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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Farm Projects Updated with Photos

Although I took a month off, to work on a few things, I am still progressing on the repair and renewal of our house. We have now been in the home six months and although I see vast differences, it will be a work in progress for years to come. Fortunately I am enjoying each step.

We are in the raining season here (translation: it is cloudy and overcast and over 100 F, yet the rain passes us). I do anticipate a few days of rain as we seem to have around 7 days each year that I recall rain.

I am getting ready to go and paint a bit, and then muck out the chicken pens, the duck pen, and goat pen. The kids help, but I have come to enjoy making sure that the animals have a weekly thorough cleaning of the little area that they live in! I am not sure why, as of course this entails scraping, shoving and raking up poo and the likes.

I will try and take some new pictures of some of our humble creatures to share the growth and changes, which we are enjoying.

Here is Fourth with our LaMancha goat Maizy.

Except for the brown hen, this is our Dominique flock, which we are raising to continue a historical breed.

This is our mixed flock. We call their pen the pig pen, because the people we bought them from had pigs...and it made it easy to name the pens different names!

These are the Wyandotte's and a turkey(named Christmas...Yummy). They are 3 weeks old and they are in the baby pen.(oh and one of the mixed flock snuck in when I opened the pen).

This flock is in the nursery. There are 11 birds in here, a mother hen named Ms. Scarlet(we love clue) a turkey(named Thanksgiving) and 7 mixed chicks and 2 turkens. This flock all is 9 weeks old.

This is Buffy the American Buff Goose. Only one hatched this year, so he gets to live awhile longer!

Here are 3 of the four Rouen ducks, I could not get the fourth to get in the photo!

Here are the turkens. We have a male and female and plan on raising these to sell, as they are scary~ cute;).

Soon we will have the sheep, as we completed most of the fencing today. Hope you enjoyed the photo tour!


Penless Thoughts said...

I smiled at your rain comment :o) Wish I could send you barrels full from Oklahoma. We've had the wettest April, May & June on record!!

retha said...

Although I am a bit late, welcome back.
I like your cat photo!

Jungle Mom said...

I could have used your help while raising foul in the jungle, you look much better at it than I ever was.

Anonymous said...

I don't live on a farm but I am a farm-girl at heart:) Seeing your chickens and turkey sure does my heart good!

I do hope you get some rain, we have had the wettest June here in our mountains. My tomatos and such do not seem to like the wet feet.



Mobunny said...

I love your ducks. Chickens are such neato animals........just cluck cluck clucking through their day.

Kristenmomof3 said...

Thank you for the nice comment on my xanga.

I also really like your page. It is really nice.


The animals have all grown so much. But Fouth has grown a lot also. She looks just like a farm girl. Just beautiful. You all have done a great job. Maybe the rain will come soon. connie from Texas

MightyMom said...

ok, those turkens looks like vultures to me! yikes!!

glad all is going well over yonder!!

philosophywithinpoetry said...

Rain clouds often appear here in Scotland (as at present) although we have 21c temp.

Luv the photo's - and God's creatures share in the importance of life.

May you all continue to enjoy life on the farm and the wonders of each day.

Blessings to you all - dear friends.

philosophy within poetry said...

I do hope #Fourth, is continuing with her poetry?

An with such vastness of subjects in your new location - I feel sure they will be an excellent read.