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Friday, April 4, 2008

Double Nickel Coop

UPDATE:Because you asked...Colonel Sanders is the rooster! The kids named him, and I think it fits. He is a mix breed, but works for us! For those not in the US...We have a fast food restaurant called Kentucky Fried Chicken and the mascot/owner was Colonel Sanders!

Today I am revealing the chicken coop. This project has a few interesting facts that I would like to share with you.

* the construction crew is all 15 and under

* only 3 items were purchased...the roofing nails, the galvanized wire to affix the chicken wire, and six 2x4's for the framing

* everything else was salvaged...rest of 2x4's and roof from an old shed we tore down and saved, shingles from old shed-and around the property on ground, chicken wire-left over from construction site(used for stucco), door-old closet door, hinges-from this and that, fence post-from judge, signs that insulate the inside-from the judge, paper shred-from Bill's office, feed container-from a friend, gate-a pallet converted, floor-salvaged plywood-from the judge, and placed on 4 pallets, screws-in tool box.

* project from start to finish took around 3 weeks, but in actual hours...around 10

* paint was borrowed from inside house project(Fourth and I decided that it needed a barn look)

* parents of home schooled children very proud and somewhat choked up at the success of the kids, with such invention, ingenuity, and complete freedom...did so much.
So here are the photos...

I didn't explain any of the photos as I think you get the idea! I wanted you to see the way the windows and doors and hatch opened and closed. I also wanted you to notice the photo with Colonel Sanders, in the background you can see brush and Mesquite. Before they began the coop they cleared the area and removed the Mesquite. This is no easy task!

And if you skip down to the previous post you can see I asked if you could guess what the windows are made of in the coop? Did you guess? Well they are salvaged from a refrigerator that had broken shelves. Yes look again

Isn't that hilarious?

Now we have a bit more to complete: completely finish the nests, make 2 more perches, make a covered area in the yard, and cover the top of the yard in chicken wire to protect from hawks and the likes!


Jungle Mom said...

a job well done!


I would say you all have a lucky bunch of chickens. connie from Texas

Great job.

retha said...

Great work you are doing there, And that you all work together makes it even more fantastic.

Isn't it wonderful when people receive and willing to give!

It looks so beautiful there where you stay. Serene is the word I feel to use.

Daughter of the King said...

this is way too cool...good job kids, or young adults....and parents....
can't wait to see all the chicks in there..

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

That is just a pretty nice coop for your feathered friends! Nice job to the builders!

Penless Thoughts said...

Your kids, and YOU for encouraging them, are amazing!!! Mickey & I saw everything but Colonel Sanders. Where is he? Is it the chicken?

A Note From Theresa said...

Wow,,, Great job!

and lol,,, Colonel Sanders! Priceless!

Memories for a Lifetime said...

Love it!!

those homeschoolers sure do have vision and determination to see a job well done!!


diana said...

great job kids! looks fantastic.

poetic scotland said...

Here is a stranger of time within your midst.....

As it appears you have moved to a farm - and where better than to enjoy God's creations as you all help to nuture and enjoy.

May happiness be with you always...