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You cannot multiply wealth by dividing it."
Dr. Adrian Rogers 1931-2005

Monday, September 15, 2008


We went on a drive last night...

It wasn't too slippery.

It was so crisp and the moon was full that I had Bill stop so I could get a photo.

And then I got a photo of my Goofs. Now you may wonder why they are wearing shorts in such cool weather...because it is White Sands...now they have jackets on because the desert retains no heat at night, so it does get cool!

Here is what we usually do at White Sands...this is an activity with our Home School Group.
Fun..we take candles to wax the bottom of the sleds. If you are visiting you can rent a sled at the entrance for a few dollars(and get most back when you return the sled). We do not worry about frost bite here, but heat exhaustion! A must is water, WATER, and more water!
Here is another photo from a home school activity. The kids get on the top of the dunes and do what kids all over do at the beaches. I have seen a young boy carve steps up the hill so he could climb up with ease to then slide down.

And yes, I do miss snow. My kids have never really lived where they have had snow every year, but the exchange is not too bad! What do you think??


Anonymous said...

I have always wanted to go to White Sands... someday, if gas prices ever go down??? I bet you do need a ton of water, and sunscreen, and sunglasses, too!! =)

By the way, thank you SO MUCH for your comment on my daughter's blog... I know she will smile when she sees it this afternoon =)

retha said...

It does look like fun. On Sunday late after noon-on our drive we admired the moon and tried to take a photo, in the drive.

Beautiful pumpkin,prickle pumkin it sounds like.

Jungle Mom said...

That's so amazing to me!

The Young Artist said...

Wow, you visited white sands? That's amazing. I've kind of wanted to go there. Then again I don't know. Not much of a sand fan. I guess living here in New Mexico, you get kind of tired of sand.
I have to admit, you really got me there with the white sand. I thought it was really snow. If it was snow, I would then ask you, where do you live?!?!? Very funny!

Memories for a Lifetime said...


And those home schoolers!! Leve it to their inventive minds!!

Lisa said...

Wow, That sand looks just like snow. It looks like your gang had loads of fun. Thanks for coming by my place.

Penless Thoughts said...

Nice seeing the white sands.

I remember last year when I asked you to write our names in the sand. You did and we started a whole series of people do names on different mediums. Remember?

diana said...

i thought that was snow at first. but playing in the sand can be just as fun. won't you get snow where you live some time during the winter?

if you get a chance, stop by. i've passed on an award to you.

Jackie said...

Beautiful pictures. Beautiful kids!