"You cannot legislate the poor into freedom by legislating the wealthy out of freedom. What one person receives without working for, another person must work for without receiving. The government cannot give to anybody anything that the government does not first take from somebody else. When half of the people get the idea that they do not have to work because the other half is going to take care of them, and when the other half gets the idea that it does no good to work because somebody else is going to get what they work for, that my dear friend, is about the end of any nation.

You cannot multiply wealth by dividing it."
Dr. Adrian Rogers 1931-2005

Sunday, September 28, 2008


Today we *butchered* some hens. We all had assigned tasks and we worked efficiently and well-respectfully. It was not what I expected...but my daughter and I- in the task of plucking feathers, and mine(of removing the inside gunkies...) did surprisingly well. So I think that in this first year of farming, we are no longer novices. We began this journey to be the most responsible with the finances we have been given, and we knew that our knowledge of farm life was based totally on books.

We have learned so much in just ten months!

When I say that we are busy, I mean that we are in the stages of prepping for next year, and the upcoming winter. The weather is colder at night and we are getting the wood cut and stacked for the woodstove.

We also are getting the greenhouse up again. We have worked out the bugs that we discovered that we had last year, and pray that we can predict through experience the problems and prevent them.

And remember the pumpkins that I shared that are growing in impossible places? We discovered another blessing!!! We have a zucchini plant growing too. Yes, a zucchini. I feed the scraps to the chicks, and I can only guess that the flooding in July and August, picked up the seed scraps and so we have one zucchini plant and many pumpkin plants! How about that!

oh and one bit of bad news- the digital camera we have has reached the end of its life. Photos will not be updated for a while... so you missed out on the freezer filling(I am pretty content not to share this anyhow. It took several mental months for me to get to this point...I wouldn't want to shock anyone:~)* I am not sure if the word for killing hens is butchering, I just realized that along with our learning curve we are acquiring an entirely new vernacular!

I close with this,

Praise God from whom all blessings flow,
Praise Him, all creatures here below.
Praise Him above, ye heavenly host.
Praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Different Day Ugh

I can't decide what is worse, knowing this snake was by the front door, or seeing my sons handle it.

I am busy here on the home front, forgive me for not visiting.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Slithering Around

Snake under the clothesline. Farmer's wife needs a break from work to calm the nerves. Sturdy lads not shaken by slithering things, caught it(it was MASSIVE) and fed the gigantic six inch Bull Snake to the chickens. They were in heaven.

Farmer's wife needed a Security team to secure the clothesline perimeter(OH and they did find THE OTHER FAVORITE CREEPY THING~ A SCORPION, so Farmer's wife could finish hanging the wash...and she regrets the commitment to not run any unnecessary appliances during the heat of the day.

Grateful it was not like the snake found a bit ago...as that one was a rattlesnake. Farmer told Farmer's wife "This was good news that it was not a rattlesnake"...

Farmer's wife responded "Good News??????.. I do not think so" ...as the mind is creating a thousand snakes slithering, even under the very chair that she is sitting on.

Farmer's wife wishes she did not have such an imagination. ugh...

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Pumpkins in the Mesquite

This is my third post today between two of my blogs. I realized that although I have visited very few blogs over the past few days, I have come to get a break and blog. We have been quite busy, and although we went to see the Hot Air Balloon Festival...we also went to an apple orchard up in the mountains and bought nearly 70 lbs of apples at a tremendous price! The orchard foreman also gave us about 50lbs of apples that were ground apples to give to the animals. What a blessing!!

He also offered a job to Second and Third to help with the harvest next season...for cherries, apples, peaches, plums, and apricots. What an incredible find, one for the boys to each make 3600.00 in 6 weeks, and two the orchard will provide local food that I then can put up for the pantry.(and we reduce preservatives in the foods)

{Click on the photo to see the pumpkin}
The pumpkin is over five feet high in the Mesquite bush! The Mesquite is a tough desert tree and the varmints cannot get through the thorns and barbs. Guess what we are doing next year? We are going to plant around the Mesquite-pumpkins, watermelons, cantaloupe, zucchini, cucumbers, and perhaps some other items. I would have NEVER believed that in the desert this could happen!

See the pumpkin?

An actual ground pumpkin!

This one was tucked way in the Mesquite and I had to have Second clear a trail.

This is the pumpkin over the goose's shelter.

What else have we accomplished this weekend?
~The kids and I harvested about a bushel of Mesquite beans to dry for feed. This is a tedious time consuming task as the Mesquite are POKEY...and we all have pokes, scratches, cuts, and stickers all over us. The thorns get through denim, and so we have figured out ways to lessen the ouchies!!
~The Dominique's are finally laying eggs!! Yahooooooo
~Bill had the boys take out the furnace and are building a pantry in it's place, as propane delivered here was too pricey, so we invested in a wood stove and use wood heat.
~tremendous amounts of family bible study, it is nice that the kids are old enough to lead
~we cleared another truckload of debris from property(2 water heaters for example)...we bought a place that was in need of cleanup and love
~was given a wonderful large trough for the sheep!!!(fantastic find)
~salvaged a load of wood to cut and put in wood pile(another great find)
~made one quick batch of applesauce!

I am sure that we have done more...but I am getting tired:)

White Sands Balloon Festival

We began the day watching the Hot Air Balloons in Alamogordo NM. Town is 15 miles away and at we could see the balloons, but I wished to get close ups! If you enlarge this photo you can see the majority of the balloons near the ground as they had been up up and away, and now were wrapping up their fun for the day.

I posted more photos on Pen of Jen.

Here is Turkey...he has really grown in the past few days(Yummy)!!! In fact the entire barnyard has been growing. Our Dominique's began laying yesterday! 3 teeny tiny eggs...which I forgot to take a photo of!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Is God's Word Greater Than Man?

GOD'S WORD® is a copyrighted work of God's Word to the Nations. Quotations are used by permission. Copyright 1995 by God's Word to the Nations. All rights reserved.(source)

When the internet took off many computer savvy persons hurried and gathered up tons of domain names, to which they then sold to those who would benefit for large amounts of money...The above reflects an example of what I am suggesting.

GOD'S WORD is copyrighted???!?!?!?! Come on, this is not only wrong, but impossible. Some clever play on words and one has copyright?

Today I went in town because my oldest wanted a larger print bible(he wears contacts and of course takes them out at night...but would like to read while in bed)so I went to the local Christian Bookstore. I usually buy bibles on line and boy am I glad that I do. I do not mind one making a living, but the bibles(just simple covers) were so high priced(59.00 was the cheapest). I was looking for a King James Bible which is not copyrighted, and I wanted no frills except a larger print(not the one sold for the impaired, just a bit larger). No maps~ nothing...

Now if this was the NIV, NKJV, Amplified, or on and on in bible versions...I would understand as they have copyrighted their interpretations of God's Holy word. But again, it was the King James...

One must think long and hard about the Great Commission, as we are commanded to do, when we then perhaps are a stumbling block for another(by copyrighting Holy Word, and vastly overpricing a bible). How can one justify serving Him, denying oneself and then copyrighting His word...not man's~ but His?

The Great Commission

So the eleven disciples went to Galilee to the mountain Jesus had designated. When they saw him, they worshiped him, but some doubted. Then Jesus came up and said to them, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me.Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And remember, I am with you always, to the end of the age.” Matthew 28:18-20

Just a thought from a housewife...if one can copyright God's word, does that mean that man is elevating himself higher than God? Or at the very least is he leveling the playing field? I mean be honest...if you believe His word is inspired, infallible and incorruptible, then what can you add or fix? If you are providing a more exact version...then is it your word or His? And if His word requires no copyright then why would your map, your thoughts, or your translation? These are just simple questions....

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Letter to Wives

Well anyone can read this, but it is a bit of advice for women. Being a wife is something honorable. No matter what the media portrays, it is wonderful to love your husband and be his biggest cheering section(in everything he does).

Well something so simple yet so easy is to be at the door when your sweetie arrives home. In the above print, the wife and child are awaiting Dad's arrival from the fields. It is so amazing to see the day and work unfold from your husbands face when he sees you and his children happy, smiling and awaiting for his arrival at home.

I try to make sure I have done what I need to look refreshed and crisp when Bill comes home. When the kids were young I made an announcement when he arrived from work or was leaving, so we all could hug and kiss him. I know that the world has changed what a hero is, but quite simply to a child- Dad is the greatest hero. He did amazing magic tricks, taught incredible things, and could flip eggs that would splat the ceiling and land back in the pan. Dad...never loses that image- if we, as mothers, continue to show the kids, our love for him.

Do not forget that love is work. To be in love is all in your hands. Love your sweetie, greet your sweetie at the door-when he comes home, and walk him to the door when he leaves for work. The role of wives has blurred so much that pride confuses wives and they feel that by doing this makes us lesser, submissive and weak. Well how about thinking this way: do you love him? Then show him~Men are basic~This is very basic.

Oh and if you start this, watch for the jump in his step after a week or so, as everyone desires to be important.

Now don't think that I am suggesting that I am molly housewife and that I am a throwback from the 1950's. I just think that television and the world have spun marriage into a competition. It is not, in fact I have learned one incredible thing, it is worth it. Make this the day that you decide to have your eyes sparkle when you see him. Believe me~ he will see the sparkle and give it right back!

I love you Bill

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Incredible Artist

Sun setting at the Double Nickel

I will admit that life on the farm is not easy, but with such beautiful closes to each day, I am strengthened.

In the beginning God created(Genesis 1:1)

and for this lovely creation, I am humbled and grateful.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

What this is not about

This post is not about the way this Dominique can twist her head to peak for a bug.

Nor is it about what I refer to as the evil eye...

Nope it is not about the quirky behavior of the chickens that reside on the Double Nickel, although I have learned that the way I say Kitty Kitty in bird language(Rosetta Stone will back me up) is almost the exact way one pronounces Here Chicky Chicky...as the flock causes a self perpetuating breeze as they run to me, whenever I call for the Kitty...

Again it is not about these crazy birds- that when they molt it looks like we have begun to pluck their feathers while they are alive...
This is one of the Hershey birds(no not the specific type...just brown and thus named after Hershey's syrup) that is coming back after the shocking molt.

Nope this post in not about any of these things.

It is about a little group of birds that here on the Double Nickel we refer to as the Mafia...

Headquarters of the Double Nickel Mafia...
A group shot of this bunch of criminals(Mafia) ...yep criminals ! They shake down the barn animals and cause the goose to flee with his tail between his legs(well he would if he had a tail).

They cause the crusty old codger of the Colonel Sanders...AKA Head Rooster to run squawking.

They chase basically an elevated worthless good for nothing fourlegged hound around the yard until she climbs to the porch for a reprieve...

And they just woke up Fourth, who just woke us up, because they were quacking like crazy in the yard. We all decided to go to bed early as we went to the park in town for an activity and were tired from being in the sun...and these little monsters ducky duddles cute and cuddly...are playing in their pool.

Yep..a bunch of goof off farm thugs, keeping the Farmer, his wife, and his children up...just for a late night swim...

With that I am going to head off to bed, thinking of when I will get out my Down comforter for the winter...and chuckle hysterically.

Monday, September 15, 2008


We went on a drive last night...

It wasn't too slippery.

It was so crisp and the moon was full that I had Bill stop so I could get a photo.

And then I got a photo of my Goofs. Now you may wonder why they are wearing shorts in such cool weather...because it is White Sands...now they have jackets on because the desert retains no heat at night, so it does get cool!

Here is what we usually do at White Sands...this is an activity with our Home School Group.
Fun..we take candles to wax the bottom of the sleds. If you are visiting you can rent a sled at the entrance for a few dollars(and get most back when you return the sled). We do not worry about frost bite here, but heat exhaustion! A must is water, WATER, and more water!
Here is another photo from a home school activity. The kids get on the top of the dunes and do what kids all over do at the beaches. I have seen a young boy carve steps up the hill so he could climb up with ease to then slide down.

And yes, I do miss snow. My kids have never really lived where they have had snow every year, but the exchange is not too bad! What do you think??

Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Learning Curve

I have been thinking of my many friends being hit time after time with hurricane after hurricane. I see the flooding and the devastation and think about how Hurricane Dolly's caused torrential rains and flooding here, in New Mexico, so far from the Gulf of Mexico. This is how most of the back of my property looked.

We literally waded in rising water moving the three day old chicks(in a ice chest) and built new pens for all the birds in raining and rising water. We had no choice but to work in the heavy rain and flooding because the goats pen was under 8 inches of water and the chickens houses were flooded. The ducks-well friends they were in heaven!

Anyhow, due to the rains our little farm in the desert has become an oasis of sorts. We have lots of grasses that we are harvesting for feed, and to be honest the blooming flowers has lightened my heart. Well about 2 weeks ago we noticed a neat little thing going on. We discovered this:

A pumpkin plant growing behind some of the pens. We have the goose and ducks still in back...and this is growing through the fence and hanging over the shelter for the goose. A pumpkin!!!!

How neat is this? Whenever we have scraps I have the kids throw them to the chickens. I had leftover pumpkins from our garden in town all the way until early May. After I baked some cookies, I threw the remainder of the waste in the scraps(seeds to-although usually I bake the seeds). Surprise, surprise...the rains have brought over 20 pumpkin plants growing in, under and around the Mesquite.

So I reflect on this first summer as a farm family and can honestly look back and say that we have learned that even in the worst of experiences that there are good things. The seeds that the hens did not eat swirled around the flood waters and are going to supply us with pumpkins through 2009!

Farm life is harder than I could ever have imagined. Growing up in Ohio on a farm is nothing like New Mexico farm life. BIG DIFFERENCE...water...ARID...dry...HOT...

as we were new to the place after years of neglect the mice and rats had the run of everything...so we lost everything in the greenhouse...and we learned...CATS( 3)
Garden seeds sprouting in the freshly toiled soil is a NEON SIGN TO RABBITS...so we learned...DOG

FLOODING...not often, but with the mountain to increase the speeds...build up(our house is up) so we did...new pens built up HIGH..

What will we learn next year? Who knows, but I must constantly remind myself that bad can be turned for good. And God gives us little blessings every day to remind us of this.

I am off to plot pumpkin recipes!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

My Morning

I painted today. I am finishing projects and so each task is taking a few hours and a small area is completed. Today I had to squeeze behind a very small space, and I smiled realizing that I fit there! So even though the work was tedious, I loved the idea that I was able to fit!

Sadly another project not on the list appeared, as my closet shelf first collapsed Friday, and the rod, fell down this morning. Quite honestly aside from Bills suits, I have left it, as it makes me think two words...holy Toledo.

Friday, September 12, 2008

In the shoes of those that came before

My ancestors came to the United States around 1824(at least my mothers side). Although they came with little, they were true pioneers. They came to start off life anew.

I found a goofy photo shop sight thanks to Leigh Ann...and inserted my humble mug, into these settlers faces!

So here is a big reveal of me...humbly walking in the shoes of those who came before. For the record(as this is black and white), I am blue eyed, somewhat blond, and closer to the height of the one on the right, and I am not so-well- full figured!!!

So now you see me- and I am here only because of those brave enough to venture to a land that was still new and unsettled and unknown, and for them I am grateful!


I love Charles Dana Gibson...let's just say that I have a personal connection with the Gibson Girl prints. I found this print and read the line on the bottom and smiled.

It says "No time for Politics" and mom is sitting at the table reading with a little one. I do not take this as negative. In fact why should we feel that she is weaker or lessor because she is busy?

I love politics, or the ideal of being a public servant. I believe that a mother exemplifies the role of servant quite well. What is sad is that because of a glass ceiling and a whole bunch of feminist women have left home in droves.

Women do not end being an effective servant when the children move out. In fact many women have the need to go and begin the life of service after the children move out. Perhaps in a voluntary position or what not.

But the effectiveness and impact that a woman has on her children, the ones that she is in care of has a time limit. Just around 18 years is all that mothers have to leave an impression, teach values, wipe the tears away, be the cheerleader daily, and instill the values that can carry one throughout life. Now she can do this while working to provide for her family, or she can do this while being a stay home mom. The older I get the more I realize how fast time flies.

Politics and political seasons come and go, but our baby takes their first step only once. I pray that mothers appreciate that it is not a bad thing to be home and stay home, and by the way, mother is not the same as hover.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

So Sew

Jen of all trades. That's me. It never used to matter that I could not do things to perfection, because I was content at being able to do many things...okay.

Then I began on this path towards simplicity. Wow, it most certainly makes a difference on just being able to sew a somewhat straight line, to being able to make pajamas, skirts, and even household items.

So I am giving myself sewing lessons. It is not too easy as I never took home economics in school(as the shop class teacher was handsome). Now I look back and wish I had taken the class. To be honest I didn't learn anything in shop as the power tools scared me to death. I had lots of help and only really sanded for the entire year.

So I am learning words like darts, hems, seams, allowances, patterns and on and on. These items all bored me before. I mean I could rush out and buy whatever I needed. Now on this path when things show the normal signs of wear and tear, I must repair the item.

In a previous post, I shared a photo of my son's work pants. As it does not matter what work pants look like I have had fun, used many colors of thread, and experimented with an entire knee replacement. Now my goal is to make pajamas for the entire family for Christmas. Perhaps this sounds silly as for the holidays I used to go to the mall for everyone. So the bar is high on appearance.

As we approach the end of the year, you can be sure that I am plugging away in this new arena of skills for me. Oh and for my daughter? She has been my partner in everything I do inside, so she is cooking, crocheting and beginning to sew with me. And for good measure she is very attentive outside with the boys too. You see unlike when I went to school, she has the option of both classes and hands on in each.

Oh and for the record, I got an A in shop class. Why? Because the shop teacher was nice, foolish or just realized my intent on the class? I don't know, and look back at my teen years with reddened cheeks at my crush!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Stick your elbow in your ear...

Have you ever tried to stick your elbow in your ear??? Impossible...so then the discussion switches to can you look at the tip of your nose??

the following pictures are a result of siblings pushing the buttons and being, well kids teens being goofy.

First...leading the gang of goofs...

Second...who added or embellished the tip of the nose routine

Third..who tried to remain serious and burst out laughing the minute the camera flashed.

Fourth..cute as can be, couldn't look at the tip of her nose with her eyes fully open...this is take#3

Take #1...notice that Third has this skill even sideways!
Take #2 "stop" she pleads... "you guys keep making me laugh....I can do this!!!"

I love being a mom. I love these goofy cuties. I could not have imagined my life without them...and mother was right, if you cross your eyes they will stick! I cannot show you Bill and my pictures doing this(we did)...because as I loaded them and looked at them I laughed so hard that I nearly lost it! For fun, take a photo of yourself crossing your eyes...it is not as easy as it was when we were kids! Oh and you will laugh! Your kids will laugh! And your spouse will laugh!!

***Sarah...thank you for the stage that these scenes were set***

Monday, September 8, 2008

Scorpions Snakes and Tarantulas

We went to the state park down the road from us this weekend. It was only a few minutes away...and this is the sign as you enter the park. Rattlesnake warnings...

~no worry as we are quite aware of what to do in this climate- the boys with Bill killed a rattlesnake not 30 feet from the front door. We know what critters are here, and as a homeschool mom, I am preserving the rattlesnake head for the class...we already have one rattle and do not need another(ugh)

~the same day they collected live scorpions which I also am preserving in specimen jars.

~tonight we saw one of the early migrants of the semi annual tarantula migration. He is just at the bottom of the front steps.

Yes this is the life of one who lives here in the desert. Along with these few creatures, are many other life and death risks. The heat index, water issues and oh all the cacti add to the mix, yet a midwest gal from Ohio has determined that this is home and the scary things be danged!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Unload the Patches

Funny how life is, one day we were all shiny and new and the next we walk with a limp and see only gray hair. As I sat to once again mend this pair of work pants for my youngest son, I had some thoughts.

We seem to enjoy patching up our troubles and worries alone. We know that Christ died for us and will carry our burdens, yet we rationalize things all the times. Perhaps we think that the sin or burden or worry is nothing, no biggie, not anything to ask our Saviour to cover.

Take a good look at the photo again, because this is how we carry all the burdens. A patch here, another there and the seams won't line up anymore. A five minute hand fix one day, and another machine fix the next. No matter what the patches we do not only look like the pants, but cause us to carry our shoulders a tad lower and to reduce eye contact. Satan wishes for us to carry our burdens. If I could suggest that he would have joy or that he could have joy, I think it would be when we believe that we can carry the load alone.

Once again I had a life lesson in my simple life of being a wife and a mother...don't forget to unload the 'patches'

Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls. For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.
Matthew 11: 28-30

At our Fingertips

The Mesquite Tree

Harvest time...at the Double Nickel. This is the Honey Mesquite tree. I have stopped counting how many of these trees we have on the farm. As you can see in the foreground of this picture we are thinning out the other bushes and shrubs to make paths to the Mesquite.

See the Mesquite bean pods? We have been picking these and drying them and storing these for the winter. The goats and sheep love them. They are not the easiest to harvest due to fact that the Mesquite has thorns all over them.

The goats have been a blessing because we have been trimming these trees into the traditional tree shape...and the goats eat the leaves off the cut branches, then we stack the branches to season for next years kindling for the woodstove.

Here are some of the beans up close on the drying board. We have just been drying them outside in the sunshine. After a few days they make a rattle noise and are crispy and make a snap when we break them. This means that they are dry enough.

This is the Crown of thorns that I made from the branches. God is incredible and surrounds us. Even in something that seems like a trash bush or weed has provisions, and we at the Double Nickel are grateful.Take the time to look around and really see what He provides for you.

Thursday, September 4, 2008


I am a person that is inspired by a zillion things. I love hand crafts, antiques, and simple things...over the years I realized that I needed a place to store my ideas that have been inspired by magazines and what nots, so I compiled this a few years ago, and have title it my Possibility Notebook.

The Possibility Notebook

Here is the page that shows the couch that I am going to have the boys build. In fact I am going to have them make a matching sitting chair also. Then Fourth and I will make the cushion covers. I foresee completing this in the next year or so.

AT some point when we are more established on the farm, I am going to have a tomato trail...neat isn't it?

Over the years I collect ideas, and images and stash them in the back of the book. When I have some free time I then cut out the images, and I suppose scrapbook them into this book. I make additional notes to remind me why the image captivates me.

Looking forward and having projects gives one ambition to go on. Perhaps your possibility notebook could be filled with sewing projects, books that you wish to read, places that you wish to visit and learn about.

I love to take something and refurbish it and give it new life. The possibility notebook is photographed on top of an old trunk that I bought years ago from an antique shop and then decoupaged with old world maps. It is our coffee table in the family room. I store inside it tv trays for when we snack and watch tv. The trunk idea was a possibility idea from nearly 15 years ago that I completed perhaps 6 years ago. Some ideas just sit until everything lines up!

Other ideas that I have stored then used:
~painting the subfloor in my dining room. In the image that I have saved it was painted on planks...so I adjusted the idea!

~I cut chicken wire and put in place of glass in the cabinets over the stove.

~ I guess I could go on and on...because the possibilities are endless!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Is it that obvious?

So I am having a day of nothingness. I keep thinking of a song I used to sing as a kid...."nothing nothing nothing"...

Have I mentioned that I am not the musical one in the family?

Seems like the day is going on forever. I have painted the sides on three doors...and one front. I know that this would be ever so easy if I took the doors of the hinges, but in this house it is better if things stay where they are...

I have to do another coat for them to be finished...then the back of Fourth's door. I am at the mundane finishing projects. So I put on the paint clothes and paint a bit, then wait. Then paint.

Oh we did not have school today- just restarting to read the Bible.

And we had a discussion on ...slings, safety, and the well being of each and every one of us!

Second is fine...just needing motrin.

Third is trying to retain his status of most imminent trips to the doctor...
~ Third watches the clock...after office hours!
~poked eye with pencil
~stepped on board with nail
~swallowed Lego
~bit by dog
~given a concussion(by Second while they were throwing rocks down the hill-Second threw a slider that slid sideways instead of ahead of him!)
~Reached out when Bill was closing the slider on the van in 1996 and crushed three fingers(this one was awful)

First gently reminds him..
That he himself is interested in the title...
~as he tore tendons in foot while standing to flip a skateboard
~broke his hand
~broke finger 1
~broke finger 2 and 3
~was playing and was crawling around building with Legos and gouged out his knee by a Lego that had a very sharp plug hole...
~was being a sweet little helper when we were stationed in Fort Polk LA...and handing me clothespins while I was hanging the laundry and he stepped in a fire ant nest....he still has the bite scars all over his feet and ankles.(when he screamed I picked him up and rushed him into the kitchen sink and sprayed him off with cold water...it was creepy scary)

Fourth refused to be left out...
~she starts by showing the scar on her ankle...as a preemie...in the hospital she had an IV in...the staff needed to have access...but the site became infected...it is a big big scar...
~she has surgery scars...for her lungs...
~I missed one of the boys moving the footstool in the kitchen...she climbed it and put her fingers on the burner...
~a year ago our new dog was running down the street and she began to run after the dog...and tripped on her skirt...her knees have awful scars from the sidewalk.

Bill then comes in and quietly says...yah I can beat all that- one car rollover...1200 feet, rifle rack to the head, neck and back injuries, and lived ...and we all pause and realize that God is great....

This is not a competition that we are in...Jesus died so that our careless selfish living ends with eternal life in heaven...but we must receive Him. Not sure what this means? Email here if you have questions- mcbenningministries@yahoo.com

Who Makes These Things??

Your IQ Is 140

Your Logical Intelligence is Genius

Your Verbal Intelligence is Genius

Your Mathematical Intelligence is Genius

Your General Knowledge is Genius

This was too easy. I think that I need to create one of these! Give it a try:)

Boaz the Ram

Here is Boaz the Ram...I am giving the side view so that you can see the horns. He loves his horns and if you come into the pen without a "goody" for him he thinks that he should ram you!

Now at 5' tall short, I do not wish for any confusion in the ram world...so I have a new found tip. Perhaps many before have learned this, but as a new farm family, I am still learning. I just grab his right horn. Yep, I grab on while walking around and he and I become joined at the hip while I do what is needed in the pen. I taught my daughter this as she is vertically challenged too!

Bill uses the cane...I would never have believed it had I not seen it. Bill puts his cane in front of Boaz's head and it stops the "ramming". Boaz just ceases the ramming! It is so incredible to learn so many things, almost at once!