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You cannot multiply wealth by dividing it."
Dr. Adrian Rogers 1931-2005

Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Learning Curve

I have been thinking of my many friends being hit time after time with hurricane after hurricane. I see the flooding and the devastation and think about how Hurricane Dolly's caused torrential rains and flooding here, in New Mexico, so far from the Gulf of Mexico. This is how most of the back of my property looked.

We literally waded in rising water moving the three day old chicks(in a ice chest) and built new pens for all the birds in raining and rising water. We had no choice but to work in the heavy rain and flooding because the goats pen was under 8 inches of water and the chickens houses were flooded. The ducks-well friends they were in heaven!

Anyhow, due to the rains our little farm in the desert has become an oasis of sorts. We have lots of grasses that we are harvesting for feed, and to be honest the blooming flowers has lightened my heart. Well about 2 weeks ago we noticed a neat little thing going on. We discovered this:

A pumpkin plant growing behind some of the pens. We have the goose and ducks still in back...and this is growing through the fence and hanging over the shelter for the goose. A pumpkin!!!!

How neat is this? Whenever we have scraps I have the kids throw them to the chickens. I had leftover pumpkins from our garden in town all the way until early May. After I baked some cookies, I threw the remainder of the waste in the scraps(seeds to-although usually I bake the seeds). Surprise, surprise...the rains have brought over 20 pumpkin plants growing in, under and around the Mesquite.

So I reflect on this first summer as a farm family and can honestly look back and say that we have learned that even in the worst of experiences that there are good things. The seeds that the hens did not eat swirled around the flood waters and are going to supply us with pumpkins through 2009!

Farm life is harder than I could ever have imagined. Growing up in Ohio on a farm is nothing like New Mexico farm life. BIG DIFFERENCE...water...ARID...dry...HOT...

as we were new to the place after years of neglect the mice and rats had the run of everything...so we lost everything in the greenhouse...and we learned...CATS( 3)
Garden seeds sprouting in the freshly toiled soil is a NEON SIGN TO RABBITS...so we learned...DOG

FLOODING...not often, but with the mountain to increase the speeds...build up(our house is up) so we did...new pens built up HIGH..

What will we learn next year? Who knows, but I must constantly remind myself that bad can be turned for good. And God gives us little blessings every day to remind us of this.

I am off to plot pumpkin recipes!


Penless Thoughts said...

Romans 8:28 in action!!!!

Betty said...

Great post! An inspiration for me to see the good in the bad. Right now we are at the end of our winter and it is VERY dry. Then it´s always hard for me to see some good in our countryside, but I know there is. We just have to look a little harder!

~~Deby said...

How cool....I love it...last fall I posted a great recipe of a meal baked in a pumpkin...and it is so delicious...think of all the pumpking seeds...yummmm...
God is good..and HE is rewarding your diligence..

Memories for a Lifetime said...

Love it!! Volunteer plants!!

And edible and second generation!!