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You cannot multiply wealth by dividing it."
Dr. Adrian Rogers 1931-2005

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Farm? Only a Vision(at first)

Growing up in Ohio tainted my interpretation of what a farm was. I envisioned red barns, white fences and well green grass, trees, and a ditch or two. That is not the case here in New Mexico. Nearly every operation out here is referred to as a ranch. I was determined to be unique and therefore decided that we would live on a farm. But truth of the matter was that this humble piece of property that we have was never a farm, and most certainly only scrub desert. We saw beyond the thorns, cactus, sand, rocks and envisioned a FARM!

We are only one year into the operation, and it has left permanent scars on our arms, as the mesquite is not forgiving as you try to remove it, trim it, or work around it. Yet we continue. Our time line is at year 4 to look like the farm we envisioned. When our agent showed us the property we could not walk through and see much as it was overgrown. It took three weeks to realize that the back had a fenced in area for the yard!

So here are the lemons we have(you know-when life gives you lemons- make lemonade)

Clearing mesquite...click on the photo to see the thorns...I saw the beans growing on the trees(bush) and began to harvest them, and we dried them for the animals. Boy they love dried mesquite beans.

When the monsoon season flooded parts of the property and the native grasses grew...we harvested the grasses with homemade sickles...and had Jen sized bales for the animals!

We still have much of the property that is nearly impassible. Oh and shoes do not stop the thorns...one thing we have purchased excess of was tweezers and peroxide!!

Here is a photo near the front of the property with one of my sons wandering. We have clearings here and there that more dry, desolate things will grow in...
So although one may believe that we found a great deal on a fixer upper (former) farm, that is not the case. We just knew that often to make what you desire takes much more mental ability then actually things that are real.

Don't ever believe that you can't achieve something, as we here on the Double Nickel Farm know that with God-all things are possible.


Penless Thoughts said...

Thank you so much Jen for allowing us the joy of walking this process with you through this wonderful blog.


Dear Jen, I am so happy for you all that you have a vision and that, that vision will come to pass and you are faithful and believe. Look at the beautiful scenery to remind you ever of the all powerful God that you serve and is giving you the strength and will to accomplish those things that your hearts so desire. Your reward will come if you faint not. I hope this next year will bring you even closer to your goal. connie

blackberrycottage said...

Hey Jen, me again.
I love the pictures you send in. It's so nice for follow through with your adventures. Even the hardships you come across inspire and ignite a desire in me to trust the Lord more.
hugs Sandra nz

Pat said...

Once again, I am amazed at your perserverence and intestinal fortitude to keep going. Amidst the setbacks and challenges, you keep plodding along and have with God's help, made it a home and a farm. In many ways, totally self supporting !! I love it!!

I do love your stories and updates....keep them coming!!