"You cannot legislate the poor into freedom by legislating the wealthy out of freedom. What one person receives without working for, another person must work for without receiving. The government cannot give to anybody anything that the government does not first take from somebody else. When half of the people get the idea that they do not have to work because the other half is going to take care of them, and when the other half gets the idea that it does no good to work because somebody else is going to get what they work for, that my dear friend, is about the end of any nation.

You cannot multiply wealth by dividing it."
Dr. Adrian Rogers 1931-2005

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Learning All the Time

Yesterday was typical here, chores, and then school, then additional outdoor stuff. My sons then had some free time and were trying to find some lizards. They spotted one and as they were trying to catch it, they stumbled across this guy!

This is not how he was found. But he is an interesting specimen. For those wondering he is a Texas Horned Lizard.

This is another photo of the lizard closer to where he was found, out back. I must make note of the fact that we have been having very cold nights. Water has still froze outside, and I have lost one set of beans(already planted second set)

This is how the Horned Texas Lizard was found. He is dead, half in and half out of the ground. We think that the ground was muddy(we have been watering and weeding) and he ventured in and got stuck as it dried(nearly 85 in midday here). Then the night he froze to death.

I cannot recall a time out west when the nights still froze this late in the year. I have only peas, garlic, and green beans planted in the ground.

Oh just a side-note, as homeschoolers a favorite book series that we use nearly every day to learn about something we have found are the National Audubon Society Field Guides. They are excellent and allow the student to locate what they have found, see a photo, and then flip to the page with all the information about it. We have many, and I too use them.

UPDATE: Our story even made the local news!

To make your personal newspaper go here.

Tuesday Evening

I love that He is in all things! The close of Tuesday was like this. Believe it or not both pictures were taken within minutes of each other!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Kitchen and Update

Here is the cupboard over the stove. As always I must give a peek to things. The house we live in, is an older home and built with quick, easy, cheap materials. The cupboards are a cardboard style fill covered with a shelf liner(which I painted). We plan on taking all the cupboards out and just put in wooden shelves, but for now, this is my solution.

As we have an abundance of chicken wire, I implemented it here. Originally in the space there was a glass insert, with flowers and gold looking swirls. Now it has this! The knob has a nickel on it, for The Double Nickel.

If you look to the upper left corner you can see where I had stopped painting for the day, to complete the cupboards! The walls are vinyl(yes, vinyl). So I painted them this brown. The color is Iron Earth, and I really like it. The other two colors I use are cream and a barn red. Soon I will have the indoors revamped. Then I will give you a tour.

UPDATE: We just picked up the newest members of the Double Nickel Farm...solely for the freezer.

These are Rouen ducks, and a turkey. We were supposed to get two turkeys, but one died yesterday, and this one has a cut on the leg. But we patched it up, and will only pray, as this is Captain Swanson(from the Swanson TV dinner fame)and he has a very important role on Thanksgiving;0)

~ now I amback to work

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Saturday Snapshots

Here is Third with Mr. Magoo(blind mute kitty, right side of photo) and Teeger (named after a character from show Monk).

I have always loved yellow roses. Then marrying a Texan was a lovely surprise(The Yellow Rose of Texas). Guess what? The raggity rose bush in the front of my home with water and some treatment surprised me the other morn by blooming, and the rosebush is a yellow rose bush!!

Another wonderful day on the farm!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


The girls are out of the master bathroom! Yay! Now for the cleanup of the entire master suite. Here they are on Monday in their own yard. It is incredible to see the instinct kick in. Pepsi is very troubled, for once they were so close and she thought of them every day. She would sit by the brooder and probably drool. Now they are enclosed and she has lost out!

We did not expect Colonel Sanders, so now that we moved the chicks out Colonel needed new digs! So the boys and Bill built this bachelor pad! Colonel was not too happy and quickly flew over to the old yard. We have nearly fixed this problem as we have made the coops completely contained so no birds can fly in and enjoy the tasty feed we give our little flock.At some point we may clip the wings, but that is down the road as this solution works well. I was also troubled by the amount of hawks that I see. I am sure that the chicks look like easy pickens'. Now they are not.

We will allow Colonel to have a hen with him, when we desire new chicks. It was an amazing blessing to read in the paper that someone was giving him away!

Greenhouse update: over 130 plants growing from seed. More than 15 tomato plants so far! Herbs have been slow but are finally coming, and I have planted several apple seeds. One is growing. From seed to apple is around 10 years.

So far nine garden beds have been prepped, and by tomorrow we hope to have all the melon and squash beds plotted. We are busy each morn collecting rocks from the mountain to use to outline the beds!

Here is a photo of looking down towards our home and the White Sands! Can you see them?

Check out this fossil! Can you believe that I was collecting rocks and this was just on the ground! It has been so amazing because we have been able to discuss the Flood. I believe that we have collected over 100 fossils in 2 days!

Here is another perfect specimen.

One incredible find(no photo yet) has been of clams fossilized closed. I am speechless, as when a clam dies it opens. These clams were covered and never had this option. Following the writings God left for us, I know what happened. A worldwide flood. Soon I will post a fossil discovery, as each one of us has found leaves, and shells, and trees, and teeth, and crustaceans and fish. Another hard job immersed with the Lord and glory to Him!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Well of Course!

What Your Pizza Reveals

Your appetite is pretty average. You don't go overboard - but you don't deprive yourself either.

You are a very picky pizza eater. Not any pizza will do. You fit in best in the Northeast part of the US.

You like food that's traditional and well crafted. You aren't impressed with "gourmet" foods.

You are dependable, loyal, and conservative with your choices.

You have many conflicting and complementary layers to your personality. You should consider traveling to Australia.

The stereotype that best fits you is hippie. You knew it was coming.

I have been busy with normal busy things, but stumbled upon this quiz and decided to post it! In the recent months, due to the lifestyle(I suppose) I have been called Hippie by a few of you in blogland(although being the wife of a former cop, and NEVER HAVE DONE ANY DRUGS, I am not sure that this adjective is for me) Just thought I'd mention that I still have a bit of humor left in me!

Now about Australia...my library was selling National Geographics for 15 cents each. Over the past several months I have purchased at least 40 magazines. Bill finally asked me what I have with Australia. Hello? Australia-everything(well not the fact that 8 of the worlds 10 most deadliest snakes are there) but the rest! And I love the accent...yep the accent is great to me. I wonder if I have an accent? I guess only 2 or so in blogland could answer...but one is from Texas, and the other from Oklahoma, and friends they have the sweetest accents ever! What was brought to my attention was my fast talking(is that a way to define it?)

Oh well...this week: more greenhouse updates, chicks updates, prepping for the fair updates, prepping for our goats...and this and that!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Meme and More

As I said in my previous post, it was hazy and chilly yesterday and today! So I made what I call leftover soup. I gather all the veggies in the fridge, and dig in the freezer for leftover frozen meat(today it was turkey).

I guess I wanted to confess I have yet to sew the curtain. Life gets busy, and with the boys working of the play at the university, I am doing a bit of drive time. For anyone wondering, the table is one that we have had a long time. I painted on it every place that each member was born(we were born in a total of 5 states and 2 countries) I wrote along the edge all the places we have lived. We were in the military during the draw-down by President Clinton. So we moved lots, and I loved seeing so many places. You can see that the table has mars and nicks...once a person left a comment that this table was shabby sheik! How funny is that? This table represents the Pen of Jen gang and all of our memories that we have had.

Here is what we had for dessert. Whenever I use carrots, I scrub them very well, and then peel them. I then save the peelings until I have 3 cups. When I do, I make carrot cake. Years ago I would toss the the peelings and grate a fresh carrot for this. Yummy is the word by the way!!

Sarah tagged me for the Memoir Meme, but I did that on Pen of Jen, so I am going to do the other Meme that she had:

1. When tagged, place the name and URL on your blog.
2. Post the rules on your blog.
3. Write 7 non-important things/quirks/habits about yourself.
4. Name 7 of your favorite blogs.

Here goes my seven:
* When I was a kid I used to swim in our Horse Trough...and it had green moss(slime) on the edges!

*I lived(for room and board) at a state school for the deaf, so I could put myself through college. I had to work 5 nights a week for 2 hours and 1 weekend a month. I was very proficient at American Sign Language.(now I sign while watching movies or TV, to keep this skill up).

*I can write in cursive in mirror image(or in reverse) I cannot remember when I began this, but have this *skill* to fall back on!

*We had a laundry chute when I was a kid, and with my brothers and sisters could escape through this. If you recall some details of my childhood, this proved to be a valuable skill.

*As a girl I loved to jump into the hay from the barn. Loved loved loved this.

*A friend of my mother named her daughter after me. My middle name is the not the usual Jennifer Ann, and this woman loved the way it sounded. So out there in the US is a woman that is 37 or 38 with my name. I wonder if she knows. My mom lost track of her after we moved to Ohio.

*All of my life I truly have only desired to be a wife and mother. I tried to be of the world, so to speak, and work, and live with the lofty goals...but a wife and mom is what I wished for...WOW...I truly have had what I want all of my adult life! Funny, whenever I think about goals and things, I have had mine all along!!!

Here are seven blogs that I read...I am going to list the news blogs, as I have so many favorite blogs!

OK I love Gateway Pundit, Drudge, Michelle Malkin, Little Green Footballs, Powerline, Polipundit, Townhall, Worldnet Daily.

Vacation at Home

Yesterday was a very windy day. At times the conditions were *whiteout*. No, not due to snow, but because of what is to the west of my home. In fact I can see it from my porch.
I live near White Sands New Mexico.

They are beautiful and pristine. We may not have a beach nearby, but by going here it feels like we are picnicking and visiting at the beach.

We rarely ever see snow. In fact, if we have snow it is a trace. But with the White Sands we go sledding and snow(sand) boarding!

So as you begin to plan your summer trips and vacations...look close to home. You will be amazed at what literally is at your back door!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Totes and Time

Remember when I posted a photo a the tote I made for the tote swap(here)? Well here is the tote that I received from Flossie. I love these totes and am so glad that I joined this swap. So far I have participated in an apron swap and this tote swap. I love to have moments when I am not focusing on busy life, and by participating has afforded me this opportunity.

She also sent some bulbs for the garden! Thank you Flossie!
Now about my time. I must let my blog friends understand that yes I am busy, and often not near the computer, but I have down time. I have loved the birds that I have seen on the property and have taken up colored pencil drawing. I have only taken one art class(when I was 12) so bear with me...here is the Gambel Quail. I love how fast and royal they look, and when I do the dishes watch intensely their dances and feeding!

Here is the Pyrrhuloxia...There is a pair that have a nest in the cactus out front. I love hearing their calls and sometimes can mimic the sound.

Yes that is Pepsi's paw next to the photo. She would not allow me to place this on the floor without thinking I was giving her something. I must review photography...as I could not take the photo anywhere else to get the pictures to show up.

I must confess again that in each peek I take outside I see the Lord and His creation. I am in awe of all that I see in this land. I am in awe of all the life that exists in, at first glance, such a harsh land.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Remember Last Year?

Here was our garden last year. We lived in a leased home that was on a very small lot. This is the garden at its peak! Water restrictions were in effect, so every drop of water was conserved. Notice between the beds...no green!

Here are the beds in May 2007

And here was the beginning...I saved my milk gallons and created little green houses until the weather was warmer in the nights. We treated the soil with sand and manure that we bought!

Fast forward to the new farm. When I use the word farm, I am being optimistic, because we probably will be the first to harvest anything besides tumbleweeds or thorns! The kids set up a line and set up the stakes for the new garden beds. The gravel is for me to have paths. It really is dry and barren...but I showed last years photos(for me) to know that there is hope, with hard work.

Then we drove about 2 miles to the hills to gather some rocks to outline the beds. We have great fun as we found tons of fossils!

Guess what this is? Yep! The neighbors have horses and gladly gave us some of the horse manure! We gathered the old poo and were ready to prep this years bed. Sadly this job of poo hauling fell to Fourth as Second and Third were putting gravel paths in for me, and finishing the clothesline!

Here are a few of the finished beds. All three of the younger kids and I tilled the soil, turned in the manure and then lined the beds. The reason we have fixed small beds is to control the exact placement of the water. Because we are not in the city anymore, we will be utilizing gray water for some of our watering! I am so happy that we can do this, since I no longer use any harsh cleaning products, so the water is not bad to reuse. No we will not use water from the toilets(I am sure that you knew that)

Here is an early greenhouse shot...some things we will plant directly in the gardens...others I have growing in the greenhouse.

Here is the close of Saturday, two weeks ago. I am sharing the good the bad and the ugly, and as you can see we are under construction. To the left is the clothesline that the boys(with Bill) put up. Bill used pipes to create a heavy duty clothesline for me. On the end that you see closest, it is actually higher, and Bill is going to put a swing in for Fourth. Not for high swinging, but for a young woman to sit and ponder quietly in her thoughts.

To the right is the chicken coop. And in front of that is the construction material, and a pile of Mesquite branches(the ones with the thorns)...

The white buckets are green beans with the spider web twine for them to climb.

Again, I am sharing this with you so that you can see the barren raw land that we have overtaken. I know that Rome was not built overnight, nor will the Double Nickel!
I cannot wait until we have our first crop!
I hope that I am not driving you crazy with all the photos!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Final(ly) Four!

Well the gang was all together so we had Third's birthday dinner. He chose to have steak, yellow squash, zucchini, cucumbers, rolls, and soda...I added oranges and potatoes. Left bench...First and Fourth; right bench Third and Second...I sit in the seat in front of the window and Bill sits at the end where I was standing to take the photo.

Oh and notice the poor photos due to the light? Thats right, I haven't made the curtain yet. Usually I have up a very thin curtain that I have had for 8 or 9 years. But Fourth was the head of the decorating committee and so we took it down!

Here is the before(the steak came off the grill) and most people on the planet(I would suppose, would have the Pepsi on top of the table) but so far no Pepsi on the table~yet

Notice that the steak is now on the table, but where is the Pepsi? Well under the table of course(Pepsi the Bassett Hound). She waits there pretending to 'be out of the way', when actually she has around 4 kids that seem to think that she would die without table scraps. If I had to name her again- she would be named Scraps!

Friday, April 11, 2008

This and That

Confessions of a New Mexico farm wife:

~~~~~I am going to slow down a bit on the farm work as it has dawned on me(again) that it does not all have to be done overnight!

~~~~~Second and Third have been working as stage hands at the local college for an upcoming play. Lots of excitement here, as well as late nights and long days!(therefore my first confession makes more sense!)

~~~~~I absolutely am in love with the little adorable chicks that we have! Although a few most have thought we are a bit crazy to have the "girls" in my master bath, I wanted to make sure that I did everything possible to have them survive to lay eggs for us. Many may not know but in the desert it gets very cold at night, and without the feathers, I was not sure that our improvised brooder would keep them warm enough. I am reflecting back to one person who was physically appalled at the idea of the chicks being in the house. I must remember that we are not all on the same paths. The Lord uses whatever He needs to make sure we continue to direct our focus on Him.

~~~~~We had our sweet blind kitty neutered on Thursday. It was a tad stressful for me, as we have brought him back from such dire conditions, and I didn't want to loose him. He is such a cuddly little guy with each one of the Double Nickel gang...but he thinks that Pepsi our Basset Hound is his Mama!

~~~~~Colonel Sanders the Rooster is enjoying his home but the elderly couple that gave him to us really treated him as a pet, so he comes out when I hang clothes on the line or when anyone of us is out. Soon his little harem will be with him, and I think he will forget all about us!

~~~~~First is coming home this weekend and we are going to have a family celebration for Third's birthday(with the play and such we have not been able to have a big ta-da like we usually do) My brother thinks that he too, will be able to make it!

~~~~~I am going to make the curtains for the dining room THIS weekend as the afternoon sun blares in and is wonderful but like a furnace! So sew I will!

~~~~~I am also going to try and can applesauce as apples were on sale. I need to buy around 5 lbs more...but homemade means I know what is in the food.

Well my rambling is less like a confession and more like a job list...wish me luck!
Have a blessed weekend!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Crazy for Citrus!

Many of you know that I am on a wonderful new path in my life. What began as a road to saving money has actually turned into a complete and total awareness of everything I purchase. I bet until recently(last 3 years) I haven't read any label on any product that I brought into my home.

Now I read everything. And let me tell you, the manufacturers are not hiding what is in the product, because they count on us to not read the label. Just like cigarettes that actually warn you on the wrapper that this item has been shown to cause cancer in laboratory rats(probably not verbatim), so does every product that you bring into your home. Now I do not believe that companies try and harm us, I believe that they like most of us are driven by the dollar...it is all about money. Longer shelf life, better for the company...and on and on.

In this journey, I began experimenting with homemade shampoos, and soaps, and this and that. Boy am I impressed with how easy life is becoming the less junk that I bring into the home! We have cut out paper towels, paper napkins, and all cleaners except bleach. I use 3 main products to clean with: vinegar, baking soda, and lemon juice. And they work everywhere! I save and cut up old socks, shirts, whatnot for the rags to clean with...and I must confess that our house looks spiffy!

Today I thought I would share a few simple tips that are wonderful and easy and low cost.

~First most of us have microwaves and boy can they get dirty fast! We have our microwave on top of the freezer so I see the inside top every time I open it, and yuck! Before I would use an over the counter cleaner and much elbow grease. Now I save old peels of lemons and oranges in a jar in the fridge in water(as in photo). When I need to clean the microwave I pour out my rinds and water(about 1 cup) into micro-safe bowl and heat for 3 minutes. When it stops I take a washcloth and gently wipe out everything. No scrubbing, nothing! And I have teens so my microwave often looks like a bomb exploded inside! The only minor hassle for me in this process is I have to pull out the footstool, so I can make sure I wipe every portion of the inside!

~Second- Living in New Mexico has taught me many valuable things, like I only question the weather if I don't hear the wind blowing, and is everything tied down that needs to be? As a result I have become one who uses hairspray to keep up the appearance of orderly hair! Again the ingredients in hair spray bother me to no end. And what are they all? And if it cannot be in any cat products(propylene glycol) at all why on earth should I use it?(definitely read the entire article) Oh and sadly propylene glycol is in nearly all hair care products, lotions, and even baby wipes! I am not going to become a paranoid person, but can this really be good for us? Is this the reason that so many illnesses and diseases are going off the charts? I do not know. I am only sharing with you things that I ponder. But remember this, our skin absorbs products...muscle creams, the patch, etc. so don't you think that our body is over-loading on all the chemicals? Oops I got a tad off course... Back to my creation- I make my own hairspray.

Hurry and get a notepad as this is complicated:

you need one orange(I use small...and I have never paid more than 30cents for one)and water! That is it. I use half an orange for the spray and I eat the other half. But you need to keep it in the refrigerator.

How easy is that? Costs for both cleaners...30 cents as the peels are leftovers and while making your hairspray you do have a yummy snack!

Are you worried about bees? No worry as it does not smell, and is very soft! So hurry of to the produce department so that you too can have a simple cleaner and hairspray!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Thorns Part II

As I wrote in my previous post, thorns are a good thing(to borrow Martha Stewart's phrase). We should seek Him in all things, not just things that satisfy our 'terms' or ideals of beauty. God made all things, and the expulsion from the Garden was not without hope. He promised us redemption through the seed of a woman in Genesis 3:15.

As I have gotten older I find myself more and more in reflective thoughts of Him. It is actually funny, because in Him I have comfort and rest, and here combating the thorn bushes, the cacti, the sand, the wind, and the minimal water, I often need rest.

As I helped the family remove the thorns and pull out the barbs, I was struck by the final week of Jesus and no longer the promise of a Redeemer, but one that paid in full our debts. As I walk this barren land I feel Him, and His gift. I feel that I am humbly being reminded that these thorns that He created(John 1:3)were the very thorns that the soldiers plaited into a crown of thorns and put upon His head.(Matthew 27:29).

That is when I realized that I could share this with my dear friends in blog-land. I twisted the thorn branch into a crown and immediately saw the crown. I carefully clipped branch after branch and twisted them and affixed the wire to create a crown. A crown that I am sending to each one of you that emailed me your address. I struggled with whether I would share what I was sending, because I genuinely wished for this to be a surprise gift, but it is a thorny pokey item, so I wanted to allow you to see it, so when it arrives, you will open cautiously. I have hung this up in my family room, to remind me often(as if the outdoors doesn't) that He is in all things.

In all things, think of Him...the completed crown.

Here are three branches ready to be twisted and bent into shape. No matter which way I twisted or moved the branch, some part of me felt the thorns.

As we have been cleaning up the property, I found this balled up wire, and thought, maybe we can use this. The I realized that even the wire to secure the crown, was provided on this humble land!

Here are a few hanging to dry a bit in the sun. I cut *green* branches because they could be twisted. The seasoned old Mesquite and its thorny branches often act like a magnet when you walk by. You think that you are not going to touch the branches and bam, you get 'slapped'!

Two important things to mention:
~If you are wondering what I meant by our debts were paid, or have any questions about this post, feel free to email me at mcbenningministries(at)yahoo(dot)com.

~If you did not send me an email with your address to receive this crown, it is not too late, email me at penofjen(at)yahoo(dot)com...and leave in the subject farm gift.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008


This is how the Double Nickel looked everywhere when we moved in at the end of December. Thorns and Mesquite everywhere, to the chagrin to each and every family member. Shoes do not stop the piercing thorns, and tweezers have become the family's best used tool!

But as I was busy outdoors this morning I thought of a few things that I would like to share. One often looks for a perfect sunset or a brand new babe to reflect upon our Creator.

But He is everywhere and we can rejoice in seeing Him in everything...including thorns.
In Genesis 3:17-18 And unto Adam he said, Because thou hast hearkened unto the voice of thy wife, and hast eaten of the tree, of which I commanded thee, saying, Thou shalt not eat of it: cursed [is] the ground for thy sake; in sorrow shalt thou eat [of] it all the days of thy life; Thorns also and thistles shall it bring forth to thee; and thou shalt eat the herb of the field;

to be continued...

April 8, 1967

I wrote about what April 8 is for me...on Pen of Jen last year. It is one of the reasons I so support the family and relatives of those in the military. It is more than our troops in war zones that pay the ultimate price.

Please read the post(if you haven't already). Then go and thank and or hug a soldier and or one of his/her family...they need your support too.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Today in History

A young mother gave birth to her third son! She had him in a German hospital in a charming little town where she and her husband lived. Although they were in Germany with the military, they opted to live off base and truly experience the country, the culture, and the people of Germany, and boy are they glad that they did.
Third(as he is known in blogland) turns 15 today, and in New Mexico, that means that he can get his drivers permit! Because he is 15, I will share fifteen things about him.
15) He is very athletic
14) He is able to make voices...his best is Arnold Schwarzenegger
13) He can make the best tortillas of the family
12) He is willing to try any food
11) He once swallowed a lego, and had to go the E.R
10) He looked a great deal like my younger sister when he was 3
9) He did all kinds of stunts on his bike, before he was 5!
8) He once was playing in the fields with a friend and stepped on a board with a nail in it, and walked several hundred yards with the nail, the board and his Spiderman shoes to get to me. He didn't cry until he saw me, but once I pretended that I was calm, he laughed and became brave!
7) Can look at anything~then draw it, or paint it
6) Loves to carve with his pocketknife
5) Was the first to do flips on the trampoline
4) Is what I call the chicken whisperer...as the chicks climb all over him, and the rooster lets him pet him!
3) Loves to freeze oranges and then eat them!
2) Is a budding author
1) Loves the Lord

Happy Birthday Son...Love Dad and Mom and First, Second, Fourth and the animal kingdom! You truly are a blessing to us all.
Pictures to be added~
(UPdate...here are some pictures!)

Third giving directions to a passerby!LOL...see what I mean about teens and their guns!(What is so funny about this photo was that we were in Arizona and were traveling through this small town where he was asked directions...we reenacted the photo for our memory!!)

Second and Third 9 months and 11 days apart!

Building the coop, yes they use the power tools etc. all under watchfully eye of Dad!

Friday, April 4, 2008

Double Nickel Coop

UPDATE:Because you asked...Colonel Sanders is the rooster! The kids named him, and I think it fits. He is a mix breed, but works for us! For those not in the US...We have a fast food restaurant called Kentucky Fried Chicken and the mascot/owner was Colonel Sanders!

Today I am revealing the chicken coop. This project has a few interesting facts that I would like to share with you.

* the construction crew is all 15 and under

* only 3 items were purchased...the roofing nails, the galvanized wire to affix the chicken wire, and six 2x4's for the framing

* everything else was salvaged...rest of 2x4's and roof from an old shed we tore down and saved, shingles from old shed-and around the property on ground, chicken wire-left over from construction site(used for stucco), door-old closet door, hinges-from this and that, fence post-from judge, signs that insulate the inside-from the judge, paper shred-from Bill's office, feed container-from a friend, gate-a pallet converted, floor-salvaged plywood-from the judge, and placed on 4 pallets, screws-in tool box.

* project from start to finish took around 3 weeks, but in actual hours...around 10

* paint was borrowed from inside house project(Fourth and I decided that it needed a barn look)

* parents of home schooled children very proud and somewhat choked up at the success of the kids, with such invention, ingenuity, and complete freedom...did so much.
So here are the photos...

I didn't explain any of the photos as I think you get the idea! I wanted you to see the way the windows and doors and hatch opened and closed. I also wanted you to notice the photo with Colonel Sanders, in the background you can see brush and Mesquite. Before they began the coop they cleared the area and removed the Mesquite. This is no easy task!

And if you skip down to the previous post you can see I asked if you could guess what the windows are made of in the coop? Did you guess? Well they are salvaged from a refrigerator that had broken shelves. Yes look again

Isn't that hilarious?

Now we have a bit more to complete: completely finish the nests, make 2 more perches, make a covered area in the yard, and cover the top of the yard in chicken wire to protect from hawks and the likes!