Sydney to Perth. I told my pastor, thinking that he would sympathize, but he agreed. He had been disturbed for years knowing that I didn't have a relationship with Jesus, and he was right. My pastor led me to Jesus just three years ago.”

The London preacher flew home and was soon speaking at the Keswick conventions in the Lake District and he threw in these three testimonies. At the close of this teaching series, fours elderly pastors came up and explained that they too had been saved between 25 and 30 years earlier through that same little man on George Street, offering them a pamphlet and asking that same question.

The following week he flew to a similar Keswick convention in the Caribbean to missionaries. He shared the same testimonies. At the close of his teaching three missionaries came forward and said that they had also had been saved between 15 and 25 years earlier by that same little man’s testimony and asked us the same question on George Street in Sydney. Next he stopped in Atlanta, Georgia to speak at a Naval Chaplain convention. Here for three days he spoke to over 1000 Naval Chaplains. Afterwards the Chaplain General took him out for a meal and he asked the Chaplain how he became a Christian. “It was miraculous. I was fa rating on a Naval battleship and I lived a reprobate life.

We were doing exercises in the South Pacific and we docked at Sydney harbour for replenishments. We hit Kings Cross with a vengeance. I was blind drunk, got on the wrong bus and got off in George Street. As I got off the bus, I though I saw a ghost as this man jumped out in front of me, pushed a pamphlet in my hand and said “Sailor, are you saved, if you die tonight are you going to heaven?” The fear of
God hit me immediately. I was shocked sober, ran back to the ship and sought out the Chaplain. He led me to Christ. I soon began to prepare for the ministry under his guidance. I am now in charge of 1000 chaplains who are bent on soul winning today.”

Six months later that London pastor flew to a conference for 5,000 Indian missionaries in a remote part of North East India. At the end the head missionary took him to his humble little home for a simple meal. He asked how he as a Hindu came to Christ. “I grew up in a very privileged position, I worked the Indian Diplomatic Mission and I travelled the world. I am so glad for the forgiveness of Christ and blood covering my sin. I would be very embarrassed if people found out what I got into. One period of diplomatic service took me to Sydney. I was doing some last minute shopping, laden with toys and clothes for my children. I was walking down George Street when a courteous white haired little man stepped out in front of me and offered me a pamphlet and said “Excuse me sir, are you saved, if you die tonight are you going to heaven?” I thanked him very much but this disturbed me. I got back to my town, sought out our Hindu priest. He couldn’t help me, but he advised me that to satisfy my curious mind, I should go and talk to the missionary in the mission home at the end of road. That was good advice because that day the missionary led me to Christ. I quit Hinduism immediately and began to prepare for ministry. I left the Diplomatic Service and here I am today, by God’s grace in charge of all these missionaries who have together led 100.000 people to Christ.

Eight months later that London Pastor was preaching in Sydney. He asked the local Baptist Minister if he knew of a little elderly white haired man who handed out tracts on George Street. He replied “Yes is do, his name is Mr. Genor, although I don’t think he does it any more because he is so frail and elderly.” Two nights later they went to meet him in his little apartment. They knocked on the door and this tiny frail old man greeted them. He sat them down and made them tea. He was so frail that he was slopping the tea into the saucer as his hands shook. The London preacher sat there and told him of
all these accounts from the previous three years. This little man sat with tears running down his cheeks.

He told them his story. “I was a rating on an Australian warship. I was living a reprobate life. In a crisis I really hit the wall. One of my colleagues, to whom I gave literal hell, was there to help me. He led me to Jesus and the change in my life was night to day in 24 hours. I was so grateful to God; I promised God that I would share Jesus in a simple witness with at least 10 people a day. As God me strength I did that. Sometimes I was ill and couldn’t do it, but I made up for the days I missed it at other
times. I wasn’t paranoid about it. I have done this for over 40 years. In my retirement years, the best place was on St. George Street where I saw hundreds of people a day. I got lots of rejections, but a lot of people courteously took the tract.

In 40 years of doing this, I have never heard of one single person coming to Jesus
until today.”

You know, I would say that he has to be commitment. To show gratitude and love for Jesus to do that for 40 years and not hear of any results. That simple little non-charismatic Baptist man witnessed to perhaps 147,000 people. I think that God was showing that Baptist pastor from London was the tip of the tip of the tip of the iceberg. Goodness knows how many more had been arrested for Christ. Doing huge jobs out in the mission fields. Mr. Genor died two weeks later. Can you imagine the reward he went home to in Heaven?

I doubt his face would ever have appeared on Charisma Magazine. I doubt there wouldever have been a photograph and a write up in Billy Graham’s Decision magazine. No one except a little group of Baptists in Sydney knew about Mr. Genor, but I tell you his name was famous in Heaven. Heaven knew Mr. Genor and you can imagine the welcome and Red Carpet and the fanfare that he received when he went home to Glory. Source: http://www.worldmissions.com/evangelism/george_street.html

Sunday, February 15, 2009


I am best friends forever with George the goose. No kidding. He sits upon my lap, he follows me everywhere gaggles(I think that is his dialect) to me with no mind that I do not have a goose to English translator. It is almost embarrassing how much he thinks of me. I remember we had a cat in Nevada that showed his love for all of us by bringing every critter he downed overnight to the porch for us to admire. We had to block the cat door because he brought in a gopher(well no I did not close it until the next day when he brought in a bird that was not dead and willing to fly for his life---ah memories)

Where was I? My real BFF has a little word play with me based off a nutty commercial we saw in Nevada. It was a furniture store ad, and the catch line was "Who loves ya baby?" Bill made this his own and off course as a giggly bride I always say...You do Bill!! Well not any more, I told Bill that I was sorry but George has put his name in the running!

On to a bit more of how odd a farm wife I am...Mary the little lamb that her mother would not feed, is most certain I am her momma. The sheep bleat in the back and she ignores them, I call her and she races and skips towards me. Oh I need a bailout to maintain my newly dysfunctional family.

One final Jen gem...I am the egg washer. I wash off anything that remains from the hen, goose, duck, or turkey. We have one midget turkey that has no mate that is laying an egg about every 3 to 4 days. I have been saving them to reach a half dozen, and every day while I wash all the other eggs, I have been trying to scrub clean one egg. I finally took Bill and Second aside and told them we need to charge $5.00 per egg for the effort of getting these clean...in fact I couldn't get it completely clean. Well they laughed at me and told me that the eggs are supposed to be speckled! I have once again learned something new on this wonderful farm!

Have a great week...I am trying to get eggcited about maybe feeling better. I am still under the weather as now my daughter is too.
Jennifer, George's BFF, Mary's momma, and the seeing spots lady!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Interested Crafters?

Hi all- I read a blog in Australia that often host crafting swaps. So far I have participated in an apron swap, a tote swap, and a needle-book and pincushion swap. She is hosting another swap-kitchen towels and hot pads. The deadline is the 19th so if you wish to participate here is the link Down---to---Earth.

Oh and my daughter joined in on the apron swap so if your daughters wish to join sign them up too!

Lovely Day

Remember when the 2005 Tsunami hit? For the most part every video before or as the wave is crashing shows lovely weather. It seemed like another day on paradise for those on holiday.

Yet in moments every bit of stability and calm that the region knew was wiped out.

I am wondering if we are having a lovely day in the United States and are ignoring the crashing economy?

Friday, February 13, 2009

Rice is Nice

Rice is a wonderful food to have in your storage because it is pretty inexpensive and versatile enough to be served at each meal.

For example here is a daily menu:

Breakfast: arroz con leche

Lunch: chicken with rice soup

Dinner: burritos
Spanish rice
shredded cabbage

Storing rice is as easy as washing out a food safe plastic bucket and filling it with the rice. I am fortunate that I have a restaurant in my community that gives me the 4 gallon buckets that contain frozen strawberries. The buckets stack on top eachother neatly.

According to this post on food storage goals links that I provided, a family of five should store 250lbs of rice for one year. I went to Sam's Club and bought 50lbs of rice for $22.00.

Once again I am writing post such as this to share that food storage is nothing more than having food in abundance around that you can use on a daily basis.

Other easy uses of rice: you can add 1/4-1/2 cup of rice to ground beef, and then make meatballs that we add to Albonidigas soup.

Add 1/4-1/2 cup of rice to ground beef to make your meatloaf. It stretches the meat and is yummy.

Rice can be added to any soup that you make. It can be served with kikimon. It can be served like a baked potato with butter, salt and pepper.

Please take an extra moment in your grocery shopping to buy something for your food storage.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Times We Are In

These are murmurers, complainers, walking after their own lusts; and their mouth speaketh great swelling words, having men's persons in admiration because of advantage.
(bold and italics added)
Jude 1:16

Remember the simple life? You know where we established zoos to see creatures from faraway lands that we would never see otherwise and to preserve species? Well the Binder Park Zoo in Michigan is no longer involved in that simple preservation but instead has turned Valentine's Day at the zoo into a back alley PEEP SHOW. If you wish not to be sickened, I will just tell you what the zoo is hosting and that it is sold out. They are hosting zoo-erotica where you and your lover can go and watch animals procreate.

In every generation we have had perversion, war, destruction, hate, anti-God, homosexuality, bestiality, pedophilia, abortion, murder, theft, poverty, raunchy racy crude sexual innuendos BUT these things were the worst of times. Societies were driven to eradicate these acts.

Not any more. We now have these acts performed in the daytime, in the daylight and without shame. We have become as a whole an amoral society and I for one am without a doubt as to what is coming. Are YOU? If you have any questions as to what is coming feel free to email at mcbenningministries(at)yahoo(dot)com.

We Grow Diet Potatoes!

We had a cold snap and I forgot to bring in our bucket potatoes, so they froze. No problem, this grand harvest if washed and served by Jenn*y Cra*ig would cost you several dollars and you would not have an overload in calories.

So offshoot of the gardening, perhaps a Diet Patch!

When life gives you lemons teeny potatoes, makelemonade a diet dinner!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Food Storage Preparation

In order to start storing food for your family you will need create a menu of meals that your family eats on a regular basis. It will do you no good to buy bulk items that your family doesn't eat.

I have 2-two week rotating menus, and that is what I use as a basis for my food storage. One thing that you will need to come to grips with is this: nearly half of all the food you buy ends up as food waste. This was shocking to me, in fact I refused to believe that this was the case for my family, but sadly it was true(a few years ago- not anymore).

Your menu needs to incorporate leftovers or make meals that have less, and serve a dessert after dinner. We seem to have stopped the after dinner dessert due to the constant grazing most Americans partake in daily.

My food storage goals may be different than yours, but a good place to start is having two weeks storage(that includes water). Another important thing about storing food is the need to rotate items.

Backwoods Home food storage for $10.00 a week.

Food Storage Calculator(this is on a Mormon-Latter Day website...The Mormon church has been a long in their food storage goals. The church advises their members to save one years worth of storage. The link is a basis, as taking in your needs over rides the chart.)

* I am not supporting any other content on the above links aside from the food storage. *

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Part 2: Understanding the Times

Part 1: Preparation

Understanding the times is important when one wishes to enjoy life and yet be as prepared as possible.We live in incredible times. Technology is racing so quickly that my new laptop will be outdated in months if not weeks. While in my family room I can view anyplace in the world in real time. All of my business, shopping and relationships can be done on line in my pajamas.

For a price I can get any information I wish on anyone. By the time I will have finished posting this post, many people will have had their identities stolen. If one is not online they are missing out on the Brave New World that is now planet earth.

The times we live in are also quite volatile. In the recorded history of the planet we have almost never gone without a war blazing somewhere. Several nations have the ability to utilize nuclear weapons, and then there are many rogue nations seeking this technology to the expense of their people(North Korea, Iran for two).

We live in times where medical treatment is not based on need but on whether your HMO will pay for the care. If the stimulus package goes through we will all be on a monitoring list and heath care and treatments will be rationed based on whether it is cost effective. I foresee the elderly, the chronically ill, and the poor loosing the race to care. The slope has already been placed. We have reduced the value of those in the womb so now it is time for the pendulum to swing towards those near the end of their lives, as less treatment for them* expedites their end and more care for the vibrant Americans that truly will benefit.

One more quick explanation of the times we live in: the median home price for the nation is between $140,000.00 to $240,000.00(depending on the region of the country that you reside in)-yet we expect to go to Walmart and buy groceries for prices so low, so inexpensive that something had to give. Our industries had to farm out the work for anything you buy, just to give you the best price. So we have most of our home filled with items made in China with the worker being paid less than a dollar a day. The scales don't balance. Clearly something had to give. We are now reaping what we have sown, because in order for China to produce items so inexpensively, they are fudging the materials they use with cardboard, formaldehyde, and many other toxins to stretch the products.

This imbalance is not the American way, where supply and demand meet and things are wonderful, as we have removed the competition because of unions and fixed minimum wage, companies had no choice(because of course they wanted to make money).

What should we do then? Well my first suggestion is to assess the items you have in your home, and then the planned purchases that you will do over the year. Then cross out everything on the list. I do not think that any purchase is priority. My suggestion is to de-clutter and reduce the stuff that you have in your home. We have become such a material nation. We see, we buy, we toss out, to then buy more. Or we become hoarders.

By understanding the times, one will understand one important thing. No matter what else I can say, no matter how much I close my eyes and wish for it not to be so, times have changed to a point that we can never regain the footing that our nation once had. So what do you need to continue believing that money is magically appearing, and that everything will be fine? Because for me, the handwriting is on the wall. The stimulus package is 12% to stimulate the economy and 88% PORK. Translation? This means that our government is not trying to stimulate the economy but sabotage it. Understand this so you can be as prepared as you can be.

Part 3: Food~Shelter~Clothing

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Part 1: Preparation

I am beginning a series on what I am doing and why I am doing so, as a result of several emails I have received. First off, I am a preparer. I was 10 during the blizzard of 78(hit the Great Lakes area) and learned some valuable lessons as a result of having a mother who was a preparer(she was born during the Depression).

We lived in a very rural area and the Blizzard hit hard. We lived in a two story house and the snow was to the second floor. That was a good thing because it did provide a bit of warmth. Having so many in the family(ten) mom would buy like you would imagine one would for a small army. She special ordered toilet paper that came in a box that we kids used as a fort. We had an orchard and a garden and she knew how to can and put up foods. Our pantry was the size of the room that my daughter now has as her bedroom. We also had two freezers in the garage. When the blizzard hit we lost power but had a fireplace-funny thing was that our neighbor down the way had power totally and never lost it once. So we all were bundled up(the youngest was 2) and we trekked over to Hazel's house. She had an 1800 square foot house with her son, two daughters and their husbands plus our ten. Hazel did not have food storage, so my brothers and step dad and the men of Hazel's family crossed back to our home with sleds and brought every bit of food that they could bring. We ended up living with them for nearly a month as a result of the massiveness of the blizzard and we never ran out of food. Not once! The grand total that bunked there ended up being 20 people. So 20 people times 3 meals a day= 60, times 30 or so days= 1800 meals. WOW-that is staggering to think of now.

But the preparation kept neighbors alive and kindled bonds forever. Imagine if she did not have that storage? We may have ended up at a shelter or whatever was available and then may have required federal aid for food. The aid was needed in so many other areas because schools were damaged, roads, roofs, etc. Preparation enabled a bad situation to be handled with relative ease, and remember this clearly it was frightening for the kids so it must have been worse for the adults.

Now one must understand that preparation is not just food storage but a measure of what if's and then how will I handle the situation. If you live in hurricane country then have a place inland that can receive you. Put up a container with three outfits per person, meds and a list of important papers that you need to grab from the safe when you leave. If you live in tornado country and do not have a basement then you must always know where you will go in an emergency.

Also have an outside of the area connector for your family. For example if you need to check in and let other loved ones know that you are alive...they can check this outside connector. I have extended family in Ohio that all my kids know is our connector. We pray that we never are in a situation like this, but if we are then we can quickly determine who is ok and who we need to look for.

So in times where our government is not preparing for a worst case scenario I am suggesting that you do. When I mentioned beginning a food storage closet this is where I was going. We must understand that when the money runs out...then what? How long can we pay unemployment for 60 million people? How long can we continue to provide every child in the nation insurance? How long can we keep PORK projects going? Well as long as there is money. Then like the kid at the bar buying for everyone- the minute he stops boom no friends...that will be our nation.

We are not allowed to use our national resources. We are aborting so many babies, that we have taught women for four decades that everything is expendable, because she is in control. We have elected generations of politicians from the Kennedy's to the Bush's without permitting an outsider(Palin) in for fear that she was uncouth. Well golly, has anyone died while she was driving? Her son is in Iraq- where our sons and daughters are. But she was not allowed in the club of Chicago style Washington pork elitist...because she has no experience. I pause to smile, as she has no experience in stealing your money and porking it over to others.

Obama has a huge task ahead of him and I for one, and not up for change. I am going to be more of the same that permitted me, a suburban housewife to become a farm wife in the desert without too much shock. So prepare I am.

Part 1
Christian reference: Joseph prepared for the seven year famine...Genesis 47

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Farm News

1. The goat kids are one week old. Wow are they fun, and amazing to watch. We still bring them in over night to keep them warm.

2. The lambs are 4 days old. The mother will not allow one of the twins near her, so I am momma. Mary the little lamb(smile with me), is now the farm family baby. We take her out with us whenever we are outside and she follows us, and she is on a bottle. So far so good.

3. The winter garden going well, and we have rearranged the house for all the seeds we have planted for the spring garden.

4. Egg sales are great and we have built up a nice base. Orders for Thanksgiving turkeys are already coming in!

5. Building projects planned for spring along with more perimeter fencing.

6. Oldest son in advanced training in Maryland.

7. School for the others is going great. We are studying the Constitution and it has been fun. They are also in the middle of their third movie project. They began a filming company last January(2007) with a few of their friends and have created some fun movies for You-Tube. When I watched the most recent unedited movie I was astounded. Second built a stand for the Flip camera and it has been incredible. The boys also included a few of the animals on the farm this time.

8. As I have shared before I feel pressed to build up skills and abilities to assist the farm in self sufficiency. I also am building up food storage. I suggest that my friends in blog land do the same. I am working on a post on food storage and how to use it and rotate it efficiently.

Well that is it for now, and I pray that it slows down a bit before our other ewe gives birth, but one thing we have learned this year is that time can always be filled on the farm!
Have a great day. We are enjoying temps in the 70's!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Simple Recipe: UPDATED

I love V-8! But to be honest I love V-8 as a base for my daily breakfast soup and not as a cold drink. In fact I do not like V-8 cold. Now that I have shared another quirky trait I have, I better share my new found recipe for V-8.

1 can tomato sauce
3 cups water

2 peeled carrots diced
2 celery stalks diced
1/4 cup fresh parsley
3 radishes diced
1/4 cup chopped onion
8 fresh spinach leaves chopped
2 cups tomato juice
salt and pepper to taste

Mix the tomato sauce and 3 cups water together. Add the remainder ingredients together.

That was the recipe I had~ so I had to plot out what next- so I decided to slowly bring the mix together to a boil. Once boiling I reduced the heat for five minutes to low. Strain the juice(if you have chickens or compost-save the veggies) and you are done.

The juice is now ready for Jennifer's breakfast. I mix V-8(or veggie-6) together with 1 cup red beans and 1 cup kidney beans. For lunch I usually add 1/2 cup of rice to the soup. It last three to four days...and I love it. Oh and for the above recipe I used the entire tomato sauce/water that I mixed together.

There is no need to explain how healthy this is for you. Remember it is not about dieting but modifying your life to eat and enjoy the healthy things in life.


When I use the canned V-8 it has 46 oz(1.36 L) and it last for three to four days. Traditional American breakfast consist of cereal for the children, once we began living more simple, I assessed the cost of the cereal(first) then the nutrition. Funny when we could afford to shop without budgets I never looked at the nutrition. Now I realize how unhealthy cereal is as a morning start. My gang is not big on my soup morning mix. They are usually an oatmeal or arroz con leche crowd!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Farm Life Excitement

Another exciting day on the farm! Esther, one of our Navajo Churro sheep gave birth to twins yesterday afternoon! We know for sure that one is a female because we brought her inside last night. Bill went out to check on them and one lamb was pretty lethargic- so in she came to the already established barn nursery being held in the family room and school room.

The kids(triplet goats) were born on Saturday and are doing incredible but need to be inside due to freezing nights. We have mastered taking them out 2 first then the third about 5 minutes later in order for all to have a chance to suckle. The neat thing is that we take them out around 10 pm and then bring them back in as soon as they finish feeding and they sleep until 5 am! Helga, their momma seems to get that we are helping her and is a great mother.

Esther, the ewe is a bit more worried about her lamb. When we first brought the lamb in I could hear Esther bleating. It took about 5 minutes for her to stop. When Bill gave me the lamb I was very honest with the children and told them maybe this one has a 20% survival hope. After a night up feeding and holding and rubbing the legs and back etc, she is a totally different lamb! Wow-for not knowing too much about animal husbandry, we are so far doing okay.

Once again I am feeling like I did when I had my own newborns, groggy~yet giddy with excitement. For this farm family we are most certainly thanking God, because we prayed for male goat(s) and female sheep to keep the herds increasing and praise Him-that is what we received!


Monday, February 2, 2009

Movie review on the Double Nickel

Fireproof with Kirk Cameron~ Wonderful. Definitely worth watching...family friendly. Oh and the supporting actors are extremely funny. Beware it may just make you think about your marriage and your life.
Five stars


No title for the previous post as I could not do the title and the post together!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Nanny State

I am able to get on the farm blog and so far so good.

Now that I am on I will share some more of the farm happenings. Last night was like having a newborn all over again(except that it was three!) Bill and I were the nannies(lol) and every two hours we took the oldest two kids out to the barn to the mother. The runt did fine with the baby bottle so I held him and fed him most of the night.

Around 4:30 I went to bed as the boys were waking to help with the morning feeding. Bill came in and woke me at 8 am and told me that the runt was able to suckle his momma~cheering loudly yay! So when the temps hit 45 we took the kids out and left them outside until six.

Short, choppy and sleepy narrative made by a little bit tired farm wife!