"You cannot legislate the poor into freedom by legislating the wealthy out of freedom. What one person receives without working for, another person must work for without receiving. The government cannot give to anybody anything that the government does not first take from somebody else. When half of the people get the idea that they do not have to work because the other half is going to take care of them, and when the other half gets the idea that it does no good to work because somebody else is going to get what they work for, that my dear friend, is about the end of any nation.

You cannot multiply wealth by dividing it."
Dr. Adrian Rogers 1931-2005

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Final Four- Taking the Family Picture

If you couldn't tell I learned a long time ago to have goof 'takes' to ensure a keeper. This year I discovered that I loved every picture and will cherish this time together so much. The above photo is in my top choices to go in a frame, although I have 78 pictures to review and perhaps will have a readers choice contest to help me pick the best one!
I have enjoyed my little corner in blog-land sharing a window to my life, and I appreciate all of you visiting the farm. May you all have a Happy New Year from my family to yours.
The End!

Last Thoughts

Time to reflect upon 2009 and look to 2010

  1. We never totally appreciate everything that we have.
  2. Debate used to be something that we engaged in to permit all voices to be heard. Now debate cannot exist.
  3. Hollywood can show all kinds of vile behavior and we will pay for a ticket and then later buy the DVD.
  4. Sex has taken over our public schools(and not by the teens anymore) we have an incredibly movement that is pushing an agenda to our youngest...and we sit back afraid to be called a homophobe. This one always shocks me the most, because if this campaign of heterosexual awareness was pushed in the public setting and to our children all the way down to kindergartners, there would be an outcry like no other. Yet the word fisting, which I will not explain here, has been part of what is taught to children in public schools-Standing for age appropriate behavior means nothing anymore-else one may be thought to be a hate criminal. Oh and for the record we do not have a campaign about bestiality- should we? I mean there are most certainly children out there that are attracted to their pets. Perhaps we could promote literature and curricula that graphically explains just how things work for this to work. You know what else? Some people are sexually attracted to dead people- why are we not teaching the youngsters this either?Why can't we teach the children how to wife swap, gang rape, or understand that in prison sex with someone of the same sex does not make you gay. You know why? Because these are still(ever so slightly) considered abhorrent behaviors, so we mustn't share them with the wee ones.
  5. We needed to have a beer summit at the White House because a police officer had to deal with a belligerent old man(who happened to be black) and the President(who desires we never jump to conclusions) immediately cried race?
  6. When will Fort Hood be given a beer summit?
  7. When will the folks who were on the Christmas day flight be given a beer summit?
  8. The answers to 6 and 7 will never be given and I will be treated like a moron, because can't you see that the President is black? Oops I am now a racist. Sorry Americans- I saw a man who boldly held his hands down every time the national anthem was played. I saw and heard a husband and wife speak ill of a country that gave them elite educations, high paying jobs, and the freedom that allowed them to campaign for the position of president of the United States. Yes, I saw a fairly good looking man that was black, first, but that did not influence my attitude for his beliefs. He told us all along the trail that the America that millions risk all to move to, is not really a great place. He told us that he would fundamentally change the United States. That is who I saw and I was troubled.
  9. Helping the banks did not help us, as they took the money and then increased all of our rates...
  10. Helping the housing crisis also did not work. This next quarter is going to be pretty darn bad ...
  11. Bailing out those TOO BIG to fail only means when these too big to fail businesses really collapse- we will be underneath them...can you say OUCH?
  12. War on Terror does not exist anymore, and to prove this, the panty bomber- has been mirandized and will be afforded the very same rights as any American. Come on...this war thing is so hostile...especially when our genius government officials have discovered the truth- The REAL THREAT TO AMERICA simple, God fearing folks, who have worn the uniform, own weapons, and salute the American flag(hint- that is you and me).
  13. When we failed to drill in ANWR we placed the final nail in the coffin of inexpensive fuel. Remember $4 and $5 gas? It never came back down to the before prices and guess what? We took it---therefore OPEC needn't ever lower the price again. They own us, because we will not use what we have.
  14. Oh and for all you earth friendly climate what nots- this will be very blunt: I appreciate that you have a great urgency to be proactive in a cause...but you focus was flawed. Your wallet wasn't and boy the Al Gore's of the world appreciate your riding a bicycle everywhere while they own private jets- and enjoy the tofu(Al still can't seem to give up meat) but your cause is noble, oops I meant for the new nobility, as you and your cause have created a billion dollar boom for them. Would you like to hear about a real cause that would save so much more? How about saving your marriage- devote as much time to your marriage as you have been devoting to sorting your trash, locating organic materials etc. I bet that you would be amazed at the relationship you could really have. Or focus on your children(or parents). I bet raising them instead of placing them on a pedestal would drastically change much of our problems with the youth and their complete narcissistic attitudes that they have.---By the way it was NOT the leaked emails that left me with this opinion. Let's focus on something plain and simple. How old has science said the earth is? 4 something billion years old- yet man in one century(mostly on one continent-America) is destroying the planet? Here is a novel idea- research how much data one needs to compile a cycle. Then imagine a teeeeeeeny tiny blip, as that is what the past 6000 years are on the scientific age of the earth. This cannot be science based on what they have determined the science to be.
  15. 2010 should be a powerful year for Americans. We should begin something that would cause fear in the political class. We should- no matter what- vote out every member of Congress. They are not doing what the people wish and haven't for many, many years. So let's make the term they are in now the last term. Then push for an overhaul such as we have now with the term limits of the president. But Senators have six years...ONE TERM. Representatives can have two terms...NO MORE. You see then the lobby whores would not have the same ability as they have now to sway votes and trillions of dollars. Enough is enough.
  16. 2010 should be a powerful year for you. It is the time to stop the mollycoddling. It is time to stop the whining and instead step up and be part of the solution. If we don't like what is going on in government fix it.
  17. 2010 should be the year that we stop spending money we don't have. If we can't pay our debt, we should eliminate our toys until we can pay our debt. This should be the year of rice and beans. Until we are debt free if we just reduced our food expenses to the most basic we would see a change in our body and in our debt. Approximately 40% of all the food you have in your fridge will go in the garbage...so cut this waste out now.
  18. 2010 should be the year we stop making Hollywood wealthy. I say turn in the cable boxes or satellite dishes and pick up a book- I say start with two books- the Bible and the Constitution. Both are incredible reads. Both offer freedom: one from hell, and the other because here on earth because of what is outlined in the Constitution. Both offer hope- but neither have been read in so long that here today in conversation many would not be able to join.
  19. 2010 should be the year we begin to take responsibility once again.
  20. 2010 should be the year that we say NO MORE.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I have not moved~

It seems like it though with the amount of snow we have seen this winter.
p.s Don't forget I live in southern New Mexico!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Around the Farm

Bill helping George get back to his pen! I have written about George before-here.

Birds at the feeding trough

This is Turk- we pardoned her a year ago Thanksgiving- and I am glad that we did, as she is such an incredible broody turkey(she hatched many chicks and several turkeys this past spring)

I went to picnik.com to edit these photos!

Today in History

Twenty-nine years ago today I became an aunt for the first time.
Happy Birthday David III, husband of a wonderful wife, father of an adorable son and soon one more to be added to your home. Thanks for being such an honorable man.
Love Aunt Jenny

Sunday, December 27, 2009

While in the car

First bought himself a camera from the BX while here so he could snap up some pictures of the family.
What is First taking pictures of?

Not what- as he was taking pictures of his dad- in return Bill was taking pictures of his son...the front seats were filled by Second and Third, as this was an all guy outing.

This was a picture I snapped on last Monday- can you believe how gloomy it looks? Southern New Mexico almost never looks this way.

In the driveway, looking to my mountain-sigh, it is so amazing that even in the gloom of snow and fog- it is lovely!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

We Went To Texas

Pretty exciting(but really just down the road)
When the sun was setting

Really pretty!

With excited travelers!!


Waiting for brother's flight to arrive...can you guess where he is stationed?

My Three Sons

So after being up at O-dawn thirty texting with oldest on snow and delays...we are all home. He was in a snowstorm back east, but we drove to El Paso to pick him up with the air conditioner on! This sure is an amazing time for the climate crisis-lol!

Have a wonderful Sunday!

I will post more soon!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Checklist (Definitely Checked Twice)

  1. Vacuum out truck(seats six)
  2. Make 3 dozen brownies
  3. Have Risk game ready and waiting
  4. Replace batteries in XBox system controllers
  5. Have menu planned for "real" Mexican food
  6. Make 2 3 ice cream buckets of spicy salsa
  7. Have hotdogs, mac and cheese, and white rice on hand
  8. Have plans for not much sleep and many activities
  9. Plan for outings of bowling, movies, and pick-up games of football
  10. Plan family photo and have batteries replaced in camera

Yes, that is the checklist to have completed by Saturday evening as we will pick up our oldest son from the airport and Hurray(types smiling mom at keyboard counting down the minutes left!)

By the way here is the Annual Photo ten years ago!

And here is the Annual Photo from 2006-which is one of my favorites!

I can't wait to share this year's Annual Photo~

Just Say No

New jobless claims rise unexpectedly...
House approves $290 billion increase in debt limit...
Obama signs $1.1 trillion spending bill...
House approves $155 billion for 'jobs'...
NBCNEWSWSJ POLL: Americans Souring on Democrats...
Congress Travels More, Public Pays...

These were the headlines from Drudge. Can we wonder why the poll says that Americans are souring on Democrats? Reading just these headlines~ jobless claim rises, but we increase our national debt limit, the president signs a 1.1 trillion dollar spending bill, and Congress(all the while we as a nation have been in at the very least a recession) travels more- courtesy of you and me~rattles the brain.

Obama told ABC News’ Charles Gibson in an interview that if
Congress does not pass health care legislation that will bring down costs, the
federal government “will go bankrupt.”(source)

I seem to recall that it was portrayed similarly for the Stimulus Package. If it was not passed ASAP that the nation would fail overnight.(funny thing is that very little of the money has even been spent-yet it was a crisis of the nth degree).

Now if the health care legislation does not pass the federal government will go bankrupt? Here's a clue- STOP SPENDING. And for the record, all those wasteful things you found in Medicare and Medicaid- WEED OUT. And to add money to the government coffers, why not fine those who are employed even in the White House for their tax delinquencies. These bumps that we constantly have to read about, are prison time for the Joe the Plumber types out here in non government status land.

I am done with the threats of the nation's demise if we do not spend a trillion here, a trillion there, everywhere a trillion. The MSM is immune to how vast these numbers are and speak about them as if we were going out for a burger and fries at McDonald's. The spending that has happened in the last ten months is fast tracking our nation into a serious crisis. We are on the ice and it is cracked and we are just waiting to spill through to the depths below.

We cannot spend our way out of debt. You know that this is impossible, yet the President keeps saying that this is what we need to do. Please click here to see what a trillion dollars looks like. The only way that the government can keep spending this kind of money is if they have some way to print their own money- oh wait, they can. We have not seen an improvement in our economy. We have seen a steady and consistent loss of jobs, and we have seen prices go up in all markets. This is a terrible way to close the year, and I believe that Americans need to prepare now for the times coming ahead. Logic and reasoning seem to go over the head of the government. Why? Aren't they the uber-educated? If they are acting illogical it must be because they desire this outcome- it is hard to read any other way.

Monday, December 14, 2009

What Do You See?

I found this picture on line the other day and it made me think of a few things. My title leads me into the post, as I wonder what do you see in this picture?

1. This is an old fashioned cooking stove and it is clear from the picture that this family must have been poor.

2. This is a cookstove of a family that clearly cooked many a meal on it, as there is an abundance of pots and pans neatly hung up or stored near by.

3. This is not only the cooking area for the home, but a source of warmth when it is cold outside. This serves as the laundry room in the winter or when it is raining, as a clothesline is tucked neatly above the stove and has dried many an item that the family wears. The floor is swept and not a crumb is visible. All the pots and pans have a place and are stored awaiting the next meal, and the wash basin is hung up after the dishes have been washed and put away. The housewife clearly loves her home and takes pride in the things she has.

So how about it? What do you see?

Life is not about what you accumulate, but how you live with what you have or what you are given. For me I see something that is humble and lovely. I see that perception clouds everything else and confuses reality. Perception often impairs attitude. When you only see gloom, despair, and emptiness you miss out on the simple beauty that life has. What are you missing in your own life because you have blinders on and see only the negative?

Proverbs 31:31 Give her the fruit of her hands; and let her own works praise her at the gates.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Mountain Goat? Napoleon?

We raise goats, mostly La Mancha's, but we do have a few mixed goats that are La Mancha-Nigerian Dwarf mix. Pepe is a buck that is a mix, and he has been so interesting to have on the farm. He jumps out of his pen every day, and walks the property and checks out all the other animals. He returns to the pen several times during the day, only to patrol again later. He really cracks me up, as he believes he is king. I told Bill we missed out on his name, as we should have named him Napoleon- as he is much more grand in mind than in stature, yet does has a kingdom(the farm)!

Well one of the kids called to me yesterday and asked if I wanted to have a good laugh- of course I said yes. So this is what I found.

Mountain Goat Pepe! What mountain is he on?

The van, of course!

Isn't he a goof?

By the way Pepe was one of the first critters born on the farm(he was a triplet)

Friday, December 11, 2009

Friday Fotos of Fourth

It is Friday so I better add some fotos. Here is my cutie pie Fourth...it is her hair that made me snap the pictures. She needed to get her hair out of her eyes quick...so

she knotted the hair!

Yes~ she makes me smile!

Oh and as you can see I opted to paint the bookshelves instead of stain them, as I had paint left over from painting Fourth's room!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

It is all in how you see things

I took a class on line that required much writing, and this was a paper I had to write in November on observations.


Paragraph 1: Farmer's Wife Simple Chores
The stillness resonates the most while standing and looking out towards the Navajo Churro pen and the Sacramento Mountains. The soothing wind gently caresses my face as I am able to delve deep into my inner self and contemplate the future that is ahead. Boaz the ram, bleats letting me know that he needs me, and wishes that I will toss him an apple that is tucked in my jacket pocket. Funny how a dumb animal knows when I carry a treat in my pocket! Boaz and his flock remind me that life does not need to be fast paced, and I am able to slow down and appreciate the very creation of the sheep. I look up towards the crest of the mountains just a mile or so from my home and feel the very Creator displaying the canyons, the peeks, and gulley's. The stillness carries over into the home as I head inside to prepare the family dinner.

Paragraph 2: Farmer's Wife Simple Chores Why must it be so silent as I walk out the the sheep pens? My feet crash into the soil as if White Sand's is testing a nuclear bomb. When will this never-ending wind stop? I should have invested in the White Rain hairspray company as my hair is always tossed the moment I hit the outdoors. Why did I even waste my time washing my hair this morn? The sheep beg for goodies the minute they see me walking towards them. Oh I hate to cart out mushy old apples to them! My hands always get sticky, and last time I fed one of the ewes, she thought my finger was part of the goody. My sister mocks me often as I regressed into a country bumpkin and the slow journey I am on is enough for me to see that my life is slugging away as the world speeds by. I cannot even think about the passenger plane overhead, as the Sacramento Mountains obstruct my view. I cannot believe that the chores take me away from my house and making sure that all inside is neat and tidy. Oh why do sheep need a shepherd?

Do you understand why I shared in this? I wrote about this to share that life will continue no matter how you perceive things. It is so taxing to see the dismal, gloom and doom in everything. If you take some time to ponder that it is YOU that is in control of making the day positive or negative then perhaps you can begin to see things differently. Yes, bad things happen- daily, worldwide. Yet tomorrow will come. Life is not like television. It is full of piles of never ending laundry, too little money, and too little time. Nothing wraps up in a neat little bow- ever. Yet one thing makes life bearable...yes one thing. The simple knowledge that I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me. Philippians 4:13 (p.s. so can you)

This and That (mostly that)

Here are some photos of things I see when drive in town...I love living in such a slow paced community.

This is Tenth Street heading east. Don't you love the mountain?
This is facing west on Tenth Street. I love the water tower, and the railroad is the reason our community began, so it is nice to have the original water tower right along the railroad tracks.

This is the same view as the previous picture just a bit north so you can see we have a zoo. I have only been there once because if you click on the picture and read the sign-you will understand! I am not a snake person~ugh!

Fourth made a snowman in a friends yard...and embellished it with what she had on her, a disc for a free icecream cone, and a bracelet she made! Cute isn't he she?

Here is the Space Center on the east of town in the base of the mountain! I love to drive up there and look down on the city and the White Sands. It takes my breath away!

I have never been inside this pretty pink building although I drive by it often. I really only noticed it with the snow and the backdrop. Doesn't it look wonderful with the mountain as its backdrop, and the flags off to the right?

Well that is it and I guess I was wrong, as this post was more about this than that!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Come Home

Carl Larsson print

The world is an incredible place! We see so many innovation's that some days that I cannot imagine a generation looking back at us and seeing us as a society without. We have so much in the ways of medicine, of living, of entertainment, of well, everything.

I do see future generations looking back and seeing something we have done, as the direct link to the failure they are experiencing. You see in our nation we have drawn a line in the sand and refuse to step backwards (in our rational). Have you figured out what failure we have done to our descendants?

We have completely and wholeheartedly destroyed the family unit, all under the guise of money, learning, benefits, and equality. Wait I must add one more thing-this was all our choice! That has been the catchphrase that first pulled in women in the seventies to have choice over their bodies, and now it is neatly wrapped up as choice over their minds. Woman is all powerful, all supreme and therefore has fled that terrible place to be- home, in such large numbers that many people blink when I say that I have stayed home for all of my marriage. What? What do you want to do when the children move out? Don't you wish you were working?

Mind you among those who have voluntarily fled home are those that have had no choice, and if they did, most likely they would have stayed home with their children. I can think of several cases where the dad in a home was a deadbeat (or abuser) or died, and mom had to work. These homes should be a minority, as the design of a woman is to mother. Now don't get defensive, just think about biology.

As a stay home wife and mother I have heard every line in the book about why women should work, why women work, and why I am wrong. I would like to share some reasons why women should not work and offer this perspective that is not shared by American society, education, or even in the majority of our churches anymore. That last one surprised me the most, and inspired this post, as I received an email on how a church can make money- and the number one way, was to open a daycare/preschool as people in the church like everyone else, needs quality providers. By the way in my community the churches daycare/preschool programs have waiting lists, so this must be pretty accurate.

World War II began this trend of women leaving the home. The children of this generation saw moms out of the home and an idea stuck. These children were our Baby Boomers and never before were a generation more spoiled. The Baby Boomers then took the notion of a woman working a step further, seeing that she was not equal to man in society(pay) and the N.O.W. and women libbers groups formed. Bra's were burned, and women studies programs began in universities nationwide. Things that women did before, now in these classes were flipped- as if staying home was wrong, having children was oldschool, and caring for the home, was beneath a real woman.

The Baby Boomers were not the most spoiled generation ever though, as they spoiled my generation beyond belief. We had everything, and little girls no longer were given dolls but told that they could bring home the bacon (earn the money) and fry it up in a pan (meaning that they could cook too) leaving no place for a man. We were raised that men should change diapers and women should change the oil. Yet my generation was not the most spoiled generation, as when one only knows one thing that is what they do- my generation spoiled the next generation(now teens and in their twenties) worse than one could imagine. These children need a room to play in, a room to sleep in, a room for the computer, a room for the television, a chauffeur to take them to all their activities, cell phones, radios, mp3 players, scooters bicycles, their own cars, and a prom that cost more than a wedding in the 1980's. Oh and the reason so much more gets dumped onto the pile of material items for the children? Guilt. Plain old guilt, as our children need so much. Why? Because mom and dad work and guilt makes us compensate with material items. Or guilt, because mom and dad are divorced, and the kids are shuffled between two homes and parents fill them up with stuff.

In all that we have given these spoiled generations we lack giving them skills to carry them forward. They no longer have the foundations in their lives. We have had to lower test scores so much that the best scores of today are far lower than the worst scores of the sixties. These spoiled children have no idea of waiting for a new home, new furnishings, or the concept that marriage is hard work- therefore the rise in bankruptcies, credit debt, and divorce are through the roof. If husband won't let me do what I want- I will leave him. It is easier to get a divorce than adopt a dog from the humane society.

So where do we go from here? Well let me share some thoughts from scripture. In Proverbs 7:11 we read of a prostitute. Here is the description: She is loud and stubborn; her feet abide not in her house (emphasis mine). Biblically a woman who is not in her house (i.e. working outside the home) is viewed different than how the world sees a woman. A woman is not lesser because she is not in the work force. She is more, in fact in Proverbs 31:10-31 shares a wonderful way a woman is to be at home. Please read about a Proverbs 31 woman. The woman in this scripture works hard and cares for her home- from home.

When did we as a society transform that we give another our children to raise (during formative times) and believe that this is the best method? Who could convince a mother to leave home to bring home money so that the home would be pretty like Martha Stewart would decorate it? Who could convince a woman that the nurturing that she alone can provide is not that important that she need not be there? Who could convince a woman that things that the world has are now needs instead of wants? Who? Satan.

God designed the family unit first and foremost. God did not make woman out of Adam's foot, lest he walk over her, nor did he make woman from Adam's head, lest she hover above him, no God made woman from Adam's rib so that woman and man could be side by side, and she could nestle beside man. A woman is to be a helpmeet to man (Genesis 2:18) her desire is to be of her husband (Genesis 3:16).

Future generations will look upon our generation and our society and be horrified just as we are when we read of what Hitler did to the Jews. They will see our uncaring for our young as barbaric. You had a child and gave it to others to raise 9 hours a day, five days a week? They will look upon the numbers now over 50 million of children that never took a breath and will be mortified at the thought of who did not make it? Future generations will look upon this time in history and grieve.

Or maybe not, as the successful destruction of the family, the role of both the mother and the father has been so cleverly destroyed that most of the future generations may never know the truth. They may never know that God had a plan. So Christians the time is now. The time is to stop living in the world, stop loving the world as 1 John 2: 15 tells us- Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world. If any man love the world, the love of the father is not in him.

Come Home.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Have We Forgotten?

As I jumped around the internet today, I noted that very few places mentioned the importance of today. I should not be surprised as 9-11 was only 8 years ago and we not only have forgotten that as a nation, but are molly coddling the very criminals who attacked us.

So back to December 7. Have we forgotten?

Why is it so hard to understand that the world we live in is an evil place to be, and we must be ever vigilant?

I have not forgotten. I will not forget.


Sometimes when I push publish on comments they disappear...other times I cannot open the comments. Anyone else having these same problems?


I am receiving many comments from Japan- when I translate they are full of spam...anyone else having the same problems?

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Fifteen Fotos!

My mountain never ceases to amaze me! This is from the snow storm on December 1st.
My teens...oops that is not Second in the middle! Where is Second? For the record the snowman is all man- and my third son gave the snow man awesome pec's and a six pack. Seems like all I hear these days is about the muscles a man can build up! Oh I love these goofs!

I made apple pie for Thanksgiving(and pumpkin pie- and cheesecake!)

A loaf of white bread from my weekly baking.

We lost power for 8 hours on December 1st- and had fun using candles...

melting snow to rinse dishes...

heating up soup and hot cocoa on the woodstove, and playing Uno, Mancala, and Clue!

I love this picture but I am pondering which side of the tracks I live on? You know the cliche~

New bookshelves~not even stained- tested with books and a student trying to absorb the contents!

This year's Thanksgiving table- missing the setting for First. We did put out his Turkey placemat. In just two weeks First will be home for Christmas- and we are going to celebrate Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter and his birthday as he has his deployment orders for Afghanistan...and we will not see him again until late 2011.
My amazing Fourth and her creativity with the camera. Don't you love her pretty green wall?

ET's cousin here on the farm...he needs to phone home!

Kitty wondering what is happening!

Turkey trekking through the snow

And last because he is annoying...a goat that was a pet for a friend-until he grew too large. He is neutered and therefore just here on the farm for a few weeks to fatten up...and then he will relocate to the freezer.