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You cannot multiply wealth by dividing it."
Dr. Adrian Rogers 1931-2005

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Making things for the home

I have come to love making things for the home. It has really been something that I enjoy so much. Do you make things for the home? Did you realize that you can personalize your home by creating simple things?

We live in times where everything is presented as perfect and I think that has caused many to never try to create decorations for their homes. The television and the media (magazines, papers etc) have brought zillions of ideas to us, but they are presented so glamorously that we think that it is out of reach.

Believe me on the path to simplicity home creations are just another arena to dabble in. Now the dinner table is an area that brings the family together. It is an area to share the day, to talk, and to just enjoy each other’s company. So for this project for the home I have made simple placemats and cloth napkins.

The fabric was remnants from curtains that I had made and a wedding present that I made for the couple Bill married in May. If sewing is not your thing, I must confess that it is not really mine thing either, but the stitches are in straight lines(generally:0) so continue on with me.

Here are 2 of the placemats so you can see the front and back. I love mixing prints and fabrics!

By making niceties for your family you celebrate them daily. Sometimes we forget that the place to be the mostest hostest is in your home for your family.

The cloth napkins are one of the easiest things that you can make on a path to simplicity. The savings from the cloth napkins add up. I used to spend around $6.00- $12.00 a month on napkins. Think about this: it may seem like minimal savings, but really this small amount could reduce debt on credit cards, or be put in savings or on the house note. Many people do not look long term and think that this small amount is worthless to put away. But after I share several other things that I have made to reduce throwaway or unnecessary products, the small amount increases. Be positive and think of how this money is in hourly pay. If you are on salary break down the time it takes for you to work for a product that you wipe once on your mouth and throw away. This is where you realize that your sweat in your job is much more valuable than perishable items.

Back to the placemats- the pattern I made used four complementary colors, and I created a simple pattern. The napkins were made in the fabric that was the most left over. How pretty and nice the table looks when you have set it so lovely? Everyone gets in the mood when the table is set. Manners are out and conversation reflects the mood. Take one afternoon and make a new table placemat setting and cloth napkins today.

Here is the placemat simply displayed with the cloth napkin on the top. It is so easy to create this ambiance for your home!

Here are a few other styles of placemats and napkins that I have made for the home.

If you'll notice some are crocheted and some are actually painted on. I have fun with my daughter and we come up with projects like these.

Oh and here are 4 other things that with a bit of help from Bill I created. This project has been in constant change and always a delight to the home


A Note From Theresa said...

Those are just beautiful! And LOL about your last picture ;)

Pam said...

So pretty! I love that pink and green together.

And yeah, sewing is not "my thing" at all! I don't really know what "my thing" is right now! LOL

Jennifer said...

These are so beautiful..I love the pink with the green:) Thank you for the comment on my blog and for the very good advice you have given me:) I will def. start coming and reading your blog, I love it!! Thanks for the advice and the encouragement and have a wonderful day!!
God Bless

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

You did a great job on it all. Love it! Glad to see you back too! Huggles!

no treasures on earth said...

Your placemats are so pretty! We began using cloth napkins about 3 years ago and haven't gone back to paper since.

I realized that we used the paper napkins for everything and boy, what a waste that was, lol

I agree with you in making your home more personal by making simple things like napkins and such.

Thank you for sharing.

God bless!


Daughter of the King said...

I think your creations that Bill heped you with are the best...and you know they are the gift that just keeps giving..
Your projects are so clever of you...and a asset to your home and family...I am always encouraged by your wisdom in ways of being frugal, yet creating a place of warmth for your family.

Ginger said...

Looks great! Thanks for the comment on my blog!


I love the gifts that you made and the colors are perfect.

I love the kids in the picture. They are growing, Jennifer. connie from Texas

diana said...

great picture of the kids. and the placemats and napkins are beautiful. i don't sew so i don't know if i would attempt to try even those.

Mobunny said...

I have made some of the cloth place mat sort of things.......I call them quilt doilies! They're fun because you can actually finish such a project in one sitting!

philosophywithinpoetry said...

Creativity - you have in abundance - along with the colours to enhance any home.

The photo of your family - shows the true meaning of a loving and caring as well as in sharing - delightful photo with a great backdrop.