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You cannot multiply wealth by dividing it."
Dr. Adrian Rogers 1931-2005

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Rain, Simple Life and ...

Recently I shared that we rarely have rain, and low and behold we had a flooding rain today. The boys and I spent the afternoon treading to the pens to rescue many of our young flock and the goats. My heart was heavy as I thought of those in the Midwest, because my concern was only for the animals as my home and vehicles were fine.

Here is an opportunity for my readers to see just how we have created the houses with salvaged materials for our little farm. The gates and actual houses are made from campaign signs from several friends who have been in office. In the United States we have come to a point where everything that we have is a status for what we have become and who we are. It was hard at first not to rush down to the hardware store and buy all new materials for our projects.

On our path of simplicity we decided NO MORE.

Now I will confess in my home I am not using such humble items. I am just recovering, remaking, refurnishing, or painting what already is there. So my post that began on rain has turned to a window into my life just a bit more.

Ducks are in heaven!!!

Looking to the Dominique pen, the duck pen and what we call the nursery(the teen hens). Yes we have made shade shelters...if you click on the photo you can see more clearly...it is over 100* daily!!(notice the kiddie pool it is 8" high)

Looking down the lane.

As we opened the pens to lock in the hens to their houses the ducks kept following us and played everywhere! Even the goose was totally enjoying himself.

By the way I again have 10 chicks 4 weeks old and the new turkey in my bathroom...their pen flooded as we were gathering them, tossing them into an ice chest and hauling them inside!

I must say we will be changing a few things in the barnyard as soon as it clears up and dries out!!

Oh and total cost for pens and houses...12 2x 4's, nails, and pool for the ducks. All else is salvaged. I used the paint from the house projects.(it is my third color for the inside)

I confess that I have not prayed at all for those in the Midwest...I am fixing that now. Please add those in the flood zone to your prayer list, as their homes have not dried out and many have been in shelters for weeks.


Flossie said...

Hi Jen!

Wow it is definitely wet there! We are total opposite. It is so dry and smoky. People flick cigarettes out of their windows and set fields on fire... I wish someone would think. We are over 100* also.

Have fun with the swap! I am not sure how beautiful my pin cushion will turn out. My 6 year old made the best looking one! Lol!

Stay safe - you are in our prayers.



Oh, I am so sorry about the flooding but the rain is a blessing, I know. I am happy for the ducks. It want take it long to dry up once the sun comes out.

I have been praying for those that have been having the flooding. I know it is very hard, Our home has flooded twice in the time we have lived here, 40 years. But we still had our home just had to redo everything. My heart does go out to all those going through this trial in their lives. connie from Texas